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  1. U.S broke in a couple of weeks?
  2. Herman Cain: Tennessee mosque builders want Sharia law
  3. Herman Cain: Tennessee mosque builders want Sharia law
  4. Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthal, Genetic Research Shows
  5. Boehner: House will compromise on debt limit
  6. Disappointed Republicans? A new presidential contender emerges.
  7. Republican House Speaker John Boehner abruptly quit the negotiations
  8. Norway horror: 80 die in camp shooting, 7 in blast
  9. Texas Board of Education votes to uphold good science standards
  10. How NOT to argue with an apologist
  11. California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants
  12. Creation of life: Is that really only "gods" domain?
  13. What is the Knights Templar?
  14. Life on another planet
  15. S&P Cuts US rating to AA+
  16. Nephew, niece allege polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs abused them
  17. Eight dead, including gunman, in Ohio shooting spree
  18. 'Amino Acid Time Capsule': New Way to Date the Past
  19. Anyone living in London?
  20. Death penalty?
  21. Man Possessed By A Gay Demon !!!
  22. The Sith Lord of Christianity!!!!!!!
  23. Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution
  24. The Whiteman is next for slavery!
  25. Less educated Americans are losing religion, study finds
  26. What's your view on the Libyan War?
  27. Are members of Congress paid enough?
  28. Mississippi voters can decide 'personhood' of the unborn, court rules
  29. United States of America
  30. Audience at tea party debate cheers leaving uninsured to die
  31. Question for our Jesus loving conservative brothers
  32. Scientists Take First Step Towards Creating 'Inorganic Life'
  33. Judge Blocks Doctor Gun Talk Law
  34. Deal to free 2 Americans jailed in Iran hits snag
  35. Poverty grows in Rick Perry's Texas
  36. Lady Gaga a demon possessed devil whorshiper?
  37. The Troy Davis Case
  38. Belief in God Boils Down to a Gut Feeling
  39. Strange Particles May Travel Faster than Light, Breaking Laws of Physics
  40. Ex-Students describe brutality at school
  41. Texas prisons end special last meals in executions
  42. An 11 year old boy with muscular dystrophy bullied to suicide
  43. Criminals can choose between jail or church
  44. Changing Race by Changing Clothes? Stereotypes and Status Symbols Impact If a Face Is
  45. Oh Noes! Woman is possesed by an evil Dog spirit!
  46. Why christians dont argue with Atheists lol
  47. Debate over mandatory HPV vaccinationDebate over mandatory HPV vaccination
  48. Wall Street Movement
  49. Westboro announces protest of Steve Jobs’ funeral–with an iPhone
  50. Chris Christie and our biases about weight
  51. Colo. Lawmaker Pleads No Contest In Deadly Texas Crash
  52. Perry, Romney court religious conservatives
  53. Undocumented immigrant students will be eligible for California aid
  54. Unemployed seek protection against job bias
  55. Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public
  56. Atlanta Police Officer Crosses Line. Slaps x Punches Woman in Face in IHOP April 2011
  57. Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street
  58. Occupy Wall street (insight)
  59. Failed Terror Plot Too Strange To Be True?
  60. Kansas City bishop indicted on child endangerment charge By the CNN Wire Staff
  61. Obama sending troops to aid Africa anti-insurgency
  62. War Veteran verbally chastises NYC police
  63. Support for marijuana legalization hits all-time high
  64. Protesters at Occupy Wall street give their expert advise on fixing the economy.
  65. Demonstrations, poll fuel NY millionaire tax push
  66. Voluntary taxes
  67. Why You Shouldn't Compare Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party
  68. Even state immigration laws have to face reality
  69. Black Hebrew Israelites on Occupy Wall Street
  70. Cooling the Warming Debate: Major New Analysis Confirms That Global Warming Is Real
  71. Libya's transitional leader declares liberation
  72. Ugandan woman recalls harrowing tale of captivity
  73. Obama offers mortgage relief on Western trip
  74. Gadaffi in his prime
  75. Condoleezza Rice on the Moment She Thought President Bush Could Have Been Poisoned
  76. Japan lawmaker drinks water from Fukushima plant
  77. Biggest Public Firms Paid Little U.S. Tax, Study Says
  78. Texas court denies DNA test for death row inmate
  79. Why inequality is bad for you -- and everyone else
  80. "If you don't agree with my restrictions, then you must be for no restrictions".
  81. Your view on Ron Paul
  82. Victim of north carolina eugenics law speaks out
  83. Harold Camping Retires With 80 million Dollars
  84. Keep government out of mind-reading business
  85. Congress pushes back on healthier school lunches
  86. Holy mother of all turds! These are the greatest Christian testimonies ever!!!
  87. Goose/Gander
  88. Russian backlash over Putin booing denial
  89. Medvedev suggests prosecution for Russia space failure
  90. Ohio puts 200-pound third-grader in foster care
  91. Israel's backers step up efforts to win African-American support
  92. BBC Now Admits AL Qaeda Never Existed
  93. Money Managers Make Good on Promise of Philanthropy
  94. Priest Says Hell Is Fake And Religion Is About Control
  95. Canadian politicians object to UFC’s anti-bullying message in schools
  96. ABC exclusive: Defiant Assad denies ordering bloody crackdown
  97. Atheists Who Go to Church: Doing It for the Children
  98. Billionaires with 1% tax rates
  99. Is it wrong of me
  100. CDC: Health reform extends coverage to young Americans
  101. Christopher Hitchens and the Fall of a Worthy Adversary Read more: http://www.foxnew
  102. Ron Paul on Michele Bachmann: ‘She Hates Muslims
  103. Pakistan: 30,000 Islamists protest against US
  104. Source of Obama's top donors..
  105. Let us all have a moment of silence and shed a tear for Kim Jong Il
  106. Exclusive: Secret U.S., Taliban talks reach turning point
  107. Obesity Linked to Lower Paychecks
  108. U.S. asks journals to censor bird flu studies
  109. Payroll tax cuts?
  110. What's behind Obama's rising poll numbers?
  111. Campaign funds
  112. Syrian Government Attacking Citizens
  113. Ok, how many of you would not abort this child?
  114. Cuba to release 2,900 prisoners
  115. Obama was once too soft on Terrorists, now he wants to assassinate innocent Americans
  116. Jesus Sighting Fuels End Times Speculation
  117. The fist of the north star miracle cure?
  118. This years Obama scandals ?
  119. A lil spiritual inspiration for our Christian Brothers.
  120. Santorum says he would bomb Iran nuclear sites
  121. Baby drowns after baptism
  122. American Imperialism
  123. Police: Student killed by officers had pellet gun
  124. Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operators Say It's OK to Shoot
  125. Are health ads targeting 'fat kids' too much?
  126. Proof Obama is the son of Satan !!!!
  127. Family vs country
  128. Relatives Accused in Witchcraft Killing
  129. Marijuana doesn't harm lung function, study found
  130. Court: Judges cannot get involved in church dispute
  131. NKorea keeps door open for food-nuke deal with US
  132. Microsoft probes mass suicide threat at China plant
  133. Outrage over Indian islands 'human zoo' video
  134. Miss. court halts quick release of some pardoned
  135. Ohio landlord wants commission to reconsider ruling on 'white only' sign
  136. Unemployment rate falls to 8.5%, lowest in nearly 3 years
  137. Psychic in 1980 predicts 9/11, Obama being president, and the end of the world!
  138. Outrage Over Video of Marines Urinating on Taliban Corpses
  139. Seeks to Consolidate Government Agencies
  140. a cool Atheist song
  141. Iran threatens Israel, U.S. over scientist killing
  142. Anti-immigration tone alienating Hispanics
  143. The Authors of the Quran smarter than the Biblical Authors?
  144. Pakistan Taliban leader believed dead: intelligence officials
  145. Majority of Canadians support legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana
  146. Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step
  147. After Nuke Scientist's Murder, Iranian Students Switch Majors to Nuclear Sciences: Of
  148. SOPA explained: What it is and why it matters
  149. New school can’t be Cougars because middle-aged women might be offended
  150. Obama sings, a little Al green, at the Apollo!
  151. PCIPA arises from SOPA's ashes
  152. Secret illuminati, NWO training video!
  153. The Government to steal your kids and bring HELL ON EARTH!!!
  154. New European Union sanctions target Iran nuclear program From Richard Allen Greene, C
  155. Obama to call for equal opportunity for all in State of the Union
  156. Iran revives Gulf threats after EU sanctions
  157. Zeitgeist the Movie
  158. State of the union discussion:official
  159. The Obama Deception
  160. Clayton Bigsby's racist son!
  161. Chuck Norris for Ron Paul
  162. American Jews confront internal rancor over Israel
  163. Obama's New Era of Warfare: Predator Drones
  164. My Ron Paul Propaganda thread
  165. The complain about your local government thread
  166. ACTA Moves Forward In Europe Despite Protests - What It Means For Our Freedom Online
  167. UN nuclear inspection gets under way in Iran
  168. Obama rides favorable political winds
  169. 5 Tax Deductions That Help the Rich Get Richer
  170. Kermit and Piggy Fire Back at Fox News
  171. http://www.theonion.com/articles/obama-openly-asks-nation-why-on-earth-he-would-wan,2
  172. Jefferson's Prophesy - The Bankruptcy of America
  173. Saving Social Security: Is it possible?
  174. Should you feel guilty for buying your iPhone?
  175. Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazis and Finds Many Current Ron Paul Connections
  176. Two Brits barred from entering US over a Twitter joke
  177. us to end afghan combat mission in 2013
  178. Romney: Not focused on poor, they have safety net
  179. Short History of United States Involvement in Iran
  180. Panetta believes Israel could strike Iran this spring
  181. Senate passes insider trading ban
  182. Obama mocks the bible!
  183. Bishop Eddie Long gets crowned King of something IDK lol.
  184. shipping jobs overseas will help create more jobs ibn the US?
  185. Anti Government = Mental Illness: Study
  186. "Unorthodox:" A Woman's Journey from Repression to Freedom
  187. Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics
  188. New contraception law
  189. Mortgage deal could bring billions in relief
  190. College professor hands an evangelist his ass for trying to Preach on the UCLA campus
  191. Former Atheist turned Reverend goes to hell and comes back to tell the tale
  192. Quotes for discussion.
  193. The office prank as evidence of RCMP dysfunction
  194. Monsignors' mutiny" revealed by Vatican leaks
  195. Fingerpointing follows attack on Israeli Embassy van
  196. Pretty good write up from coulter
  197. Nepalese woman accused of witchcraft and burned alive
  198. Santorum says Obama agenda not "based on Bible"
  199. For the Bible tells me so
  200. Conservative Bill C-30 will let police spy on Canadians online
  201. New Irish envoy: Pope consistent on stopping abuse
  202. The next door neighbor Timothy is now a prophet and has a message for you!
  203. High court dilemma: Can lie about medal be crime?
  204. Immigrants trickling back to Alabama despite crackdown
  205. Education can solve religion-science conflicts: scientist
  206. Judge Napolitano: Epic Rant on Establishment/Two-Party System
  207. 2 charged in death of Ala girl forced to run
  208. Seven Year Old Says He's Gay
  209. Blessings
  210. What can you infer from this?
  211. Call Recorder For Samsung Galaxy S2
  212. CNN Shocked by New Poll About Ron Paul
  213. Gingrich blasts Obama’s apology to Afghan president
  214. Who watched the Arizona Debate?
  215. Last night I thought about a possibility...
  216. Hacking Democracy
  217. Women Are Still Being Judged for Not Taking Their Husbands' Last Names
  218. Do the GOP candidates get Iran?
  219. The End Of Liberty
  220. How to Drink Sperm to Become a Strong Man
  221. My Take: Stop sugarcoating the Bible
  222. Santorum says he doesn't believe in separation of church and state
  223. Bill Maher: CrazyStupidPolitics
  224. Cute lil mama gives her take on Atheist Elitism
  225. My parents started their own business/website - TheAdultChurch.com
  226. 5 million Stratfor emails leaked through WikiLeaks
  227. Very logical and coherent interview of Canadian MP on decriminalizing Pot
  228. Robocall scandal could lead to by-elections
  229. Why should I believe the bible?
  230. North Korea agrees to halt nuclear activities for food
  231. How the Teens Got Involved in Exorcism
  232. Lesbian Woman Denied Communion at Mother's Funeral
  233. Andrew Breitbart, outspoken conservative, has died in Los Angeles
  234. Those that want to believe, but simply cant.
  235. Top 5 Stratfor Wikileaks Revelations (So Far)
  236. Obama
  237. 'Nature' Journal: Canada Scientists Need To Be Set Free
  238. Police agencies in the United States to begin using drones in 90 days
  239. What would you do about Iran? Do you understand what is going on?
  240. Same-sex custody battle could change Florida lawSame-sex custody battle could chang
  241. Kony 2012
  242. American Soldier Murders 16 Afghan Civilians
  243. Am I racist?
  244. Seven Million Pounds of “Pink Slime” Beef Destined for National School Lunch Program
  245. More than half of Mississippi GOP voters say Obama is a Muslim, new poll suggests
  246. 200 Rockets Hit Israel, 23 Gazans Killed in Return
  247. Britain fights Christians' right to wear cross, infuriating activists
  248. Suit: NASA specialist axed over intelligent design
  249. Fear as death squads hunt Iraq's gays and "emos"
  250. Ore. physician behind Death With Dignity law dies