Firas Zahabi Predicts UFC Return For GSP In 2016: “I Think He Cannot Stay Away”

The more Firas Zahabi makes media appearances, the more it seems like Georges St-Pierre returning to the Octagon could be a realistic expectation.

Zahabi, the head coach at the Tristar Gym who has worked with GSP for years, was asked to comment on the possibility of St-Pierre returning to do battle inside the Octagon during his appearance on Ariel Helwani’s “The MMA Hour” at on Monday.

“I personally think, if you ask me my own personal opinion, I think he cannot stay away,” Zahabi said. “I think he’ll eventually get bit by the bug and he’ll eventually do something spontaneous. That’s just Georges.”

When asked outright to pick either “yes” or “no,” Zahabi offered the following response in regards to St-Pierre returning to the UFC at some point in the 2016 calendar year.

“I would say yes [GSP will return in 2016], if I had to venture,” Zahabi said. “Keep my comments in context. If I had to venture, I would say yeah, he comes back in 2016. Again, it’s no guarantee. I’m not confirming that…I think he’s a motivated guy, I think he’s in shape, I think for him it’s just the fight that excites him. That’s all that he needs.”

While nothing is official, if you listen to Zahabi, it looks like GSP returning to the fight world is a legitimate possibility.