Floyd Mayweather: Ronda Rousey? Who Is He? Dana White Responds

Back in May at the UFC 173 Media Day in Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White was asked about who would win in a fight between UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion  and boxing champion .

“You take a street fight, Ronda wins that fight and hurts him badly. You do an MMA fight, same result. Boxing match, Floyd Mayweather chews her up.”

Since that bold claim, many fight fans have entertained the idea, wondering what would happen in this hypothetical matchup. During a media interview this week, Mayweather was questioned about potential future opponents, with Rousey’s name coming up. Mayweather responded,

“I don’t know who he is.”

While Mayweather’s reaction may seem disrespectful to Rousey, it didn’t surprise Dana White, who said:

“What’s Floyd going to say? That’s a lose-lose situation for Floyd. For him to even acknowledge that he knows who Ronda is, and that she could possibly beat him in a fight, ya know, that’s what I’d expect him to say.”