Fighter Attacks Ref Who Failed to Stop Fight Following Tap

Wilhelm Ott

When German fighter Wilhelm Ott tapped out following being locked into a rear naked choke by his opponent, the referee froze

Rather than jump in to separate both men and to signal the end of the fight, the referee stood still.

Nihad Nasufovic had Ott where he wanted him in German MMA promotion, Aggrelin. Nasufovic had seemingly done enough to take the win over his opponent, who had clearly submitted.

In the clip which you can watch below, Nasufovic released his grip before Ott briefly lost consciousness. Clearly incensed by the referee’s negligence, Ott jumped to his feet and rushed him against the cage before punching him.

While many have correctly pointed out that the referee was absolutely in the wrong and should be punished, others have contested that the follow-up attack on him was justified.

Of course, at times, when a fighter is stunned or knocked out (such as in the video above) they can direct their ire towards the ref in confusion. This does not appear to be the case here, however.

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