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  1. Bob Sapp walks out on K1
  2. #1 Striker in the world
  3. Bob Sapp's Side of the Story
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  133. Schilt on NYE, K1, MMA, and Badr Hari.
  134. Hari stripped of K1 Title, loses entire purse and his 2nd place spot at WGP
  135. Remy: "If you can't stick to the rules, don't play the game."
  136. Attention Southpaws
  137. HDNet Fights presents FieLDS K-1 World MAX 2009 Japan Tournament Fri. Feb. 27/09
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  157. Baxter Humby Wins WMC junior middleweight intercontinental belt
  158. Kyotaro gives up the K-1 HW Title - Leaving kickboxing for boxing
  159. Badr Hari vs Gokhan Saki 1/28/12
  160. Kickboxing Legend Peter Aerts to Retire After June 30th Fight With Tyrone Spong
  161. Mirko Cro Cop returns to kickboxing, faces Ray Sefo on March 10
  162. K-1 resurgence imminent?
  163. CroCop not retiring, wants to win K-1 GP this year
  164. RIP K-1 legend Mike Bernardo, 1969-2012
  165. Ray Sefo on CroCop & being owed $700k by K-1
  166. Peter Aerts snubs K-1, signs for Glory
  167. GLORY World Series announces Le Banner vs. Zimmerman, Schilt vs. Guidon, and Khariton
  168. K-1 star names spurning new K-1 owners amid financial concerns
  169. K-1 Announces 2012 Grand Prix In New York City
  170. Sergei Kharitonov vs. Semmy Schilt possibly on tap for a May Glory show
  171. K-1 Rising 2012 results: Mirko Cro Cop wins by knock out, Badr Hari victorious
  172. Glory World Series Buys Rival Kickboxing Promotion It's Showtime
  173. K-1 still not paying its fighters or bills, alleges former partner
  174. Badr Hari again suspected of assault, denies claims
  175. Remy Returns at Glory 2
  176. Kickboxing: Former WWE VP joins GLORY
  177. CroCop wins the 2013 K1 GP
  178. Tyrone Spong Knocks Out Remy Bonjasky at Glory 5: London
  179. Glory signs TV broadcast deal with CBS Sports
  180. Glory 9 at NYC
  181. Glory 13 Tokyo
  182. Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Remy Bonjasky Booked For GLORY Fight On March 8 In Croatia
  183. GLORY 17: Los Angeles Cro Cop vs Kharitonov LIVE Results and Discussion
  184. Glory to release entire fight library for free on YouTube
  185. UFC vet Pat Barry to fight at debut Legacy Kickboxing event on Jan. 16