Fight World 15 Results From Route 66 Casino

Sal Mora sent along the following:

Amateur MMA
FightWorld 15 at Route 66 Casino. One Hell of a night
of MMA action. There was action right from the start as Alan Rhinehart
from Los Lunas, NM took care of Albuquerque's Roberto Nater in the 1st
round. Next up was Jacob Vega from Las Cruces, NM taking out
Albuquerque's Mark Dickmeyer in the 1st round. The next fight pitted
two Albuquerque fighters against each other Derek Jaramillo beat
Dominic Altamirano in the 1st. Next David Perez took out Shane Nicols
by Rear Naked Choke in the 1st round. Vadiano La Luz Taps Out Jesse
Whitaker in (you guessed it) the 1st round. After a brief intermission,
back to the ass whipping as Lorenzo Mora dominated Texas fighter Rick
Guzman by KO in the 1st round. Finally a fight goes into the 2nd round
as Nathan Torrez gets the win against Andrew Gallegos.

The first Pro Fight of the night had Isaac Vallie Flagg of Santa Fe taking
on Kansas City Fighter Rudy Bears. Very good fight as both fighters
were landing hard shots. Rudy Bears came out on top by Rear Naked
Choke. Next Pro fight had the Fightworld 135# Champion Lorenzo Coca
against Hammer House Fighter Derek Collins. This fight took place at
140#'s, so Coca's Title wasn't on the line. Very fast paced fight until
Collins got the tapout/choke out victory. The crowd rose to their feet for
the next fight which had FightWorlds 145# Champion Gerald Lavato
Taking on a very confident Gerald Sedillo. Sedillo's entrance was a first
for me as he was escorted to the cage by one of his handlers carrying a
fighting rooster. Great fight with both fighters getting the best of each
other. Lovato cut Sedillo with a beautiful elbow. Sedillo recovers well
and gets the submission victory over Lovato. After Sedillo receives the
belt the crowd starts yelling and booing, so Sedillo heads out of the cage
to taunt the crowd. After running up one of the isles, security finally gets
him backstage. Next fight up has got to be the most technical fight of the
night. Donald Sanchez took on a very game Cody Shipp from New
Haven, In. These guys showed what MMA is about they gave us 3
rounds of action. In the end had Cody Shipp stopping Sanchez by
Tapout. Cage Life's next fight had a fighter from the Nation's Capital Paul
Mann taking on a very big task in Jacksons Submission Fighter and the
FightWorld 165# Champion Brant Gibbs. Not only did Mann have to take
on Gibbs, but his MMA All star corner (Joey Villasenor, Mike Van Arsdale,
Tait Fletcher, Damacio Page, and Leonard Garcia). Gibbs dominated the
fight and ended it in the first round. Next came the best entrance of the
night as well as Fighter of the Night Ox Wheeler. Ox came out wearing a
Traditional head dress. He was brought out by Traditional Dancers and
Singers. After his performance he was all business as he made easy
work of his opponent from Kansas City, KS Cody Bell. Ox got the tapout
in the first round. Finally we get to the Main Event of the evening as
Albuquerque's own Thomas Schulte took on Kansas City, MO Fighter
Steve Schneider. Thomas looked like he was at home at the 155 pound
class. This was his first fight at 155 in a long time. Looks like he will be a
dominate force at 155 as he took out his opponent by Rear Naked
Choke. What a Great night of fights. If you get a chance to see an event put on
by FightWorld please do. The staff at the lovely Route 66
Casino were top of the line. Their Arena is Spectacular and I hope to see
more MMA events there.