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  1. Trolling in 1986
  2. The new CEO of Yahoo is a laughingstock
  3. Stock investors
  4. Ever have a panic or anxiety attack?
  5. An "interesting" encounter in Florida...
  6. Cequan Haskins Bus Bullying: 10-Year-Old Virginia Boy Screams Out In Newly Released F
  7. Man's penis stolen in his sleep
  8. Is Trodden dead?!
  9. 2012 London Olympics
  10. 16-year-old discovers catalyst to turn Egypt's plastic waste into biofuel
  11. Van Damme finds out he's been cut from BLOODSPORT remake, has a breakdown on Video...
  12. UFO Caught on Tape. In focus for once.
  13. Can we have an emo pit party for a minute?
  14. Proxy that works with java and adobe?
  15. Request: SORT MY LIFE OUT
  16. How to lose $6 billion in 48 hours
  17. NBC Doesn't Realize Olympic Tourist Is Actually Evander Holyfield
  18. Are the Chinese cheating? Or do they have something else up their sleeve?
  19. 21 Pictures to Restore Your Faith in Humanity
  20. Fedorlei Gomipierre's Saturday night plans!
  21. A documentary for the jobless!
  22. Things Apple Won't Tell You
  23. Comic Books
  24. Police trying to solve mystery of man found with cache of fake IDs, Boy Scout uniform
  25. New av and sig
  26. Massive Cyclone Blows Over Central Arctic Ocean Destroying the Ice Shelf
  27. Woman's Hair Turns to Black Fingernails
  28. Happy Birthday Mac
  29. Rich Kids of Instagram
  30. My Current Entertainment Project
  31. Tony Scott commits suicide by jumping off bridge
  32. Blowing Up Asteroids with Neil deGrasse Tyson
  33. $14.5M settlement reached in Wayne family's Louisville Slugger lawsuit
  34. happy bady jaydo06 and xtremo
  35. Lance Armstrong to lose Tour de France titles, be banned for life after ending defens
  36. Happy Birthday Kevo!!!
  37. Is it too early to retire in your 30's??
  38. Having fun with being black
  39. Stuff our kids do
  40. silver
  41. Fantasy Football Draft 11:30 TODAY
  42. Fantasy Football league
  43. Honeytrap reveals mass monitoring of downloaders
  44. To Vaccinate OR NOT
  45. Zombie Survival
  46. Telecommuting
  47. The drunk thread
  48. Cigar consumers
  49. Fido Casting Call
  50. My Aya experience
  51. Jerry "The King" Lawler suffers possible heart attack
  52. Hooters In Queens Sued For Racial Discrimination Stemming From 'Chinx' Receipt
  53. Texas Police Officer Arrests 77-Year Old Grandmother After Argument Escalates
  54. Real life Gundam suits!
  55. 10:15am Fantasy Football Draft Today
  56. UFC (Ultimate Fried Chicken)
  57. Wouldn't this be crazy?
  58. Protester dies after inhaling fumes from burning American flag
  59. Will Humans Eventually All Look Like Brazilians?
  60. School District Bans Father-Daughter Dances After Single Mom Complains
  61. Been awhile
  62. Mom boards bus, smacks down bully
  63. workplace dilemma, need advice :)
  64. Lingerie Football League commissioner mocks NFL for its low officiating standards
  65. Self-driving cars now legal in California
  66. Does it matter who has the higher income
  67. Who would you fight?
  68. HK tycoon offers US$65m 'marriage bounty' to seek man for gay daughter
  69. Conn. man kills masked teen, learns it's his son
  70. NY tries to ban energydrinks
  71. Possibilianism
  72. Becomin a certified Personal Trainer
  73. Mods Question
  74. DocumentingReality
  75. Just broke up with my ten month gf
  76. Who's watching the MLB postseason?!?
  77. Woman forced to live with alleged squatter
  78. Amanda Todd driven to death by cyberbullying
  79. Cleveland Bus Driver Suspended After Decking Unruly Female Rider With Brutal Bolo Pun
  80. MMA breakup
  81. Run For Your Lives!!
  82. 2 weeks in the sun with no contact with the outside world
  83. Les Stroud to speak out on Bear Gryllis?
  84. UK Drug Policy Commission calls for a review of UK drug laws and classifications
  85. Favorite tripping music :)
  86. Weird personal msg...?
  87. Max Keiser on politicians taking advantage of financial illiteracy
  88. Apology
  89. Hurricane Sandy
  90. Minnesota Timberwolves are too white? Argument doesn't stack up
  91. Ontario woman turns to Environmental Bill of Rights in bid to silence basketball-play
  92. 2 Californians punch sharks to save themselves
  93. Sociopath managers, inhumane treatment -- What would you do if you were me?
  94. Anxiety
  95. Dynamite Kid Documentary Kickstarter Project
  96. Stiffed Pizza Delivery Man, Not Tipped, Pees On Customer's Door
  97. Please Move The Deer Crossing
  98. Lead singer for suicide silence
  99. Arizona woman runs down husband with car for not voting: Cops
  100. Kentucky Women Arrested After Kids Photographed With Marijuana Plants, Joints
  101. Swords/Knives for the Zombie Apocalypse
  102. Mars Rover "Discovery" : funny comment
  103. Goodbye!
  104. 14,000 rep points - Thanks to everyone
  105. Best. Prank. Ever.
  106. For the Canadians that invest - TFSA limit rising to $5,500 in 2013
  107. Anybody from Phoenix.....?
  108. Facebook Mistakes Elbows for Breasts, Bans Photos.
  109. Larry DePrimo, NYPD Cop, Buys Homeless Man Boots
  110. The 100 Dumbest Injuries in Sports History.
  111. Guess how old Rivethead is!
  112. MMANEWS Hunger Games
  113. Man who believes zombies could exist shoots girlfriend in argument over 'The Walking
  114. "Debunking 'weeping Jesus' forces exile"
  115. Plot to castrate, kill Justin Bieber foiled
  116. Jose Banda, Drunk Driver, Shot After Drunk-Driving Crash Kills Caleb And David Baraja
  117. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Newtown, Connecticut Administrators, Students
  118. Man stabs 22 children in China
  119. Updated Weather Forecast
  120. Welcom to the afterlife
  121. 9 Overlooked Technologies That Could Transform The World
  122. The "I'm a Fat Piece of Sh*t" Thread
  123. Four firefighters shot, two dead after shooter guns down firefighters battling blaze
  124. Two firefighters shot dead in upstate New York
  125. Post your Loot
  126. 10 Things Brits/Americans Do That Drive the Other Nuts!
  127. Best gift you ever got!
  128. New conspiracy theory involving Sandy Hook shooting and Dark Knight Rises
  129. News articles that kind of tie into the whole "Brown Pride" article in the MMA sectio
  130. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/27/nouel-alba-arrested-bronx-woman-newtown-shoo
  131. Tommy Chong vs Eric Salvia on the drug of their choice
  132. Corn Flakes Were Invented as Part of an Anti-Masturbation Crusade
  133. Had a bit of a rocky start here lol
  134. New Years Resolutions
  135. Bigfoot Video, DNA Tests Raise Hopes For Believers In The Legendary Beast
  136. What did you do for NYE??
  137. SPOTTED: Subway Testing New ‘Creamy Sriracha Sauce’?
  138. My luck
  139. Happy Birthday Sakara!
  140. took in my wifes friends kid
  141. Channeling your inner Top Chef
  142. Facebook joins the dating game with new feature, graph search
  143. The story of a man who outsourced his work to China so he could watch cat videos all
  144. Question...
  145. CBeebies apologises for Tweenies Jimmy Savile spoof
  146. Embarrassing Bedroom Stories.
  147. My little horror story this morning...
  148. Good Times on Friday
  149. did any of you get to see Jupiter and the moon
  150. Jonathan Blazek, Snowplow Driver, Sues For 'Alcoholism Discrimination'
  151. DNA directly photographed for the first time
  152. Anyone who smokes weed here ever try a vaporizer?
  153. Full Disclosure Laws: Janet Milliken Sues Seller, Realtor Over Home's Notorious Past
  154. so my son has leukemia...
  155. Burger King Admits it Has Been Selling Beef Burgers and Whoppers Containing Horsemeat
  156. Ted Nugent Blasts Piers Morgan, Defends Gun Owners: 'Would You Leave Us The Hell Alon
  157. Judge throws teen in jail for 30 days for giving him the finger
  158. Trump Sues Maher for $5 Mil I PROVED I'm Not Part-Orangutan
  159. IOC drops wrestling from 2020 Olympics
  160. Starting my own business
  161. Oscar Pistorius Shoots Girlfriend
  162. Did I do something wrong?
  163. Hundreds of students brawl at Minn. high school
  164. Russia attacked by Space
  165. Happy Birthday Fedorlei Gomipierre!
  166. Russia asks: How do you stop space objects hitting Earth?
  167. Tito really needs to take a public speaking class.........
  168. Does childhood TV viewing lead to criminal behavior?
  169. Pistorius details night of girlfriend's death
  170. Buying firt handgun
  171. Best Background Music For Laying Pipe
  172. Porn Star Bra Size, Weight, Hair Color Averages
  173. Warning System Launched for Movie, Music Pirates
  174. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin
  175. Anyone here invest in stocks and/or bonds?
  176. You'll never guess where I've been.
  177. Jake “The Snake” Roberts Vs. His Addictions
  178. Zimmerman Stuns Court, Waives Right to 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing in TM Case
  179. I'm getting married in 10 days
  180. R.I.P. "Paul Bearer"
  181. Spring Break 2013
  182. The F.D.A. Approves a Bionic Eye
  183. Oliver Larry Beck Lawsuit: Family Of Molested Girl Want Sex Offender To Buy Home
  184. Happy birthday TBear!
  185. What do you miss most about being single?
  186. Post songs/albums
  187. Bill Gates pledges to reinvent condom
  188. I'm getting back with my ex wife
  189. Why is former Rutgers coach Rice reviled and Bob Knight respected?
  190. Why is former Rutgers coach Rice reviled and Bob Knight respected?
  191. DEFTONES Bassist CHI CHENG Dead At 42
  192. Bombs kill 3, injure others at Boston Marathon
  193. Doing stand up comedy next week...TME :)
  194. Any graphic designers/web developers on here? have a project.
  195. 420 bliss!!
  196. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Admits to Steriod Use: Is It Just His Era That Used?
  197. Major terror plot in Canada thwarted
  198. Whats for lunch
  199. Is it acceptable to honk at slow people in the left lane being passed on right?
  200. Ingenious Prank Sends Parents Into Weed Panic
  201. 'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism
  202. Happy B-day SimpleJack!!!!!!
  203. Utah soccer ref dies after player's punch
  204. New Project For My Camaro
  205. so umm live tweet an urban mushroom tweet :)
  206. AS I LAY DYING Singer's Arrest Over Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot
  207. Lynden man, 30, convicted of molesting a goat & girl
  208. Maxim Hot 100: Arianny #18, Rousey #29, Brittney #67, Perez #92
  209. what games do you guys play on your phone?
  210. Mayan Nohmul Pyramid In Belize Destroyed By Bulldozer
  211. Rape Hoaxer Tawana Brawley celebrated in New Jersey fund-raiser
  212. Man Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back To Life With New CPR Technique
  213. Man Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back To Life With New CPR Technique
  214. Internet Celebrity "Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker" Wanted in NJ Killing
  215. Neil deGrasse Tyson's remake of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' headed to Fox in 2014
  216. Internet celebrity 'Kai' arrested as suspect in elderly man's murder Read more: http
  217. Going to propose bros
  218. Hunting - Where does the board sit?
  219. Zombie Prep Camp, not the end of the world
  220. Soldier Beheaded in Broad Daylight in South London
  221. MMA Fighter Sues Over Sex Gel
  222. New Trayvon Martin Case Evidence: Photos, Texts That Teen Had On His Phone
  223. Real-life 'Walter White' arrested in Mass. : teacher battling cancer was 'trafficking
  224. Russian scientists make rare find of 'blood' in mammoth
  225. 50 of the Most Gruesome Sports Injuries of All-Time
  226. i-5 bridge collapse
  227. Grade 7 student Briar MacLean was reprimanded for tackling a knife wielding classmate
  228. Am I being selfish?
  229. i want to trade my book for yours
  230. What's the one song that makes you drive way too fast?
  231. Michael Douglas Licks Cancer
  232. Brooklyn Boy, 9, Grabs Gun from Armed Home Invaders, Fires Shots: Police
  233. Happy Birthday DisposableAssassin
  234. Uptick in high schools withholding diplomas.
  235. George Zimmerman Defense Witnesses Denied Request To Testify Confidentially
  236. “Walking Dead” Actress Arrested for Sending Ricin Letters to Obama
  237. Jason Leffler
  238. Tell me a story....i'll begin
  239. Next Time You Catch Your Boyfriend Checking Out Another Girl’s Butt, Try This
  240. James Gandolfini dead at 51
  241. Russell Brand Destroys MSNBC Talk Show Host for Treating Him Like Shit
  242. Burn Notice (Last season)
  243. NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video by Tom Mabe
  244. George Zimmerman Trial
  245. Happy Birthday CT
  246. Aggressive, Bloodthirsty Mosquitos Invading US
  247. Billion-Dollar Scam In a Bottle: Why Vitamins Could Be Useless—or Even Shorten Your L
  248. Happy Canada Day
  249. White: Performance bonuses may be scrapped to increase fighter base pay
  250. Must see:Man Awarded $58M For Skull, Brain Damage Suffered In California Bar Beating