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  1. Movie Sequels that were better then the Orignal.
  2. New Knight Rider.
  3. The best Christmas movies.......
  4. Batman and Wonder Woman Cast in Justice League The Movie (Realese Date: 2010)
  5. Anybody watch "Tin Man" on SciFi
  6. New Batman: The Dark Knight Poster
  7. New Speed Racer Trailer
  8. Movies, have you seen, or looking forward to?
  9. Anybody Remember the bmx Movie "RAD"
  10. Help me Remember an 80's movie
  11. I Am Legend
  12. Official "Best Fight Scene" Thread
  13. First 5 minutes of The Dark Knight!! Joker Galore!!
  14. Chow Yun Fat to Play Master Roshi in Dragonball Movie
  15. Rescue Dawn
  16. samurai/ninja movies?
  17. Watch Movies Online!
  18. Brandon Routh Still the Man of Steel?
  19. No Arnold in Terminator 4 Movie
  20. Jon Favreau has expressed interest in directing an Avengers Movie.
  21. Review the Last Movie you Watched
  22. Batman: Discuss everything related to Batman movies here
  23. Big Movies Coming This Year (2008)
  24. Live action Cowboy Bebop
  25. Philip K. Dick Movies
  26. Jurassic Park IV
  27. Eagle vs. Shark
  28. into the wild
  29. The Hobbit!!!
  30. Christian Bale set to play John Connor in 4th Terminator Movie
  31. Cloverfield Discussion **Spoilers**
  32. Warner pulls plug on 'Justice League'
  33. Young Anakin at the end of Star Wars VI?!?!
  34. Oscar nominations
  35. Top 5 Directors?
  36. Stardust on DVD
  37. Top 10 Comedies
  38. No Country For Old Men...WHAT THE ?? (SPOILER)
  39. James Bond 22 is called...
  40. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark PIC
  41. Dark Knight Prologue (the one showed before I AM LEGEND)
  42. Big Ern vs. The Jesus Trailer
  43. The Fate of The Dark Knight?
  44. The Forbidden Kingdom teaser trailer
  45. There Will Be Blood
  46. Del Toro to direct The Hobbit - both of them
  47. New Photos and an Update on Punisher: War Zone
  48. Kinda cool Indie Batman Trailer
  49. The Nines
  50. The Dark Lego Knight lol...
  51. Has anyone else seen Ultimate Force? (Cro Cop Movie)
  52. Sure Superman IV sucked. I like it Anyway.
  53. Highlander: The Source
  54. Gone Baby Gone
  55. R Rated Trailer for Pineapple Express: Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow's new movie.
  56. Animated "Star Wars" in Theaters Aug 15
  57. Dennis Quaid Knows Which Characters Will Be in G.I. Joe (General Hawk)
  58. New Indiana Jones trailer
  59. Redbelt Trailer - New MMA film with Randy Couture
  60. Superman and Batman Been Cut from Justice League
  61. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe
  62. X-Men Origin Rumors_This is an awesome one
  63. Knight Rider 2008
  64. who would you cast in a thundercats movie?
  65. HellBoy II: The Golden Army (Trailer)
  66. Taylor Kitsch Will Play As Gambit In X-Men Origins - Wolverine
  67. trippiest movies you've ever seen
  68. What I really miss
  69. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (photos)
  70. Good Korean movies?
  71. 80's movies
  72. In The Valley of Elah
  73. Official Iron Man Theatrical Trailer
  74. Jamie Foxx may play Mike Tyson
  75. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly together again as STEPBROTHERS - Trailer
  76. Ray Stevenson Confirms a Rome Movie Is in the Works!
  77. worst movie you have ever seen
  78. Freddie Highmore Will Potray The Iconic Astro Boy
  79. Hilarious Trailer - Onion Movie
  80. Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth
  81. Watchmen pics online
  82. Vantage Point
  83. 2 Girls 1 Cup, The Motion Picture
  84. Bryan Singer Confirmed to Direct Superman: The Man of Steel
  85. Never Back Down!
  86. The Foot Fist Way trailer (bad ass new martial arts movie.)
  87. Red Belt Trailer
  88. The Incredible Hulk - Trailer
  89. Ledger's Joker Makes Dramatic Entrance
  90. Movie Recommendations
  91. Final Harry Potter Movie to be Split in Two
  92. Fight Club
  93. Indiana Jones 4 Trailer
  94. Street Fighter:Legend of Chun-Li Cast Confirmed
  95. First Official Photo of G.I. Joe's Snake Eyes
  96. Fist of Legend
  97. The Never Back Down Review Thread
  98. Jared Padalecki to Star in Friday the 13th Remake
  99. Ledger’s death fans mania for ‘Dark Knight’
  100. ‘X-Files’ creator spills details about film
  101. McKellen hopes for role in "Hobbit"
  102. Kevin Spacey Signed for Superman 2: The Man of Steel
  103. 2 Big pieces of news from Spidey 4 and the new Hulk movie
  104. Zombie Strippers- the movie
  105. Brendan Fraser Gung-Ho For G.I. Joe And The Rock To Get Shipwrecked?
  106. New Hellboy Trailer/Shows Bug Baby 2
  107. R. Stevenson: Punisher: War Zone, not Punisher Two or Three. It's Punisher: War Zone.
  108. Never Back Down (movie)
  109. Anime Fans?
  110. Uwe Boll:"Im the only genius in this F*cking business"
  111. Joker scenes being removed from Dark Knight movie!
  112. Mickey Rourke in "The Wrestler"
  113. Over Rated Actors
  114. The Incredible Hulk Movie Posters
  115. Over Rated Movies
  116. GI Joe Movie Cast pics..
  117. Old Movie: Solar Babies
  118. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan in Drug War Doc
  119. Gallowwalker
  120. nice movie site
  121. Leaked Dark Knight Trailer (Watch it Now)
  122. McGregor & Hanks join for 'Da Vinci' prequel
  123. Iron Man is awesome!!
  124. Redbelt
  125. Gentlemen, I give you: Two - Face!!!
  126. How much do you think Red Belt will take in at the box office this weekend? poll
  127. Star Wars "Clone Wars" Trailer
  128. Will Narnia dethrone IronMan this weekend?
  129. The Strangers
  130. Your Favorite Movie Theme Songs
  131. Indiana Jones on the web already
  132. What movie/s are you most excited for this year?
  133. Metal Gear Solid Fans: Who to play Snake?
  134. best comic book to movie adaptation?
  135. The Joker will kill you! New Dark Knight Poster.
  136. Indiana Jones
  137. Great scenes
  138. who would you cast in an avengers movie?
  139. Hancock Trailer
  140. live action He-man script review, OMFG!
  141. The X-Files: I want to Believe (Trailer)
  142. The Incredible Hulk
  143. The Happening
  144. Punisher 2 WarZone trailer
  145. Upcoming Movie trailer Thread NSFW
  146. Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
  147. Hulk Smashes the Competition
  148. Ong Bak 2?
  149. Get Smart **Spoilers**
  150. WALL e
  151. First Dark Knight Review (Spoilerish)
  152. Wanted
  153. The Dark Knight is already selling out, buy your tickets now
  154. Hancock
  155. Hellboy II
  156. James Bond- Quatum of Solace
  157. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder
  158. Your Top 10 Favorite Movies Of All Time
  159. Tekken Movie Coming Soon Starring...
  160. 3 New Punisher: War Zone Movie Posters
  161. Sin City 2?? What's with the delay??
  162. Max Payne Movie Teaser
  163. Death Race Remake
  164. How big will the Dark Knight be
  165. Redbelt
  166. The Mummy III biting the second Tomb Raider Video Game?
  167. The Dark Knight Has Already Set One Record
  168. Christian Bale plays John Connar in new Terminator movie?
  169. Darren Aronofsky rumored to direct ROBOCOP...SEQUEL
  170. Will Ferrell to Star as 2-Face
  171. The Dark Knight **Spoilers**
  172. Watchmen Trailer
  173. The Crow (Brandon Lee) vs. The Joker (Heath Ledger)
  174. Better Joker Nicholson or Ledger???
  175. The Dark Knight Box Office Tracker
  176. Eddie Murphy's best Movie - Settle an Argument....
  177. The Cast of Tekken Movie
  178. Step Brothers
  179. New Batman Film Villain?
  180. Is It Just Me Or Is Will Ferrell Not Funny Anymore?
  181. New X-Files Movie?
  182. Death Race
  183. Saw V Teaser Trailer
  184. New Superman Movie Suggestions
  185. TR2N Sneek Peek
  186. Which Superhero movies do you like best?
  187. Dark Knight: Discussion About Two-Face SPOILERS
  188. Indy/Transformers Star Shia Lebeouf Injured/Arrested For DUI, TF2 Production Delayed
  189. Wolverine Origins Trailer leaked! Hurry before it's gone!
  190. Oliver Stone's "W" Teaser
  191. Wonder Woman trailer leak from S.D.C.C.
  192. 8 New Watchmen Posters from Comic-Con
  193. randy couture in new Scorpion king trailer
  194. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer
  195. anybody watch Lost boys the tribe?
  196. Rumor: Johnny Depp to play the Mad Hatter
  197. Angelina Jolie Wants to Play Catwoman
  198. 007: Quantum of Solace - Theatrical Trailer
  199. The Scorpion King 2 Rise Of A Warrior Trailer Featuring Randy Couture
  200. Possible Venom movie in the works.
  201. Dark Knight Clarification Questions
  202. 4th Austin Powers Movie In The Works
  203. Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Reviews
  204. Friday the 13th remake!
  205. Band of Brothers
  206. Watchmen Discussion With Comic Spoilers
  207. So Who's Seeing Pineapple Express?
  208. Martial Art movies
  209. X-Files TV Show & Movies (No Spoilers Please)
  210. Robert De Niro & Mel Gibson Set To Star In Cop Thriller "Edge of Darkness"
  211. Goonies Sequel In The Works, Picking Up Steam
  212. Batman 3 rumors
  213. Pineapple Express
  214. Tropic Thunder Gets E! True Hollywood Story On A&E
  215. Kevin Smith Wins Appeal, "Zach & Miri Make A Porno" Gets R Rating Instead of NC-17
  216. Unused Dark Knight "Joker" Concept Art
  217. 2 Different Iron Man DVD Versions Release
  218. Possible Superbad/Pineapple Express Crossover Movie Being Proposed
  219. New X-Files Movie
  220. Top 5 worst movies ever
  221. Top 5 Favorite movies.
  222. The Goblin Man of Norway
  223. The "Don't You Die on Me!" Speech...
  224. Tropic Thunder Boycott Looming
  225. Guess Who's Rumored To Be Playing Freddy Kreuger In Nightmare on Elm Street Remake?
  226. Several Dark Knight DVD Versions Planned, Rumored Possible Release Dates
  227. Punisher: War Zone Trimmed Down To PG-13
  228. Next 'Harry Potter' flick moves to summer 2009
  229. Fan art for the next Batman movie - Updated with More Art 8-22
  230. LOL Brian Austin Green Wants to Be the Riddler
  231. Scorpion King 2
  232. Punisher Warzone red band trailer
  233. Tropic Thunder
  234. Sign Watchmen Petition
  235. Tropic Thunder!!!!!
  236. Watchmen fans: Horrible News! Lawsuits Filed! Delay in Release Possible/Probable
  237. A poster that gets you thinking (Dark Knight)
  238. The Dark Knight Interrogation spoof
  239. Dissention On The Set of Wolverine: Origins
  240. Transporter 3 Poster and News
  241. Jon Favreau Announces Iron Man 2 Production Has Began
  242. Death Race Reviews
  243. Finally a good Resident Evil Film
  244. Warners Starting Over With Superman
  245. Tom Welling as Superman in JLA
  246. Robert Downey Jr. disses Dark Knight
  247. Horror Movies
  248. Fast and the Furious trailer
  249. Prison Break Season 4, 9/1/2008
  250. Gremlins got in to my DVD Player!!