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  1. your Favorite Fighter that Doesn't have all the tools?
  2. Kongo vs Hunt for UFC 144
  3. Chael Sonnen: Dos Santos is lying about the knee injury
  4. Where do you watch your fights.....
  5. Melendez v Masdival card
  6. Fedor, Aoki likely for DREAM NYE
  7. Carlos Condit's wife Seager models his signature HeadRush tee
  8. mma fighter killed by falling cow
  9. Zab Judah's expert opinion on MMA
  10. Marius Zaromskis somersault kick
  11. Sonnen takes another swipe at Arianny
  12. Stone Cold Steve Austin enjoys Sonnen's verbal bashings
  13. Arianny gifts Sonnen at the MMA awards
  14. Rumor: Strikeforce to remain on Showtime
  15. UFC 140 Jones vs Machida Conference Call (Audio)
  16. Illegal Strikes?!?! WHAT Illegal Strikes?!?!?!?
  17. A big year for UFC closes with Snoop Dogg at Christmas party
  18. Sonnen turns soccer hooligan to provoke Anderson
  19. Cruz, Faber to coach 'TUF' 15
  20. Help me torture Dbader
  21. UFC Pays fighters to Tweet
  22. Testing loophole may leave door open for doping
  23. Brock Lesnar Faces Charges in Medicine Hat Court
  24. Check out these random and weird PMs I get from MMATT
  25. MMA Junkie Live
  26. MMA journalist Ariel Helwani to have amateur first MMA fight
  27. chael's new tshirt
  28. UFC fighter beats a robber?
  29. UFC 141 Free for XBOX Live gold members!!
  30. Jon Jones Shin Kicks Comedian
  31. Brock Lesnar Pleads Guilty To Alberta Hunting Charge
  32. Chael Sonnen 'Done With Anderson Silva', Wants GSP, Jon Jones, dos Santos Next
  33. Jordan Breen: People wouldn’t intensely hate Jon Jones if he was white
  34. Post in this thread before it gets moved! Year end free rep
  35. Did you ever notice about the forum...
  36. mIRC for UFC 141?
  37. Clay Guida Vs. Gray Maynard Added To UFC 145
  38. Yahoo! Sports top 10 Sports Villains
  39. just in case who can help me
  40. MMANews 2012 Fantasy Standings
  41. WWE's Chris Jericho accuses Brock Lesnar of taking a dive in UFC 141
  42. All of Dream's champs won a fight (almost) this month
  43. Should MIZJUDOZOU change sig's?
  44. Houston Alexander catches son Talking Dirty, Challenges him to Box, gets Arrested
  45. By the way, Kimbo Slice is now 3-0 as a Professional Boxer
  46. Sonnen declines bout with 'pee pee mouth' Machida
  47. UFC fighter Matt Hughes has a message for the 'idiots' at PETA
  48. Any Shaw Cable (Western Canada) customers get Fuel or FX?
  49. Something Brewing Between Diaz and Penn....
  50. See Anyting Strange Here? !!!!NSFW!!!!
  51. Kevin Nash and Ultimate Warrior want MMA fight with 100k side bet
  52. Pick 'ems 2012
  53. if anyone needs help with an animated sig, read this thread!
  54. Rumor: Dana White Won’t Close 145 Pound Strikeforce Women’s Division
  55. Mike Swick
  56. Francisco Santos Miranda
  57. Chael Sonnen: If someone shoots you, kill his family
  58. Brock vs Fedor wrestling match?
  59. Prelims on FX Saturday
  60. Breaking news coming in the next hour or so.
  61. CM Punk Won't Escort Chael Sonnen to Octagon at UFC on FOX
  62. sakara
  63. Breaking News-Anthony Johnson signed by bellator
  64. Cris Cyborg to Rousey: You're next. Rousey: You have a d_ck, you d_ck
  65. Sonnen Vs Bisping..Winner fights Anderson
  66. Rumor: UFC 145 postponed?
  67. Cuban Rebranding HDNet as AXS TV in Joint Venture With AEG, Ryan Seacrest Media and C
  68. Guy Mezger destroys knife wielding attacker
  69. fuel tv
  70. Sonnen: Silva and I will never fight
  71. UFC in Vegas (146)
  72. david loiseau to be featured in new reality tv show"crowtime"
  73. chael sonnen goes off on mma media oulet
  74. Chuck Liddell To Appear With Motley Crue, Adriana Lima In Super Bowl Ad
  75. Dana White has ID stolen after hacker rant
  76. Mistake In Sonnen-Bisping Judging, Sonnen Wins Split Decision
  77. Nevada State Athletic Commision Rules #24: Using abusive language...
  78. 'The Gladiator' cut by the UFC(NEW INTRO!)
  79. Round 5 MMA Collectibles - Chris Leben, Nick Diaz
  80. Mike Tyson in MMA?
  81. Hugely illegal elbows??
  82. UFC in 3D
  83. Ronda Rousey: “If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I’d go to a track meet.”
  84. NJ Robber Dies After Trying to Steal Phone from Former HS Wrestler
  85. The Tragic, Almost Complete Transcript Of What Was Said In Diaz' Corner During UFC143
  86. Former Strikeforce champ Cung Le scores $10K in Zuffa's latest Twitter bonus
  87. Rousey: Not a bit sorry to be breaking girl's arms
  88. GSP says he would give up his title to fight Nick Diaz
  89. Shogun Rua ends working relationship with his manager
  90. Cung Le is a UFC Winner
  91. Cung Le Wants Another Fight
  92. Diaz/Condit 2- all wrong..long read.
  93. Rampage Jackson And King Mo Finally Settle Their “Beef”
  94. Diaz Camp Claims Only Reason Condit Accepted Rematch Was Due To Failed Test
  95. online mma betting
  96. Cesar Gracie: Nick Diaz Was Surprised He Tested Positive
  97. Din Thomas helps break up near riot
  98. Rousey on AC testing for pot: What's next, testing for genital warts?
  99. Griffin fails to make new friends w/ controversial tweets about kids w/ cancer
  100. Front Page News!
  101. UFC 145 presale tickets
  102. Nick Diaz Thinks Sanchez Won, If It Had Been A Real Fight Jake Would Be Dead
  103. UFC President Dana White tells 'racist' Floyd Mayweather to 'shut up'
  104. Rumor of the Day: Is Fedor vs. Todd Duffee In the Works for Summer M-1 Show in Monaco
  105. Spike TV - MMA Junkie show
  106. Georges St. Pierre not thinking about fighting, only focusing on his knee
  107. New UFC Ring Girl?
  108. Historical rankings
  109. War Machine’s First Blog From Las Vegas Jail
  110. Jose Conseco Wants MMA Matches With Mike Tyson, Shaq And Herschel Walker
  111. Chael on WWE Raw last night
  112. Ben Henderson's TUF 9 Audition Tape
  113. Congrats/bummer to Fedor for finally being featured in a collectible UFC Topps card
  114. Sonnen: Alves a 'boob' for being submitted
  115. OH: Jason Miller Dreams About Ronda Rousey
  116. Whats next for Aussie fighters James Te Huna and Anthony Perosh
  117. Lorenzo Fertitta Wants To Know Who You Want To See Shogun Rua Fight
  118. Sapp: I've been working on my ground skills
  119. There Can Only Be One... Dana White.
  120. WTF of the Day: UFC 3 Vet Emmanuel Yarborough to Appear in Canadian Opera Production
  121. Fans invited to Wednesday's UFC 149 kickoff press conference in Calgary
  122. Dana Whites FrankenFighter
  123. Dana White: Soccer Is 'The Least Talented Sport On Earth'
  124. DFW: I'd love to do GSP vs. Silva in Canada
  125. RFA 2 - Yvel VS. Alexander
  126. Wrestling Superstar CM Punk Discusses Being In Chael Sonnen’s Corner In Brazil
  127. Former UFC Champ Brock Lesnar May Return At Sunday's WWE Wrestlemania
  128. Rumour - Brock Lesnar signs 1 year deal with WWE
  129. Fedor signs with the UFC
  130. Brock back to WWE
  131. "do you understand english?"
  132. Rumor: M-1 is done
  133. Brock Lesnar: 'The UFC's success was on my blood, sweat and tears'
  134. Rafael Davis, Laid-Up L.A. Firefighter, Arrested After He's Caught MMA Fighting
  135. Breaking News: Frank Shamrock Finally Got His Braces Off
  136. Chael Sonnen opens his own pizza shop, 'Mean Street'
  137. Alessio Sakara out of fight with Brian Stann due to emergency - Weidman fills in
  138. Bob Sapp makes girlfriend doll for Mariuz Pudzianowski
  139. Anderson Silva: I'm kinda metrosexual
  140. Another rumor by FRB. Anderson refuses fight in America
  141. Big Country vs Cain for #1 Contender
  142. Don’t Count UFC Boss Dana White Among the Brock Lesnar or WWE Detractors
  143. White: 'Silva title-stripping rumors untrue'
  144. Two huge stories involving a former WWE wreslter and a current WWE Wreslter
  145. Anderson Silva almost gunned down Rafael Cordeiro back in the day
  146. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena Extreme Rules 2012
  147. MMA Star GEORGE ST PIERRE Was Training With SERENA WILLIAMS . . . And He COULDN'T Sto
  148. Quick Twitt | Hector Lombard Requests Random Drug Test | UFC NEWS
  149. UFC Tweet Of The Day: Yves Edwards Talks Hookers And Cocaine
  150. Chael Sonnen: Rampage is a crybaby and a nuisance
  151. Cris Cyborg splits from Evangelista Cybrog
  152. MMA Top 10 Rankings: Georges St-Pierre Out, Carlos Condit Takes Top Spot
  153. M-1 Global Official Calls M-1 Champion Vinny Magalhaes ‘an Unemployed Gigolo Stalker’
  154. Ronda Rousey shares why you should always call when you say you will
  155. Hello everyone
  156. Magalhaes put his M-1 Light Heavyweight belt on eBay, and the bids are coming in...
  157. White to miss first UFC in 11 years due to surgery for Meniere’s disease
  158. Rumor: Josh Koscheck vs BJ Penn
  159. Critique a promo for a mma promo
  160. Silva and Seagal battle over Budweiser
  161. Ex-MMA Fighter Threatens To KILL UFC Prez
  162. World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Organizer 'Junior' Says Nick Diaz Backed Out Due to Fear
  163. Dan Hardy slams "ignorant, calculated " Matt Hughes over hunting
  164. Alleged identity of UFC.com hacker revealed
  165. Someone wants to be just like
  166. Arianny Celeste Arrested thread [merged and noobjacked]
  167. Vitali Klitschko gives his thoughts on JDS
  168. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is on the Brazilian version of Dancing With The Stars
  169. from 2010: American cage fighter 'rips out still-beating heart...
  170. Tito & Jenna Forced To File Restraining Order On Friend Who “Terrifies” Them
  171. UFC 4 competitor KOed Miami Cannibal
  172. [Rumor] Brock to return to the UFC in 2012
  173. Rumor: Jose Aldo Injured, Out of UFC149
  174. What's up with Roy Nelson
  175. Bisping: Chael thought Silva was out and we were fighting
  176. Frank Mir 'not opposed to the idea' of becoming a professional wrestler
  177. Jon Jones sentencing for DWI guilty plea postponed until July 3
  178. Bellator 71???
  179. M-1Global.com hacked; Report of Lesnar vs. Fedor in UFC untrue
  180. Gunnar Nelson vs Gsp
  181. Five Things UFC Fans Hate About The UFC
  182. Five Things UFC Fans Hate About The UFC
  183. Joe Rogan gets his 10th Planet black belt from Eddie Bravo
  184. Could Dana White be moonlighting?
  185. Where can I watch UFC 148 in Northern Cali
  186. Interviewing Robert Drysdale
  187. Charges dropped in UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste's domestic-violence case
  188. GSP #4 WW in the World
  189. Ronda Rousey Says Anderson Silva 'Is Going To Destroy' Chael Sonnen
  190. A Detailed Pictorial of the Horror Story That Was Justin Wren’s Disintegrating Mouth
  191. UFC's Jon Jones On Fighting Anderson Silva: We Could Lose Sponsorships
  192. Funny MMANews Headlines
  193. Early Estimates Show UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II May Have Done 1 Million Buys
  194. Quote of the Day: Ronda Rousey Would Beat the Crap out of Kim Kardashian
  195. A.Silva for the legacy
  196. Anderson's wife: BBQ OK, but no butt touching
  197. Sonnen Blames Media For Distractions And Losing Silva Fight
  198. Awesome Story of the Day: James Thompson Recalls Getting Drunk with Fedor
  199. Ronda Rousey calls out Michael Phelps’ behavior in Beijing
  200. Cool MMA Stuff At Dollerama
  201. Vince McMahon takes a shot at the UFC
  202. Chael Sonnen Down For 'War Of Words' With WWE Superstar The Rock
  203. Big Country to Carwin: Do You Have Enough Time To Cycle Off?
  204. Cage Banners?
  205. Mayweather and 50 cent's grand plans
  206. my new sig
  207. Mike Van Arsdale leaves Blackzilians?
  208. Bloodstain Lane receiving threats/threats against his family
  209. First Post Thread
  210. Sonnen's Strength/Conditioning Coach back behind bars for violating terms of release
  211. Anyone Watching XFC 19: Charlotte Showdown?
  212. UFC's Chad Mendes wanted for questioning in bar fight
  213. Ronda has some not nice words for Michael Phelps
  214. Lesnar punches WWE wrestler backstage
  215. Silva contemplating vacating middleweight title, move to welterweight to fight GSP
  216. Frank Trigg Arrested
  217. Dana White and Mayhem Miller Have Awkward, Post-Break Up Argument
  218. Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Dies after Bout in SC
  219. Couture on Attack of the Show
  220. Brock vs. HHH
  221. Rodrigo Nogueira protege shot dead in Rio
  222. Sylvia Says Frank Mir Got Daniel Cormier Fight Because Mir Is An 'Easier Fight'
  223. Sig Picture Size?
  224. Chael Sonnen Exclusive: UFC Champion Jon Jones Is a Delusional Brat
  225. The odds for a hypothetical Rousey vs. Cyborg fight are out, guess who’s the favorite
  226. So what happens tomorrow?
  227. Wanderlei Silva's father killed in car accident in Brazil
  228. Belcher: Chris Weidman fight makes sense, Anderson Silva doesn't
  229. UG explodes after Dana White asks for feedback on Fedor vs. Brock fight
  230. Jon Jones Asked Dana White To Have Chael Sonnen Stop Calling Him Out
  231. Anderson: "A lot of people thought I was gay"
  232. dave meltzer joins mmafighting.com
  233. Aldo uninjured after being hit on motorcycle by passing car
  234. Paul Heyman backs Brock Lesnar as UFC Hall of Famer, doubts return to octagon
  235. Sean McCorkle responds to Kit Cope 'vagina' quip
  236. 'Odds' are...
  237. DC vs MIR (anyone going?)
  238. Jon Jones: "I am the nicest person ever"
  239. GSP: Van Damme my 'dream fight'
  240. Jason 'Mayhem' Miller Makes Bizarre Comment Towards Ronda Rousey On Twitter
  241. MMA Autograph Cards
  242. Sonnen Takes Shots At Jones Again on Twitter
  243. Happy With Retirement Says Fedor Emelianenko
  244. Bonnars consider naming unborn son 'Griffin'
  245. Admin Unban 1inthechamber
  246. Rousey open to cyborg at 145?
  247. Forrest Griffin gives Stephan Bonnar advice
  248. Chael Sonnen gives Stephan Bonnar a therapy session
  249. RUMOR: End of Days for Strikeforce???
  250. Wrestling: CM Punk backhands fan during WWE Monday Night Raw