Finals Quotes For This Weekend's Ultimate Chaos PPV

Pamela Rogers sent along the following:

(Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel)
Bob Sapp: “That's Bob 'The Beast' Sapp. He's looking for a train wreck; I'm
the train that's going to wreck him. He's expecting me to go three
rounds…no. I'm going to knock him out. He's looking for me? He'll see me
after I knock him out and he's laying there looking up at me. Everybody's
going to see what 'Ultimate Chaos' and Bobby Lashley.”

Bobby Lashley: “I'm excited to be on this card with so many great fighters.
It's a great card. Me and Bob aren't looking to be fight of the year. We're
looking for a train wreck.chaos! I've trained very hard with my team in
Colorado. I'm ready to go three rounds. I hope he's (Bob) ready to go
because I'm taking him into deep water.”

Pedro Rizzo: “I'm happy to be here. I've trained real hard. I'm sure Yvel
has trained hard, too. We're going to put on a battle Saturday night. Let's
see what's going on.”

Din Thomas: “Pronounced, Dean, not Din.”

Javier Vasquez: “Sorry, Tom, the fight of the night is between me and Din
Thomas. I hope you're ready (Din). It will be the fight of the night.”

Tom Atencio: “I appreciate what everybody has done here. I, too, look
forward to it being fight of the night and we'll see what happens.”

Randy Hedderick: “I want to thank Tom for this fight. I love giving
everybody a good show and hopefully it will be the fight of the night.”

Brett Cooper: “I'm a California boy. I'm fighting Waachim Spirit Wolf. He's
a tough guy…Native American. I break people's spirits and that's what I'm
going to do Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.”

William Sriyapai: “We're going to, hopefully, have a stand-up fight. You
never know, it may go to the ground. It's going to be a good exciting fight
for everybody.”

Danny Abbadi: “I'm excited. Actually, it's a rematch with James Orso. That
was a split decision. I'm going to win this one in the first round.”