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  1. Cecil People's Spotted
  2. New MMA forum
  3. Bisping and Diabate talk shit to eachother in Sherdog forums!!!
  4. Bisping and Diabate talk shit in the Sherdog forums!!
  5. War Narantungalag!!! I'm starting his Bandwagon
  6. UFC Middleweight 16 man tournament
  7. mmanews has 18,000 fans on facebook
  8. Wrestling what????
  9. UFC Boston Fan Expo!
  10. WWE Star John Cena: “The UFC Can Be Pretty Over the Top”
  11. Is it just me, or does the UFC seem to avoid striker vs striker fights?
  12. I'm Back
  13. Who (forum members) would Box/kickbox Aoki
  14. I, Bloodstain Lane and Bauzen from MiddleEasy.com on KO 46
  15. The Ultimate Training Camp
  16. UFC Description of MMA to China Journalist Very Curious
  17. finally
  18. i feel like an adult in this forum
  19. sig bet
  20. UFC 123 Question?
  21. Gegard Mousasi Sets Sight on Holding Both Dream, Strikeforce Belts
  22. UFC Expands Global Footprint by Partnering with Fox Sports Latin America
  23. LowKick.com on KnoqOut MMA Radio tonight
  24. Mayhem Miller Welcomes the Challenge of Submitting Sakuraba
  25. Questions for Byron Byrd and Jose Figueroa American Top Team fighters and M-1 winners
  26. the king has return
  27. KnoqOut Radio's 50th episode ...come on the show fellas!
  28. War Machine Big House Blog 4&5: Mooches, Masturbation and Sex with a Sandwich
  29. questions for Cat Von C
  30. How to get your girlfriend to watch MMA
  31. Wanderlei Silva in Waterloo, ON tomorrow
  32. Quetions for Eddie Alvarez, Roger Huerta and Ben Askren, Lyman Good
  33. GIF's
  34. Looking for representation?
  35. War Machine Big House Blogs 5, 6 and 7: Gay Cellmates, Snitching and the Beef With Ju
  36. Is there REALLY only one Brock Lesnar?
  37. Questions for TUF 11 alum Kris McCray
  38. It's Been a while.
  39. B r e a k i n g n e w s
  40. Help! where to watch UFC in Lake Charles LA
  41. Does Dana have the new Fedor?
  42. Risk of Welterweight LnP Lockup?
  43. Q's for Ricco Rodriguez
  44. MMA mentionned on NASCAR
  45. New Welterweight Rankings
  46. who makes the mmanews.com rankings???
  47. Does Fedor Regret Ducking Brock Lesnar and the UFC?
  48. Kongo
  49. Bloodstain Lane vs Greg jackson´s camp
  50. How well will the WEC LWs do in the UFC?
  51. Twitter Mailbag: Do You Wanna Do It?
  52. can we go ahead and count grispi out?
  53. Todd Duffee Talks About Being Cut by the UFC
  54. Strikeforce vs. Bellator: Does Anybody Win?
  55. UFC Political Update: Harry Reid, Bob Reilly Hang On for Re-Election
  56. War Machine Big House Blogs 11 and 12: Hating on Brock, Hanging with Dana and Killing
  57. I promise not to post "news" from wikipedia again
  58. Rob Emerson wants to try 145
  59. Media Spotlight: Sherdog's Zuffa Centric Bias Exposed
  60. Brock Sapp, Meet Bob Lesnar
  61. Eight MMA Fighters Who Desperately Need a Stoppage Victory
  62. Ricco Rodriguez, Jeff Monson, Frank Trigg Emerge Victorious at Israel FC
  63. Anderson Silva in K-1
  64. How MMA Helped Me Today
  65. UFC Star Roy Nelson Stuck in Contractual Limbo
  66. UFC 122 Aftermath: No Really, Take It Easy Out There, Guys
  67. Breaking News
  68. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chael Sonnen and the Battle for MMA's Soul
  69. Can Karo Parisyan Overcome Panic at UFC 123?
  70. War Machine Big House Blog 13: Guard Beatings, Herpes and Pirates
  71. Roy Nelson in Orillia Ontario
  72. Trial to begin in crash that killed Mask
  73. CagePotato Flowchart #1: Should You Watch 'Strikeforce: Challengers' on Friday?
  74. Help with Cuddles fight to night.
  75. Why does mma news lag on the mma news?!?!?!
  76. After UFC 123 It's Obvious the 10 Point Must System Doesn't Work for MMA
  77. UFC 123 Wrap Up (spoilers)
  78. WWE's John Cena coming to MMA?
  79. sig help
  80. Favourite MMA Entrance of All-Time
  81. Anyone here train w/ BJ in Hilo?
  82. Does MMANEWS have any social networks?
  83. MMANews rankings
  84. UFC Referee Herb Dean Working to Improve the Sport
  85. Best p4p brother pair in MMA?
  86. Wanderlei Silva on Facebook
  87. Lyoto Machida: 'I Won't Waste Time Talking About Dana White'
  88. Nam Phan, Dan and Jim Miller will be on KnoqOut Radio tomorrow night! post your q's :
  89. The Top 5: Greatest Beards Ever in MMA
  90. Merry Christmas from Gina Carano
  91. UFC officially headed to Toronto's Rogers Centre in April of 2011
  92. UFC officially headed to Toronto's Rogers Centre in April of 2011
  93. UFC officially headed to Toronto's Rogers Centre in April of 2011
  94. Leonard Garcia Not Happy With Joe Rogan
  95. Nevada Cleared Henderson and Duffee, Not Sonnen for Hormone Replacement Therapy
  96. UFC Announces Scotland To Receive UFC Fight Night Show In May 2011
  97. Josh Koschecks shorts
  98. Who is a Phil Baroni fan here?!
  99. Charles Oliveira: 'I Blinked and He Got Me'
  100. Bellator Announces TV Deal With MTV 2, Broadcasts To Begin March 2011
  101. Fedor: UFC will be sorry that I never fought for them
  102. Rampage on Dr. Phil
  103. MMA Cliché - a.k.a. the Mike Goldberg effect
  104. The Road to Nowhere: Fighters Detail Disastrous Nemesis Fighting Show in the Dominica
  105. Grappling with Issues – 12/16/10
  106. M-1 Says No Fedor on Strikeforce in January
  107. MMA Top 10 Pound-for-Pound: GSP Stays on Top
  108. Dana White to Pay for Little Girl's Liver Transplant
  109. Anyone have a UFC fight club membership?
  110. UFC Looking at Record Gates in Australia and Canada for UFC 127 and 129
  111. Roger Gracie vs Trevor Prangley Expected at Strikeforce on January 29
  112. UFC Star Chris Leben Talks DUI Arrest
  113. As 2010 Ends the UFC Towers Over the Competition
  114. Angelina Jolie invented the Pettis Kick
  115. Ring Girl Nicole Craner Accuses Strikeforce of Stiffing Her
  116. Sports-industry executives choose UFC as best positioned property for 2011
  117. Phil Davis Interview with CBS News
  118. Merry Christmas!
  119. Is Brock Lesnar Holding Out on the UFC Over WrestleMania?
  120. The selling/ad forum
  121. Dream Dynamite on directtv?
  122. Guess the man in my avatar!!!
  123. Can some one help me out with this trnaslation?
  124. Age minimum for UFC events?
  125. Some videos you could recommend me?
  126. How Does UFC 125 and the UFC 126 Fight Card Compare to Holidays Past?
  127. Lenne Hardt on KO Radio tonight! Post your Qs :)
  128. Retrospective: Submission of the Decade
  129. The UFC Should Book Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos for an Interim Title Bout
  130. The UFC's Reign of Terror Is the Price Paid for the WEC Merger
  131. MMA Has Taken Canada By Suprise
  132. The Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament Is a Great Idea, but It's Not a Tournament
  133. UFC 126 prelims
  134. Fedor to mix things up in preparation for the Strikeforce heavyweight GP
  135. Have you ever dreamed of MMA?
  136. MMA Blog Proposal
  137. Anyone goin to the SF event at the Izod?
  138. Stop the hate on Lesnar
  139. Oleg Taktarov vs Royce Gracie at UFC: Rio ??
  140. How much does not fighting hurt a fighter?
  141. I Hate to be the Douche to suggest this...
  142. I Hate to be the Douche to Bring this up....
  143. Dana WHite v Bloodstain Lane twitter war
  144. Melvin Guillard: Impossible to KO???
  145. Anderson Silva's interview with Joe Rogan
  146. In Poll of Favorite Sports, MMA Is Overlooked
  147. The Dolce Diet
  148. Live MMA in South Florida
  149. First fight advice
  150. What's Next For The Winners And Losers Of Strikeforce "Diaz vs. Cyborg"? ** SPOILER*
  151. A lot of s*** you don't know about Sean McCorkle
  152. Stuck in a rock and a hard place
  153. How to get tickets to UFC 129
  154. Fedor has now his official Twitter
  155. Similarities between Batiatus and Dana White
  156. Dana White Screws UFC Fans: The New Vince McMahon *spoliers
  157. Steven Seagal teaches Anderson Silva some moves
  158. Today a cop called me over at the train...
  159. WOOOOHOOOOO got tickets for 129 in T.O
  160. Oh, Jeez. Frank Shamrock is Getting His Own Reality Show About His Crusade to Get MMA
  161. Rumor: SF to feature a Pride style Entrance on Saturday?
  162. Can Fedor Emelianenko Realistically Win the Strikeforce Grand Prix?
  163. What are the ways to watch gp?
  164. Front snap kick knockout, but not by Anderson
  165. Brian Stann likely to meet Jorge Santiago, not Wanderlei Silva, at UFC 130
  166. Strikeforce Stream Tonight?
  167. This is 50 covers Fedor fight
  168. Doctors did not stop the fight, Fedor stopped the fight
  169. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva full video
  170. OT: Log in issues
  171. radom thoughts
  172. radom thoughts
  173. Ranking Fedor Emelianenko Among the All-Time Greats
  174. quick question
  175. Is Strikeforce Really Considering Roger Gracie vs Gegard Mousasi?
  176. Why all the fighters have nicknames?
  177. Chael Sonnen Wants To Face Michael Bisping Next in the UFC
  178. Mike Whitehead plead deal in sexual assault case
  179. Why cant I post in the regular forums?
  180. Tyler Combs out, Billy Vaughan in against Jorge Gurgel
  181. Whittman / Rashad's coach says he should fight Jones if he wins the title
  182. Batista May Make MMA Debut in UK
  183. Barnett to be tested PRIOR to his participation in StrikeForces HW tournament
  184. TUF 14 - Featherweights and Bantamweights
  185. UFC Versus 3 fighters weigh in results
  186. Jon Jones weighs in at 216lbs - 2 weeks before LHW title fight
  187. thoughts on drew fickett
  188. UFC on Versus 3 Gets Worst Ratings of the Series
  189. Chad Ochocinco wants to fight Anderson Silva
  190. Cris Cyborg
  191. To start training or not to start (sorry it's in the wrong forum, noobie limitations)
  192. Is it ok for christians to watch MMA?
  193. Anyone see Versus 3 in 3D?
  194. Bloodstain Lane... Love Him Or Hate Him?
  195. Will Nick Diaz Style Plastic Surgery Become the Norm in MMA?
  196. Gina Carano pummels Ewan McGregor
  197. KnoqOut | Gear Give Away Contest!
  198. Akiyama out, Dan Miller steps in
  199. What are the biggest factors in age?
  200. Here's a question.
  201. Josh Barnett comments on his future w/ Zuffa
  202. Questions for Jim and Dan Miller, and Bellator's Mike Chandler
  203. Did Strikeforce's Deal With Fedor Emelianenko Force the UFC Sale?
  204. Does the UFC have a monopoly? Not even close.
  205. Annual UFC vs. Strikeforce Event Could Be MMA Super Bowl
  206. Do you think dana will jihp when jones beats rua?
  207. I still dont think jones has proved himself..
  208. Badluck33 thinks that MAC is a incompetent mod who cant distinguish fact from opinion
  209. The dragon... JJ's Kryptonite
  210. IceCold48 thinks Badluck33 has to get over it
  211. Questions for Ben Saunders, Jon Anik, Kris McCray and Sean McCorkle
  212. Inside West Coast Customs - Anderson Silva
  213. hall of fame
  214. mmafighting.com P4P List Updates - Bones Moves Up
  215. Happy Birthday TBEAR
  216. Happy Birthday Pashak
  217. No One Wants UFC Champ Jon Jones, Not Anderson Silva, Not Phil Davis
  218. Tito / Jenna split and let everyone know through tweets
  219. I don't know wtf a TWISTER is...that was a wrestling move...
  220. Re-entry into UFC events
  221. March Badness - 64 Man Tournament
  222. UFC Fighter Takes Shots to the Head . . . Via Beer Bong
  223. Fighters you'd party with
  224. Question About Training Device/Method Brock Used on TUF Episode 1
  225. Fantasy Game
  226. Fedor Emelianenko Forced to Leave MMA???
  227. What happened to Phillip Miller?
  228. Things you are ashamed of
  229. 1st UFC Vs Strikeforce fight to happen in next week?
  230. Einemo out; Alistair Overeem to face Shane Carwin at UFC 131
  231. Breaking News - Dana White says Rich Franklin set to face Gegard Mousasi
  232. Chael Sonnen: Bisping would look like Marry Poppins with Down's syndrome
  233. Former UFC champ to be at Burlington Brawl 11
  234. Don't be sad, homie.
  235. Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans Will Happen in September or October
  236. Stone Cold's Tough Enough beats Lensnar's TUF 13 ratings
  237. Andrei Arlovski's Long-Time Coach Thinks He Should Retire
  238. Questions for Rick Hawn, KJ Noons and AMA Fight Clubs Mike Constantino
  239. First to lose their belt?
  240. Machida thinks it is too early to declare a Jon Jones era
  241. Sanchez: suga is workin his ass off.. He wants to out wrestle u & out work you.
  242. Diego Sanchez asking for Nick Diaz & TUF spot over Twitter
  243. Dana White: I give Daley all the respect in the world
  244. the biggest 'fight that never happened'
  245. Funny MMA pics
  246. Michael Bisping has received the backing of former LHW champion Tito Ortiz
  247. Brock Lesnar: 5 Reasons Size Is Overrated and Jon Jones Would Beat Lesnar
  248. Possible Strikeforce Vs UFC Card for NYE??
  249. MMA Top 10 Rankings - Updated
  250. Can someone tell me...