Fighter For Life Announces “Fighting Cancer From The Cage”

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WHO: The Fighter for Life Campaign

WHAT: MMA Fighters – Fighting Cancer from the Cage

WHEN: Monday, January 28, 2008

Fighter for Life Announces their Global Campaign to Unite MMA fighters in the war against cancer.

Through their website the Fighter for Life Campaign announced today their “Fighting Cancer from the Cage” membership drive.

Established in 2006, Fighter for Life is a not-for-profit national cancer fighting campaign founded by Mixed Martial Arts fighters and fan's dedicated to supporting cancer education, research and treatment and committed to raising awareness of the unheralded holistic and integrative cancer treatments that have saved the lives of thousands.

Through their “Fighting Cancer from the Cage” membership drive Fighter for Life aims to create strength in numbers by inviting fighters from around the world to join the campaign, understanding that when fighter memberships number in the thousands and fan memberships in the millions, their collective voice will add considerable muscle to the charities, institutions and events they support. Fighters of all disciplines are invited to register their information and support at the campaign website at where an individual fighters web page will be created for them.

Spearheaded by MMA heavyweight fighter and founder Vaughan Palelei – who donates his entire fight purse to charity in support of the campaign after his father won his own battle with cancer – the Fighter for Life campaign seeks first to build its membership base and then to flex its muscle, aiming to register one thousand members by Memorial day 2008 and three thousand members by New Years Day 2009. A goal of ten thousand registered fighters and one million registered supporters is targeted by 2010.

Campaign Director Jacqui Schrenker said “We are asking one thing from fighters around the world…speak up. Register your voice at and be heard. Membership is free. At the heart of the Fighter for Life Campaign it's about one kind of fighter supporting another. MMA fighters supporting Cancer Fighters.” is a free online magazine style website that presents a variety of information and entertainment offerings such as the latest MMA and cancer fighting news, fashion for fighters, yoga advice and health and nutrition news for both MMA fighters and Cancer fighters.

For more information, please visit For Media requests please contact Phyllis Murphy at Windy City PR [email protected] or 312 212 0935. For sponsorships and advertising please contact Jacqui Schrenker at [email protected] or 630 536 7725.


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