Fighting Has Always Been The Plan: Exclusive Interview with Shawn West


When Shawn West was in 8th grade he was suspended for getting in too many fights. Seven to be exact. It didn’t matter when or where it happened. Shawn just like to fight. Fast forward thirteen years and Shawn is still doing the same thing, except now he is making money and winning belts while doing it. From a Professional start where he believed training was an option, not a necessity. The 27 year old has evolved and is setting himself up to be one of the most exciting Professional Bantamweights in MMA today.

Most people go through life wondering what they should do. Going down different paths, working to find who they are as a person. Not Shawn. Even after having a rough start to his professional career. Shawn knew this was the sport for him. ” …I literally have just been fighting my whole life, so I was like ya know what? Even though I lost, I could still make some money doing this Pro fighting thing. That was my worst case scenario right? I want to make a few bucks, instead of fighting at the bar and make no bucks and potentially go to jail. Fighting was always the plan…”

Long ago were the days of random petty street fights. Now one of top Midwestern up and coming prospects, West tells us his thoughts on everything in the MMA world today. Including why he won’t fight for “peanuts”, his thoughts on the state of the Midwestern MMA scene. and what he thinks he needs to do to get on one of the big shows.

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