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  1. Congress passes fewest laws in 20 years
  2. Russia starts Georgia pullout but NATO wants more
  3. Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya
  4. Texas Panel Will Not Halt Execution of Non Murderer (Accomplice)
  5. Watch and React
  6. Anti McCain Videos *Warming: Conservatives might get mad *
  7. Obama and the hip hop community, good read,(imo).
  8. America's fastest-dying cities
  9. Study: Minority Students Paddled More
  10. 3 more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
  11. McCain Doesn't Know How Many Homes He and His Wife Own
  12. Obama/Bayh 08
  13. Drinking Age
  14. Obama picks Biden for veep
  15. Top Ten Mitt Romney Is a Toolbag and Can Never Win the South
  16. Compiled List of McCain's Flip-Flops (74 flip flops)
  17. False Left-Right Paradigm
  18. Bill Maher: talks Religion and Politics with Larry King
  19. Pelosi Suggests Natural Gas Isn’t a Fossil Fuel
  20. Breaking News: 4 ppl arrested in Denver for plotting to assassinate Obama!!!!!!
  21. Who is Obama?
  22. Fox News reporter vs Hundreds of Anti-War protestors
  23. ICE: Nearly 600 detained in Miss. plant raid
  24. Ron Paul on the Fed and US Imperialism, Russia/Georgia
  25. McCain picks his running mate!
  26. why does Iran cause America to react?
  27. Finally A Polictician That...
  28. Sarah Palin's Fifth Child Is Her Daughter's Child???
  29. Gustav prompts changes to RNC agenda
  30. Palin .... Sportscaster
  31. Bristol Palin .... preggers
  32. Obama Tells Press to "Back Off" on Palin
  33. Ron Paul Rally: Jesse Ventura speaks
  34. Sarah Palin against Abortion but all good with Animal murder?
  35. Oops! Republican caught saying what they really feel about Palin. Live Mic!
  36. Palin: Iraq war 'a task that is from God'
  37. FOX News, Republican Hypocrisy: Jon Stewart owns Rove
  38. Fabled Enemies Documentary 9-11
  39. An Idea To Help Boost The Economy.
  40. Republicans born again
  41. What does John McCain stand for?
  42. Paul: Reject the major parties, go for a third
  43. Global Poll Shows Doubt About al-Qaida Role in 9/11 Attacks
  44. Matt Damon Speaks the truth!!
  45. Lipstick on a Pig!?!?!
  46. Lose your house, lose your vote, GOP strategy
  47. Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin
  48. Conspiracy and Closed Minds on 9/11
  49. Who would you rather
  50. Cyrus The Soldier comments on the surge/troop reduction
  51. A Compromising Dichotomy
  52. Religulous Movie Trailer
  53. For the Canadians: Has Canada Turned Mean? (Slate Article)
  54. Peace in Iraq...for today at least
  55. FOX airs ad displaying "HANG" over Obama's head
  56. So Called War Hero
  57. It's better to die with your boots on
  58. DoD Identifies 5 Casualties of War
  59. John McCain changes his tune about MMA
  60. Loss of Liberty
  61. Butt Rape
  62. Hockey Moms Against Palin
  63. Bad News For Anti-Gunner's (FBI 2007 Crime Report)
  64. Hacking Democracy
  65. Witch Hunting, End of Days and Sarah Palin
  66. Benny Hin is the #1 p4p, Fedor loses 1st rd....
  67. Russia Venezuela Activity
  68. AIG Bailout
  69. If Sarah Palin Being One Heartbeat Away "Doesn't Scare The Hell Out Of You, It Should
  70. U.s. Orgy Of Debt
  71. Obama Truth Squads
  72. Bailout Bill VOTED DOWN!!!!
  73. SNL - Palin (Tina Fey) & Couric (Amy Poehler)
  74. Wakeup Call!!
  75. Don't blame Bush, blame Congress
  76. Candidate: execute homosexuals
  77. Bailout Bill VOTED THROUGH!!!!
  78. McCain aspires to be a dictator
  79. Palin = Bush
  80. Zeitgeist: Addendum (How the Federal Reserve works, Banking+More)
  81. IRAQ: They Make It a Desert and Call It Peace
  82. McCain-Palin Supporters, Obama a Terrorist Kill him!!
  83. Petraeus sees value in talking to Taliban
  84. Exclusive: Inside Account of U.S. Eavesdropping on Americans
  85. Obama's associations and activities.
  86. Voter fraud, ACORN and Obama...allegations from Democrats, not Republicans this time.
  87. Explain Kissinger.
  88. Where is the uproar?
  89. McCain defends Obama
  90. Obama Predicted GOP's Nasty Turn (VIDEO)
  91. America: Freedom to Fascism
  92. Why We Fight
  93. If McCain Were Like OBAMA
  94. ACORN: McCain And GOP Used To Be Supporters
  95. Point and Click Fun With President Palin
  96. McCain paling around with Terrorist - PIC
  97. Our Media Is Seriously Screwed Up
  98. GOP Rep. Channels McCarthy: Obama "Very Anti-American,"
  99. Farrakhan calls Obama the "hope of the entire world"
  100. John McCain called his wife a ....
  101. The Strange McCain Couple Hugging
  102. B. Hussein Obama Cancels National Anthem at Campaign Event
  103. Glenn Beck Leaves CNN for Fox
  104. Obama Infomercial (VIDEO)
  105. Jesus Wept
  106. Obama aunt's citizenship questionable, possible violations of campaign law
  107. Kindergarteners made to agree to stand up for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender
  108. McCain Supporter Denies Candy To Children Of Obama Supporters On Halloween (VIDEO)
  109. Rogue republican
  110. Townsfolk destroy Palin effigy with explosives
  111. Noam Chomsky: in swing states vote for Obama, but without illusions
  112. This one is for the anti-gun side.
  113. Zeitgeist
  114. Obama v. Hughes.
  115. It's Over
  116. Obama Has Won
  117. Matt Lindland lost
  118. Diegonightmare and Beowolf???
  119. Olbermann on CA's proposition 8 vote
  120. Conrad Black blasts 'war on drugs' from his Fla. jail cell
  121. Palins Turkey Slaughter
  122. Clergy are closet freaks!
  123. Bush: "I Was Unprepared For War," "I'm Sorry" For The Economic Crisis
  124. David Duke helps son of ex-Klan leader in fight for Palm Beach County Republican seat
  125. Welcome to the World's New Crisis Zone -Mumbai Attacks-
  126. New Nixon Tapes *Video*
  127. White House Talking points: Bush's Legacy
  128. Bush dodges shoes
  129. Chris Matthews Eviscerates Neocon Frank Gaffney:(VIDEO)
  130. Retired Major Gen. Wilkerson sees 'Train Wreck' Over Defense Funding
  131. Jim Cramer Slams Banks For Failing To Disclose Where Bailout Money Is Going (VIDEO)
  132. "Barack the Magic Negro" - RNC candidate distributes controversial Obama song
  133. Muslim Family Removed From Jet
  134. Palestine all alone again
  135. Bin Laden says he wasn't behind attacks
  136. GAZA – Bomb Them Back to the Stone Age
  137. 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2008
  138. Eradicating Hamas
  139. AL Quaeda catches THE PLAGUE
  140. George Bush Good Riddance (video)
  141. Our news media is stupid and our journalists are ignorant.
  142. Are we still in Iraq?
  143. The Myopia of Apologia
  144. Court rules against anti-vaxxers
  145. A brave Muslim woman
  146. Catholic Church pissed over abortion for 9-year-old rape victim
  147. Joe Ratzinger owes me a new Irony Meter.
  148. Open Mindedness
  149. The Obama Deception
  150. Wake Up Call Remastered
  151. The Hand of God (Pics)
  152. Keith Olbermann Goes After Obama! "Welcome To Change You Can Not Believe In..."
  153. Christopher Hitchens Debates Kenneth Blackwell About Religious Influence (Video)
  154. Skull and Bones
  155. Global Warming and the Atmosphere in "danger"
  156. Saudi judge refuses to annul 8-year-old's marriage
  157. Conservatives Go tea Bagging
  158. It's Over For Gun Control. Us "Gun Nuts" Win.
  159. Taliban murders couple for wanting to get married
  160. Tony48219 kills a classmate and himself
  161. Baptist pastor beaten + tazed by Border Patrol
  162. Kid dying of cancer denied treatment by wingnut parents
  163. Student at Christian school faces suspension for going to prom
  164. Boy scouts trained to fight terrorists
  165. Bilderberg 2009 Published List of Attendees
  166. Billionaire: Elite Want Two-Thirds Of The “Dumb People” Wiped Off The Planet
  167. War on Republican car salesmen!?!?
  168. Swine flu made in USA
  169. Partial Solution To Budget Deficits
  170. howard stern's fun in harlem
  171. Eight years later...
  172. Joe Wilson-Great American!
  173. Barack Obama win Nobel Prize
  174. Wash your own dishes
  175. Brown v Coakley
  176. Racial discrimination inherent in the Tea Party
  177. Chael - " Anderson Doesn’t Get to Bring Anything to the Fight That I Don't"
  178. Do you believe in God?
  179. Ok, I admit, e Bible is true!
  180. Would you vote for an Atheist President?
  181. Dan Hardy tattoo removed from UFC promos
  182. Leaked video shows US military killing of civilians, Reuters staff
  183. Meet Glenn Miller
  184. A question for our MMA Christians
  185. Imagine if the tea party was Black
  186. Study: Liberals & Atheists Smarter Than Conservatives & Very Religious People?
  187. Legal question
  188. Scientists create life from non life!
  189. Gays in the military?
  190. President 2012
  191. "Chael Sonnen Not Fit for Public Office"
  192. Major Victory For The 2nd Amendment!
  193. Sex changes
  194. Can I make a thread about drugs?
  195. A monument to Islam two blocks from...
  196. Wtf china
  197. Are you a hypocrite?
  198. "America today begins to turn back to God"-Glenn Beck
  199. The most honest Christian leader in the world!!!
  200. This is what's feeding terrorism!
  201. Muslim Cleric threatens Obama to turn to islam or America will not see peace!
  202. Don't Ask/Don't tell
  203. Pledge to America
  204. Studies show that Atheists/Agnostics are more knowegable of relion than believers?
  205. Voting November 2nd?
  206. Hi, I'm a Tea Partier (vid)
  207. Obama on a 2 billion dollar vaction
  208. The "we know what's good for you crowd" is at it again.
  209. MSNBC host Olbermann suspended
  210. what would you do if you were satan?
  211. Don't Touch My Junk
  212. CERN makes and traps antimatter
  213. Can ny one tell me if this is true ?
  214. Government shutdown
  215. Elizabeth Edwards -- Dead at 61
  216. How does science "prove" god's existence?
  217. What if an Atheist meets God?
  218. Representative shot and killed
  219. This is the crap that annoys the hell out of me.
  220. What Pro-Gunners really think:
  221. The Mediocrity Principle
  222. Gorge W. Bush was a what
  223. Bill O'Reilly - Pwned
  224. The American Debate: Idolatry of Ronald Reagan doesn't square with his history
  225. The Bait-And-Switch
  226. Homegrown terrorist or Gang member?
  227. Inside Job
  228. Water fluoridation, junk food, alcohol and tobacco
  229. So that guy...
  230. Sugar: The Bitter Truth
  231. Finnish election
  232. 1 month
  233. White House releases Obama birth certificate
  234. Bin Laden Dead
  235. Bush says he wasnt spending any time worrying about Osama Bin Laden!
  236. Obama spits a hot 16 about the death of Bin Laden!
  237. Justice and Vengeance
  238. So.....Indiana De-Funds Planned Parenthood
  239. Hawking: Heaven is a "fairy story"
  240. Woman is arrested for setting her 6 year old daughter on fire during a vodoo ritual!
  241. What if Energy=God
  242. American's continue to believe....
  243. Pretty Women Say Stupid Shit for 15 Minutes
  244. The problem of Evil
  245. Pastor does battle with a Demon possesed woman!
  246. Casey Anthony acquitted of killing young daughter
  247. Paleontologist destroys creationists using their own "scientific" methods
  248. Iowa Conservatives Unveil Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge
  249. New atheist movie 'The Ledge' evangelizes godlessness
  250. Should parents lose custody of super obese kids?