For Family: Fight Blog With Titan FC 42 Fighter Kurt Holobaugh


For Professional Featherweight fighter Kurt Holobaugh, fighting is a part of his family. Kurt is a a single father of 3 who not only works a 9 to 5, but also owns and runs a successful Gracie affiliate gym in his home state of Louisiana. A place where 2 of his 3 children are learning the art their father loves so much. On the weekends Kurt travels to different Gracie affiliates to train, teach seminars, and continue his growth as a Mixed Martial Artist. From the UFC to Russia, Kurt continues to fight the very best the world has to offer. Holobaugh steps back into the cage at Titan FC 42 in Coral Gables, FL on Decemeber 2nd against veteran Yosdenis Cedeno. Ready to show that he is at the top of his game and waiting for a call from one of the big shows.

Holobaugh decided that after his last loss in March of this year it was time for a move to Lightweight. “… Like I tell everybody, it just wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t get to train how I wanted to train. I didn’t get to do the things that I normally would do in a fight camp because everything was about the weight cut. It started getting away from the fun of the sport. It started getting away from just training to fight. It was just so much focus on the weight cut and it was just miserable…”

With focus completely on the fight, Holobaugh is looking to start a win streak in the Lightweight division. Listen to both interviews to hear how Kurt handles all the responsibilities in his life, who he had winning at UFC 205, and how he plans on winning come December 2nd.

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