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  1. What entrance music would you have?
  2. If You Could Take 10 Fighters To Start An Organization
  3. All 31 Fouls Nevada State Athletic Commission
  4. Name That Fighter
  5. Most controversial decision
  6. Hughes-rampage. The Better Slammer
  7. Worst entrance Music in MMA?
  8. jardine dancing
  9. Sengoku show time?
  10. Huerta vs. Florian
  11. Urijah Faber 155
  12. Hong Man Choi can beat Nogueira and Josh Barnett
  13. Will Tito choke this time?
  14. Lil Nog Signs with Affliction
  15. tito a pro wrestler?
  16. Anybody see the movie RedBelt
  17. Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley at UFC 87???
  18. Which UFC 84 fight/fighter is worth the $45
  19. Affliction Is "Eyeing" Wanderlei Silva If He Gets The Boot
  20. should ufc have a wrestlemania type event ?
  21. BJ Over Rated Possibly?
  22. BJ is the man . STEVEQUALUDE wrong
  23. NOT TRUE: Andrei Arlovski To Hold Press Conference
  24. Dream MMA matches
  25. So I cant get to sleep
  26. Interesting article of Steriod use in MMA
  27. Canseco vs Vai Sikahema
  28. What is next 4 Kendall Grove
  29. Ben Rothwell Confirms Upcoming Fight Against Andrie Arlovski
  30. Ricardo Arona's Return
  31. Where Does Elite XC Go If Kimbo Is Knocked Out?
  32. Online MMA betting?
  33. Lawler v Smith, any predictions?
  34. I know I'm probably just being too picky but.....
  35. Online stream of EliteXC tonight
  36. MMANews mIRC Channel
  37. How do I watch EXC in Canada
  38. kimbo fight not shown BS
  39. Too much show, not enough substance for Elite XC/CBS show?
  40. MMA’s network debut mocks true sport
  41. Kimbo Article
  42. New Article Bashing MMA
  43. Commentating for the Kimbo/Thompson fight.
  44. Woody Paige of ESPN's Around The Horn & Denver Post Columnist on EliteXC's Show
  45. More important?
  46. Boner pill commercial inthe middle of the fight?
  47. Assaults
  48. Alberto Crane fights June 27th
  49. MMA Screensaver
  50. The New Face Of MMA - Times Are Changing
  51. Kampmann Discussion **Spoilers**
  52. Brandon Vera*spoiler*
  53. Gina Carano Says Tara LaRosa Looks like a Man
  54. Joe Rogan takes on Dana's BS on fighters
  55. Is Ali Sonoma the Mole?
  56. Aleksander Emelianenko on fox sports net
  57. Erik Paulson vs Bas Rutten Superfight*Fantasy*
  58. Dana vs Tito after UFC 84
  59. EliteXC's future plans at light heavyweight include title and possibly Tito Ortiz
  60. EliteXC confirms interest in Ortiz
  61. Florian vs Huerta - UFC 87 - Who Wins?
  62. dana and his lovers
  63. Affliction BANNED should need a big HYPE
  64. UFC get major merch deals
  65. 3 Questions with Kenny Shamrock
  66. Post a fairly "new" fighter you find really entertaining.
  67. Ufc announcement??
  68. MMA Revolution!
  69. Nick Thompson vs Matt Hughes*fantasy*
  70. Big John Interview (video)
  71. Royce Gracie on Inside MMA (Latest)
  72. Donald Trump is rooting for Fedor!
  73. Tim Sylvia's view on Kimbo
  74. Contrast of the Fans
  75. Thinking about entering the MMA world. need some advice.
  76. What do you think of this?*spoiler*
  77. Fedor and Sylvia will be fighting for the WAMMA HW title
  78. Tito Possible Move to HW
  79. Silva vs Irvin July 19th
  80. Who fights for the vacant MW title?
  81. Shammy interview Part.2 Wants Royce, Saku, Kimbo and Fry
  82. Anthony Johnson VS Kevin Burns
  83. anyone else pulling for timmay?
  84. anyone think forrest can take this one
  85. Big John McCarthy on MMA rules and UFC vs. Affliction
  86. Watching Affliction Down Under
  87. Meetings fighters @ events?
  88. amir?
  89. What ever happen to Rulon Gardners MMA career??
  90. Meet Randy and get autograph at Comic-con
  91. Dana White SI.com Interview
  92. Frank Trigg in wrestling vs judo
  93. Rule Change: Fight Restart?
  94. Trigg wrestling vs Judo
  95. Ortiz vs. Shamrock July 23?
  96. marvin eastman???
  97. Natural Picks
  98. StrikeForce tonight
  99. Where is Rachelle Leah?
  100. CB Dolloways Shades
  101. Pride fc clothing
  102. Top 10 UFC LHW's
  103. UFC Photo Gallery - SI.com
  104. Armed Forces Pankration Championships - SI.com
  105. Cole Miller Interview
  106. Quinton Jackson Interview - MMAWeekly.com
  107. Eddie Alvarez Interview
  108. Fickett,Pavelich and Quinn have something in COMMON
  109. Living luxuriously, Jackson still eyes same goal - SI.com Rampage interview
  110. Affliction: Banned In Oz
  111. David Haye in mma?
  112. affiction on fsn???
  113. Draw Question
  114. What style of karate translates best for mma
  115. Rampages Belts
  116. rampage vs forrest
  117. Did anybody have Rampage winning the fight.
  118. This just in.. Noob Jack Thread...
  119. A thought on Fedor and Randy...
  120. Novell G. Bell: "Who the f@*k is Nick Thompson?"
  121. ADCC and Mundials, are they out on DVD?
  122. Should MMA retire nick names??
  123. Is TUF6 the most successful cast?
  124. Help Joe Silva out.
  125. Question for Pride fans
  126. Jardine should stick to MMA.........so should rampage
  127. Jose Canseco got his ass whopped
  128. Another UFC Counter Showing
  129. Who has the best wrestling in MMA?
  130. Worst Fighter in MMA!
  131. Josh Barnett on sirius 7/17
  132. Affliction: Banned in UK
  133. wand's shorts
  134. mma weekly messes up
  135. Link to quick video of Affl & UFN 14 Main Events
  136. what fighter has been the biggest upset?
  137. Cain Velasquez
  138. fighters on the bubble
  139. Video Request: GSP vs Mayhem Miller
  140. Going to UFC 87 - Any Suggestions?
  141. When and who is cheick kongo fighting?
  142. New head of NYSAC
  143. My User CP
  144. Ugliest MMA Fighters
  145. Nick Diaz... doesn't make sense to me.
  146. Beauty and the Beast of MMA
  147. russian fighters
  148. Will the UFC realistically get a featherweight division in the near future?
  149. 5 reasons why fitch has NO CHANCE of beating GSP
  150. UFC HW Division Debacle
  151. Offical?: Rogers vs. Kimbo in October?
  152. what was marcus hicks entrance theme tonight?
  153. hardy vs gono question
  154. Will any fight be considered an upset this Saturday?
  155. Buying Help
  156. Ufc 90 in Chicaglp Help Buying Tix What should i expect
  157. Who do you think best Personifies What an MMA Fighter should be
  158. Its Official, Tito Ortiz Signs with Affliction, to Become MMA's Highest Paid Fighter
  159. Question about Kenny Florian
  160. fighter look a likesy
  161. Brock Lesnar
  162. ufc 88 site
  163. Training Blog
  164. Horodecki vs. Lauzon Rumoured
  165. Ben Saunders and Quinton Jackson
  166. UFC Main events getting worst
  167. Options: A Silva v Liddell or Griffin v Wanderlei at Dec Show
  168. Lesnar could get title shot with one or two more wins.
  169. UFC can't find Cain Velasquez an opponent for UFC 90
  170. If knees to the head on the ground were LEGAL, LESNAR could probably kill someone
  171. UFC 90 Tickets
  172. Fedor's first and only MMA instructional DVD!
  173. Elite XC MMA bad news = Good Pub
  174. Bas Jones
  175. how can this be
  176. Dana Looks Good in this Shirt
  177. Fighter with the most heart?
  178. Chuck Liddell in Toronto October 19th
  179. Fedor vs. Babalu
  180. Dream Fight: Kim Dong Hyun vs Jon Fitch
  181. Ufc 91: Couture Vs Lesnar....
  182. WHAT?!! *spoilers?*
  183. ESPN covering UFC 88 (non-spoiler)
  184. Where's Josh Koscheck??
  185. Cant Mess With Team Jacksons
  186. MMA where are they now?
  187. Randy Couture as a top ten HW
  188. Kimbo Slice/Ken Shamrock Conference Call Audio
  189. Can an organization just decide not to use the state athletic commission?
  190. Will Rashad Evans hits 20-0?
  191. Diseases.
  192. Wink.
  193. Fighters Trunks Changing?
  194. MMA Legends
  195. UFC.com - Sleeping on the job, eh?
  196. Best of MMA dvd?
  197. What's up with IFL?
  198. red devil expectations
  199. Is Houston Alexander born dead?
  200. ****Affliction Offers Brock Lesnar Unofficial Deal If He Gets Past Couture****
  201. What's up with Huston Alexander?
  202. Ken shamrock is gonna beat that embarrassment down
  203. Fedor's Pride 32 entrance song
  204. What if the Superstars of UFC are gone?
  205. Dream 6 results: Spolier
  206. Getting punch drunk (best observation.)
  207. Not sure where to put this (mod help?)
  208. Question on Huerta and new contract.
  209. Guys you wish would fight inUFC???
  210. David Blane OWNS Kimbo Slice
  211. Saggs Put Ken Shamrock to the Hospital
  212. So because Affliction started their own fight promotion does that mean
  213. Kimbo just on PTI
  214. Any word from Karo Parisyan?
  215. Favorite non top 10 fighters?
  216. UFC May Bring David Loiseau Back To Big Show
  217. Jason MacDonald signs new four-fight deal with UFC
  218. Their worst Nightmare: Interview with Diego Sanchez
  219. Mixed Martial Arts Builds Caged Momentum Cable Networks Take To The Ring As Fighting
  220. Ufc 91 tickets
  221. Help Needed
  222. Anne Korin on Oil and Energy Independence
  223. Bushi Combat 5 in Dayton Ohio
  224. Should Chuck Change Weight Classes?
  225. I got to thinking last night about Randy Coutures contract situation and Fedor fight
  226. Cool fights for Kimbo???
  227. [boxing] Peter snatches belt from Klitschko, storms offstage before fight
  228. *Guida vs. Pellegrino in January*
  229. buying shorts
  230. Phillipe Nover a registered nurse
  231. Elite XC "Heat"
  232. Who is Cain Velasquez?
  233. The Current State of Mixed Martial Arts
  234. Touch gloves or you get knocked out: what they forgot to teach Kimbo
  235. ShoXC referee (Guida vs. Khalidov)
  236. Schools will teach pre-teens martial arts
  237. Jake Shields: Lack of EliteXC depth at 170 pounds may force change
  238. After "fighting two people," Roy Nelson seeks rematch with Arlovski
  239. BS Alert: Filho Says "Forrest is a nothing American"
  240. Paul Kelly survives gruesome crash
  241. Is EliteXC really that dumb?
  242. *Horodecki vs. Lauzon Confirmed for Affliction 2*
  243. GSP vs. Hughes: which is the greatest welterweight of all time?
  244. Tim Sylvia's next fight?
  245. chuck liddell on OTR
  246. UFC popularity increase, WWE decrease
  247. Business is War: Inside UFC’s Acquisition of Pride
  248. Quick thoughts on Brock, new free agents and why Anderson may lose to Cote...
  250. sufficient privileges