Fighers At American Top Team Not Wanting To Fight Each Other has the story:

You can add Thiago Silva and Luis Arthur Cane to the growing list of teammates that have stated they will not fight each other. According to the American Top Team training partners, they have developed a bond that would make it impossible for them to give it their all inside the Octagon.

It is a curious development for the two former rivals, and goes to show how tightly knit some teams become while training to compete in one of the sport’s toughest arenas. Silva and Cane did not like each other while living and training in Brazil, and Silva had to be consulted before Cane was allowed to join the Florida-based ATT.

In the short time since the two have become fast friends. Silva, who could be in line for a title shot should he knock off former champion Rashad Evans at UFC 108 in January, stated that he would much rather find a way to share the title, than face Cane.

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