Former UFC Title Contender & His Son Shot During Attempted Robbery In Tulsa

UFC veteran Mikey Burnett, who once fought Pat Miletich for a UFC title during the “dark ages” of the sport, was reportedly shot three times during an attempted robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma this week.

According to local reports, Burnett and his son were held up outside of Rib Crib, a popular Bar-B-Q restaurant in Tulsa. The reports claim Burnett was shot three times while his son, Freddie, was shot once in the leg.

News On 6 reported the following details about the incident:

“Tulsa police said, as the father, Mikey Burnett, and son, Freddie Burnett, got to their car, two men walked up and tried to rob them. We’re told Freddie tried to fight off the suspected robbers when they held up his dad.

Police said Mikey was shot three times in the abdomen and Freddie was shot once in the leg. Police said Mikey was taken to the hospital for surgery. Both are expected to survive.”

Mikey Burnett last fought for the UFC during “The Comeback” themed season of The Ultimate Fighter.