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  1. Happy 4th of July
  2. Police shoot dog in front of owner, arrest him for video recording
  3. You'll never eat at Golden Corral again after watching this
  4. How Mexico got so fat
  5. Fans stone referee to death then behead him after he killed player
  6. How to Kick Up a Sh*tstorm in the UK
  7. Texts From Last Night; UFC 162 (Funny)
  8. Another Police Escalation Outrage.
  9. Fortification Of Your Home
  10. Bulger and protégé curse each other out during trial
  11. Photo of the 5 female white jurors has been released.
  12. Two Hero Teenage Boys Chase Down Kidnapper And Rescue Abducted 5 Year Old Girl Today
  13. Neo-nazi and black metal star Varg Vikernes arrested in France
  14. The Michael Hastings Wreck–Video Evidence Only Deepens The Mystery
  15. It's Decided! Trying partial semi retirement!
  16. Canadian Man Sorry for Chugging Eight Beers and Swimming to Detroit
  17. Is there any new TV shows or returning show's you just can't wait to see?
  18. update on my life
  19. White Privledge
  20. Job search/HR FRAT/Q (intricate title, I know)
  21. Changing signature
  22. 18 year old carrying a knife shot 9 times by police in empty streetcar
  23. Was I in the wrong or was I justified???
  24. Fantasy Football League
  25. California Governor Signs Transgender Bill
  26. Happy b-day mac
  27. Happy Birthday Kevo!!!
  28. Dating after death
  29. Happy birthday Sniggles and MickeyKnox
  30. Fail
  31. Want $45? Naked Juice Settlement offers $45 to any American who signs up, no receipt
  32. George Zimmerman's wife pleads guilty to perjury charge
  33. How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater
  34. my wife is leaving to look for work
  35. University bans all smoking related anything.
  36. Subaru Impreza or Crosstrek
  37. Nose Grown On Man's Forehead
  38. Ontarians warned about bottled water safety
  39. Motorcyclist charged in beating of SUV driver
  40. Judge Tells Man He's Still Legally Dead
  41. silk road busted
  42. Associate director at Centers for Disease Control: We’ve reached ‘the end of antibiot
  43. Favorite Snack??
  44. Funny Halloween stories
  45. I need help locating a post of mine
  46. This Is What McDonald's McRib Actually Looks Like
  47. For those of you who wish to quit smoking...
  48. George Zimmerman arrested by Seminole deputies
  49. Knockout Game Losers
  50. where is my check
  51. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  52. Another Year Santa didnt listen to my request
  53. Human Interest: Favorite Holiday/Fall/Winter Cocktails
  54. The Epic Threads of MMANews History
  55. moonshine
  56. Hamilton police officers praised for handling tough arrest with class
  57. Happy Birthday Ramma
  58. Season's Greetings
  59. Don't Ever Get a Phone For Anyone...Ever
  60. Honey moon Ideas
  61. I hate no-knock warrants so very much.
  62. Does anyone here know how to make fresh donuts??????????????
  63. Understanding what to do with a big lottery; my advice.
  64. Do you live to work, or work to live?
  65. Happy Birthday Me.
  66. Devil Baby Attack
  67. Boy, 16, took cocktail of drugs before trying to murder Bellingham woman
  68. How do you prefer your mannequins?
  69. These Billionaires Are Offering $1 Billion For the Perfect March Madness Bracket
  70. Bill Gates vs. World's Best Chess Player
  71. I need to know how stupid i am
  72. Zimmerman agrees to 'celebrity' boxing match under same promoter currently attempting
  73. Bad/Hilarious conditions at Sochi Olympics
  74. who is the hottest
  75. Harold Ramis Passes Away at 69.
  76. The Official Mary Jane thread.......
  77. Please vote for my best friend's horror short, An Offering....
  78. Happy Birthday TBEAR and PASHA K
  79. Only in Florida....
  80. Is it just me, or is it quiet around here?
  81. has it really been two months since we have had a new person join
  82. E-Cigarette's What's your stand on them
  83. Yong Wang Prison Sentence -- Child Pornographer Gets 17 Years in Prison
  84. Gracie Barra Youth Instructor Arrested For Child Rape, Molestation
  85. Almost half of homeless men had traumatic brain injury in their lifetime
  86. my best friend Committed suicide last night
  87. Let's Talk Candy- Human Interest
  88. Happy Birthday SJ and Sword
  89. Congrats Sakara
  90. Anyone Wanna Play the Call-Out Game?
  91. IPhone or Android?!
  92. Keyboard warrior gets his ass kicked by a pro boxer
  93. That isn't a pull-up!
  94. Veterans
  95. Archbishop didn't realize sex with kids was illegal.
  96. Happy Fathers Day!
  97. Never thought about this before with other civilizations.
  98. Happy B-day CtGreat
  99. well folks
  100. Longest active members
  101. American Soccer Ref Dies After Being Punched During Match
  102. My Fellow Americans...
  103. Worst prank you ever pulled
  104. happy birthday MirJitsu
  105. Our MMANews Facebook group
  106. MMANews.com Facebook Group
  107. Anyone still have the Roussey GIF?
  108. My company just sold
  109. Microsoft ordered by U.S. judge to submit customer's emails from abroad
  110. Craziest Shit You've Ever Seen First Hand
  111. RIP Robin Williams
  112. Kaitlyn Grispi / Christy Mack
  113. Ice Bucket Challenge
  114. Henry Rollins says "F___ Suicide", Internet says "F__ Henry Rollins"
  115. Happy Birthday to KevoOnTheRadio
  116. Happy Birthday to sniggles and m1ckeykn0x
  117. I'm back
  118. Happy birthday to MizJitsZou
  119. Do you have an obsession?
  120. Fight Night 51 question
  121. The Completely Pointless Thread
  122. Anybody Get The New iPhone?
  123. Internet trolls face up to two years in jail under new laws
  124. I need everyone's help........
  125. RIP MMANews
  126. Updated 2015 pics for the Zombies.
  127. my oldest kid is moving out of the house
  128. its me yekmurat
  129. Game of Thrones Season Finale *SPOILERS*
  130. So, Same Sex Marriage is Good to Go