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  1. UFC merchandise?
  2. Cool THROWBACK idea for UFC 100!
  3. Best anderson silva opponents in my fantasy land!
  4. Does faber smoke?
  5. Korean Playboy Girl thinks Fedor Emelianenko is Fat
  6. Why isnt UFC 91 better??
  7. Trying to decide who goes where in UFC title pictures is worse than who's on first?
  8. My HW title scene breakdown.
  9. My LHW Title Breakdown.
  10. My Middleweight Title Scene Breakdown.
  11. My Welterweight Title Scene Breakdown.
  12. Where in the world is David Terrell?
  13. Does anyone actually see Mir winning?
  14. Kimbo Slice announces retirement
  15. Few new HOF members added at UFC 100?
  16. Pro Wrestlers who could've been MMA stars.
  17. Jeff Monson?
  18. If Tito came back to UFC today?
  19. Everyone please check this out! Rare MMA gear auction for charity
  20. Jason Lambert released?
  21. new dana vblog
  22. "SUPER SAMOAN" Mark Hunt, where is he at?
  23. Randy Couture being sued
  24. Guys who I wanna see in UFC!!!!
  25. Rumour: Faber Retirement?
  26. What's the deal with Josh Barnett????
  27. Dumb Noob Question
  28. Randy's weight
  29. What has mir done to deserve a title shot?
  30. Blu Is Coming On UFC.com
  31. bradon vera vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
  32. Randy...LHW or HW? Where does he go from here...
  33. WWE issues statement regarding Brock's win
  34. (Prefight)Randy Couture on Brock, and how he would fight marvel
  35. Faber to UFC?
  36. Ufc 92
  37. anderson silva pro boxing debut
  38. NYC MMA Club/Gym
  39. rep
  40. Wanderlei's message to Rampage
  41. UFC's White defends MMA, fires back at boxing promoter
  42. Legend vs. Legend match
  43. where's Edith?
  44. fedor vs aa
  45. *Randy's Next Step..*
  46. Brock, the new Couture! Interesting statistic I missed!
  47. Lets just all admit it!!!
  48. UFC 100 Fight Card Predictions
  49. Good site to download mma videos?
  50. Monkeys flinging poo
  51. Ultimate Fighting Is About to Hit Europe (article written by german journalist)
  52. Matt Hamil at Middleweight???
  53. Hendo vs Silva?
  54. Does Herb Dean Still Fight?
  55. Roger Huerta and Brandon Vera (betting on Pacquiao/De La Hoya)
  56. Who Would You Like To See Tito Fight Now?
  57. Who Will Be Champion in 2 Years in the UFC??
  58. What's with the hate for Chuck Liddell?
  59. People who Affliction should add to their roster.
  60. Can somebody explain why Josh Barnett hasn't fought in UFC since UFC 36?
  61. What is the card where Yoshida chokes out Royce Gracie???
  62. Affliction promoting De La Hoya fight
  63. Chuck Liddell training with ATT?
  64. Breaking Bread: UFC for the Troops Gambling Piece
  65. Question about UFC: Fight for the Troops
  66. Dum ? about Fight For Our Troops event
  67. Breaking Bread: TUF Finale Gambling Piece
  68. UFC Fight for the Troops Replay
  69. MFA "there will be blood"
  70. mark munoz vs ryan bader
  71. vinny's entrance song?
  72. bobby lashley mma debut
  73. Has any fighter KO'd an opponent from guard?
  74. Goran Reljic??? Where you at boy???
  75. What annoys you or hate in mma world
  76. Fedor vs Dana White In A Boxing Match?
  77. Affliction Production!
  78. UFC President Dana White on NBC's Momma's Boy
  79. Supposedly views of Freddie Roach on MMA
  80. Okami question.
  81. UFC 92 Gambling Picks
  82. thoughts on ufc92
  83. coleman/shogun winner fights rampage
  85. Who would you like to see fight in the UFC?
  86. First live event question
  87. Rashad Evans Fight Record
  88. Anyone else glad Mir won?
  89. Wanderlei Silva Talks Loss to Rampage
  90. Big Nog had Staph Infection?
  91. Happy New Years!!!
  92. Great Collection of Cro Cop Videos
  93. What was the MMA Fight that got you hooked?
  94. we are all one
  95. Wanderlei may drop to 185 in 2009.
  96. Florian Blasts Mazzagatti
  97. Fedor will lose
  98. UFC 97 according to Wikipedia...
  99. Bas Rutten With New Found Glory?
  100. Why no UFC 57 on DVD??
  101. Andre Arlovski Training at Machado Fitness
  102. SHIELDS
  103. Maxim's 10 best UFC fights of 2008
  104. If you can start a fight with anyone.....
  105. Mma 500!!
  106. Will the UFC prevent megafights with Silva since he is retiring?
  107. Any news on Jared Rollins?
  108. Where can I watch UFC 93?
  109. Who's next at HW?
  110. Rampage vs Evans possible for UFC 96
  111. If MMA ended today, who would be the best in each weight class?
  112. Bread's UFC 93 Gambling Picks
  113. Affliction 1 on dvd?
  114. PRIDE Curse
  115. Perfect timing
  116. Help! Update needed re: LHW division title picture
  117. Liddell on Irvin: "I'd like to shut him up"
  118. Secret of TUF 8 revealed
  119. Fight card for day of reckoning
  120. War Machines lastest rant on the president
  121. Kevin Iole Article - "The Fedor Factor"
  122. Mind Games
  123. I just noticed something about Hughes vs Penn 1
  124. Affliction 2: Day of Reckoning
  125. AA vs Rothwell re-run
  126. HDNet stream for Affliction?
  127. Bars in downtown Toronto
  128. Why do people hate Fedor instead of his fans?????
  129. WEC octagon
  130. Bread's UFC 94 Gambling Picks
  131. Something fun and light. Boxing and MMA...
  132. mma guys on sports rage on hardcoresportsradio.com
  133. Having ALOT of trouble getn on here
  134. UFC 94 as $45.00 good?
  135. If Florian beat BJ
  136. David Terrell???
  137. What boxer would excell in MMA???
  138. MW title shot given to Leites over Okami....WASSUPWITDAT???
  139. Questions about ufc 95 - attendance
  140. Yahoo! Sports P4P Rankings Dead Heat
  141. Dana White Invterview on Big o and Dukes Show
  142. War Machine cut from Bellator
  143. fedor haters should watch this
  144. People Who Criticized Fedor's Last Fight, NOOBS?
  145. Should Cote get an immediate rematch?
  146. Rich Clementi
  147. War Machine Arrested...finally?
  148. Kos vs Fitch
  149. War Machine's MySpace hacked?
  150. MMA fighter moves stars?? lol
  151. Is the UFC MW division really that weak anymore?
  152. Fedor says he was never in trouble in Arlovski fight
  153. Greasegate The Movie
  154. alberta training?
  155. Do you think we will ever see...
  156. is yushin okami getting screwed again at title shot
  157. Mister Alvarez? Sir we have a problem
  158. Fedor Emelianenko Uncyclopedia
  159. Overeem vs Bonjasky confirmed
  160. InGameNow calls out Joe Rogan
  161. Few thoughts and predictions on UFC 96
  162. Rumor: Joe Rogan says PRIDE guys used steroids.
  163. Amir Sadollah Fights Zombies, Takes MMA Mainstream
  164. Bragging Rights - Your best recent prediction
  165. Any news on Jason "The Punisher" Lambert
  166. Condit vs. Kampmann
  167. What if UFC 1 aired tomorrow???
  168. The 10 Most Despicable People in MMA
  169. Pete Sell vs Matt Brown (Spoiler)
  170. ufc 96 paydays
  171. DREAM Open Weight GP possible!
  172. Dana White on officiating gaffes at UFC 96: Referees "need to be confident"
  173. Vyper Fight Leaugue
  174. Bully Beatdown
  175. RIP Mask
  176. UFC live event "To remember list"
  177. rampage machida evans ufc undiputed the game
  178. boxing with a Disability
  179. Kimbo has his sights set on a boxing career after fulfilling his mma contract
  180. Jon fitch vs. Paulo thiago agreed to for ufc 100
  181. Tim Silvia beaten up by WWE's Kane?
  182. Affliction Now known as Trumps' Affliction
  183. Bruce Lee: nunchaku and more
  184. UFC Fight Club
  185. why cant i view certain threads?
  186. how many ordered the mask tribute t?
  187. New rankings updated..
  188. UFC 100: Jones v Obrien
  189. You know what really pisses me off? ... round 2
  190. PPV MMA tonight
  191. Where's Cung Le?
  192. serra vs. hughes ?
  193. Fedor vs. Barnett
  194. Why do you watch MMA?
  195. BJ PENN takes fight with Florian at UFC 101
  196. Silva out of Franklin fight (Injured Left Hamstring), wants to part ways with UFC
  197. Joe Rogan Fighting At UFC fan Expo in July
  198. UFC Greenlights Construction of Russian Stadium
  199. condit vs kampamann
  200. Roach: "Anderson Silva Taking A Big Bite"
  201. josh koshcheck injured
  202. condit and kampmann
  203. bobby lashly
  204. rep
  205. My Review of Phuket MMA Camp/Tiger Muay Thai
  206. junie/cole..
  207. I might quit
  208. Is Anderson Silva being protected?
  209. Coleman vs Bonnar Official UFC 100
  210. ufc undisputed demo date unannounced
  211. *UFC 100 All Inclusive Trip*
  212. Tito Ortiz negotiating with Strikeforce, return still six months away
  213. Question about Frank Shamrock
  214. Can "The Iceman" Liddell keep on skating at UFC 97?
  215. How long does it take to get BJJ Black Belt
  216. Chuck Liddell Got Used By Porn Star, Not in Fun Way
  217. Do you need a certain amount of posts before you can post in other forums?
  218. UFC 97 Gambling Picks
  219. GSP > Silva
  220. New MMA Online Simulation Game
  221. Should all Main Events Be 5 Rounds?
  222. 3rd round of my first Kickboxing fight I have Cerebral palsy
  223. Silva to help Franklin prepare for Silva
  224. Kyle Maynard Amputee full fight
  225. Jason Lambert set to return to action for the first time since UFC release
  226. ufc undisputed free demo
  227. New BJ PENN training vid is a joke right???
  228. how long for chuck?
  229. Sean Salmon eyeing return to the UFC
  230. Your favorite KO/TKO, Submission, Decision fights.
  231. Help a noob
  232. I'm an idiot
  233. What if Big John had decided to become a FIGHTER instead of REF????
  234. Frank Lesters chin
  235. Bispings a punk
  236. So I just got around to watching UFC 98
  237. Crocop back in the ufc ???
  238. Fedor wants Lesnar...
  239. Ryan Bader says: “I can see myself beating Machida in two years”
  240. Lyoto Machida's Gym/MMA Academy
  241. changes to the forum
  242. Strike Force & WEC Betting Plays
  243. Anyone else think Andrei will lose tonite at Strikeforce 6/6/09?
  244. Faber prepares for WEC rematch with Brown: ‘I don’t plan on losing again’
  245. ***Spoiler Jose Aldo
  246. BJ Penn at lifetime fitness in Lake in the hills Il
  247. Free UFC Capping Contest
  248. Will Vanderlei fight A. Silva if he beats Franklin?
  249. UFC 99 - Upset Minded in Germany
  250. Should Cro Cop have backed off when he eye poked all TurK?