Former UFC Fighter Training At The WWE Performance Center


There is a former UFC star training at the WWE Performance Center, according to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

At this time, we don’t have confirmation on who the fighter is and there is said to be a lot of secrecy around his identity.

The mystery fighter in question is said to have most of the attributes that WWE is looking for, but is older than what WWE looks for in a potential developmental wrestler.

The WWE Performance Center is home to WWE’s talent development system, NXT. The 26,000 square-foot facility opened a year ago and features seven training rings, a world-class strength and conditioning program, as well as cutting-edge edit and production facilities and also a voice-over room for wrestlers to practice their “promo” skills.

Rashad Evans has been rumored to be interested in a WWE career after he retires from MMA and recently told MMA Mania:

“I had a million people asking me if I was retiring for wrestling, but honestly speaking, if I didn’t get seriously paid to do it I wouldn’t do it. I think it would be disrespectful to my legacy in the UFC if I didn’t do a deal that would make sense where I got paid! Besides, that s**t is harder on my body than fighting.”

Another possibility is Chael Sonnen. Sonnen is a longtime WWE fan and is also friends with Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and former WWE Superstar CM Punk. While the stench of getting bounced out of MMA due to drugs is probably not something WWE would want to associate with, it’s still an interesting prospect to consider.

  • B. T.

    well if Dave Meltzer says it, It must not be true.

  • Ricky Armellino

    Its Chael Sonnen

    • SmooveMove

      God I hope so

      • pwnez

        whose your avatar?

        • SmooveMove

          Thats my girl Ariana Grande

          • pwnez

            thank you. that pic was giving me a “grande lump in my boxers

          • SmooveMove

            Join the club

        • SJ

          If I had an avatar…I’d have one of The Viper RKO from the brand new WWE RAW commercial where he’s clean shaven and has the WWE Championship title belt!!! He’s absolutely, completely, ASTONISHINGLY HANDSOME, ADOREABLE AND SUPER-CUTE, and COMPLETELY IRRESISTABLE when he looks that way!!! I ought to know….because I know I feel about him!!!! He’s INCREDIBLY COOL AND IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A GUY!!!

    • Adam Jones

      Chael is training for Metamoris 4 right now. I doubt he’s taking bumps while prepping for a huge match. I like the prospect of Chael in the WWE though.

      • Ricky Armellino

        The dirtsheet exaggerated this, he visited the performance center he didn’t roll or anything there

        • SJ

          Randy Orton would want me to get into WWE and marry him and be his wife…. but he does knows that by doing things to take good care of my health, physically and mentally—-that will increase my chances of getting in WWE and help me tremendously. As well as taking time aside to be encouraging and helpful to others in WWE! He may want me to change my hairstyle and grow it longer….
          I’ve just been coping with a lot in my life and didn’t want to burden anyone else about things…you know?
          I have been wanting Randy Orton to be clean shaven, eventually walk up to me and kiss me…and french kiss me, hug me and hold hands with me, and to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEAAAAAAAAAASE be physically and emotionally and mentally affectionate with me!!!!

          Except I do owe him that, as well…. what I’m asking him to do for me….I need to help out and do for him!!!

      • SJ

        Chael Sonnen sounds like he’s just being allowed to get into WWE only because of him being said to be or even being friends with C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. So he’s an MMA fighter? That’s cool!
        I can get into shape using my Tapout XT workout DVD’s so that I’ll be able to get & become even more physically fit and healthy.
        Since I’ve got serious health issues…Presently I’m working on improving myself health-wise and fitness-wise. It’s extremely important for me to do so!
        I have a serious question……will WWE allow me to get into WWE even though presently I haven’t got any kidney function and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get placed on a transplant list…it’d have to be after another colonoscopy and that has to be clear with no signs of cancer or anything, I’d also have to be evalutated and placed on a waiting list after being evaluated by a transplant board and accepted for placement on the list and….when I eventually get into WWE… will Randy Orton be allowed to be clean shaven…….EVER again??
        I say he will when it’s the right time. But I have to demonstrate that I’m improving myself. AND also….be a fan!
        So far my bloodwork at dialysis is extremely good, I’m keeping my weight from going over where it’s supposed to be so that they won’t need to remove any extra fluid when I get dialyzed.
        I have been wanting to marry Randy Keith Orton for several years and the only way to officially prove it is to do the things I need to do so I’ll be able to move to Orlando, FL and train at WWEs performance center with a German Shepherd Dog and maybe a Caucasian Ovcharka…and then get into WWE and marry Randy Orton!
        He’s the ABSOLUTE BEST Professional Wrestler and WWE Superstar!!! He’s an amazing person who I completely admire the hell out of!!! I would appreciate being able to emulate attaining his level of fitness and athleticisim! (in my own way) since I’ll be able to do things to improve myself and attain anything I want to go for and do….in my own way!!!
        To me, being able to get into WWE is payment enough…and being able to marry Randy Orton is and would be a dream come true!
        To Randy Orton, all the WWE Superstars, IWC smarks, and to everyone….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!