Fedor: Women Shouldn’t Be MMA Fighters, They Should Be Feminine & Raising Children

In a new interview this week with Russia’s CTV.BY, MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko made some very controversial comments about his disapproval of women competing in Mixed Martial Arts.

The Last Emperor said that he he respects women that represent their countries in wrestling or boxing at the Olympics, but he does not support WMMA.

In order to be successful, Fedor says you have to do everything very well and be well-rounded. Apparently that doesn’t apply to women, because he doesn’t think there are any successful female fighters and they’re all one-dimensional.

As for what women should be doing? Raising children and being “feminine.” He added that there are some sports that women can participate in, but MMA is not one of them.

Comment below and tell us what you think about Fedor’s remarks.

(Props to MMA Forum contributor Pasha K for the translation)

  • Mike

    He is right!

  • damen

    I completely agree. But since women mma is here i dont think they belong in the ufc. They should have their own organization for the few people that like them. Ronda needs big names like machida or anderson to sell cards. Not to mention rondy is pretty one demensional n shes clearly better then everyone else.

    • SJU53

      Ronda is the highest grossing fighter in the ufc

    • Mr. Cornute

      Well she is far from one dimensional , her last couple of.fights have proved that.
      She has been pushed out of the first round and proved she can take adversity.

      Ronda, and any woman who steps in the cage, deserves respect for competing.

      There are women who do not mind and want traditional roles, to them allow it. For the women that wish to live lives counter to that, allow it.

      I find it funny for the men to claim he, Fedor, is right yet could not participate or even compete with the very women they are demeaning.

  • Haley Wilkerson

    He’s wrong! Women have EVERY right to be in any sport, including MMA. Not all women are super feminine and there’s nothing wrong with female mixed martial artists. Men are just mad because they don’t want girls to be able to kick their asses.

    And it doesn’t make sense. Men are allowed to be in feminine sports like ballet and figure skating, but women shouldn’t be allowed in MMA? That’s BS.