Floyd Mayweather Confirms Fight Negotiations: Ring or Octagon?

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather continues to tease he could be crossing over into the world of MMA

Floyd Mayweather Jr. looks set for a potential return to competitive action, although he has stopped short of confirming if it will be in mixed martial arts. The five-weight world champion boxer has teased an unlikely appearance in the UFC over the past few weeks, reigniting his rivalry with lightweight champion Conor McGregor

“Money” announced his retirement following August 2017’s bout with McGregor, and both men are yet to be involved in competitive action since then.

While McGregor’s highly-lucrative boxing debut against a man regarded as the greatest defensive fighter of all time failed to live up to the extraordinary build up, there is undoubtedly the potential to make another truckload of cash. Any indication that Mayweather and McGregor would be up for a second bout would invariably be encouraged by those around them, who also stand to profit.

It appears that Mayweather is certainly considering a rematch. During a recent interview with Forbes, the 50-0 boxing legend gave a cryptic response.

“Will you guys ever see me in a boxing ring again? I don’t know,” he pondered. “We don’t know if it’s a boxing ring, or maybe an Octagon. There’ve been talks about another multi-billion dollar deal. We’ll just see.”

Mayweather scoffed at speculation that he would be lured back to fighting due to financial need and insists he gets paid many different ways.

“What’s next for me? New restaurants, NBA team — I’m thinking about buying an NBA team,” Mayweather added. “Of course my real estate portfolio is amazing, billions in real estate. We all know that a boxer only makes money when he’s boxing. But with New York real estate, you make money when you sleep.”

In the meantime, you can probably expect him to continue trolling Conor McGregor on social media until he has more definitive news for us.


  1. So with all of the talk and teases of Floyd in MMA, it certainly seems like there’s 0 chance of it going the CM Punk route and having him fight another MMA rookie. It seems like IF it happens, it’s straight to Conor vs. Floyd …. and if that’s the case, does anyone question why a Commission would sanction such a blatant mismatch in 2018? Especially in MMA? I didn’t understand it when James Toney’s old ass came over and tried to debut against a legendary multiple weight MMA hall of famer in Randy Couture, and I definitely don’t understand it now. Not from a sanctioning standpoint, anyways.

  2. I keep coming back to, “This will never happen” and keep remembering that’s exactly what I said about the first fight. I still say no chance it happens .. I’d like to see McGregor vs. Pacquaio though

  3. If Conor wants to have success in boxing, he is going to have to just go crazy the first 3 rounds… He just doesn’t have the gas tank. Not that he isn’t in incredible shape… some people, no matter what they do, don’t have a gas tank like that.

  4. I love how they trash talk, become super respectful after, then trash talk again like it never happened, and we’re supposed to buy the narrative… ffs…

  5. 60/30 on the poll — all of a sudden Floyd in UFC isn’t THAT much of an impossibility lol. All from a couple tweets and headlines. This is how the boxing circus started and the more time passes, it’s feeling like this is the beginning of the MMA circus. I’m all for it!

  6. Agreed. Same with MMA in many ways. He’s got 3 rounds and then survival mode with momentary bursts of offense in the final two — at best. He’s been gasping for wind after 1-2 rounds before. He’s got some serious cardio issues to address if he wants to stay a championship level fighter. I think that will be discovered more and more as time goes on if the right fighters challenge him the right ways inside the ring/cage.

  7. I think so, too. The disparity in boxing talent is so big between Conor/Floyd AND Conor/Pacman, that the main difference would be Pacman’s caution-to-the-wind style versus Floyd’s safety-first approach. Thus, a much quicker inevitable finish for Pacman.


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