View Full Version : Season 5 Felling about the Fighters.

06-15-2007, 08:55 PM
Manny= Makes up for his size with super strength and Heart. Hopefully he drops Wt classes and goes to WEC so he can contend with Fraber.

Diaz= Future of the light Wt divison

Matt= Decent fighter but didnt show me shit. Thought he would do better.

Emerson= If he puts it together could be good. Fucker belongs on Real World thou.

Noah= Makes bank fighting Sims on a K1 show. Then falls of the face of the earth.

Sims=Makes bank fighting Noah but shows people he's and allright fighter.

Cole= Still young chance to be very good.

Gabe= Be the next Jerry for subway

Geraghty= Talks to fucken much. I hope he gets beat down next time he fights.

Melendez= Could be very good. Just seems lazy

Wang= Dumb Shit

Hill= Raw talent. Reminds me of Kendell. Sky's the limt for him. Should go to the doctor because 6'4 155 is not fucken normal.

Weems= Sucks

Alan= Future is staring on the Food Network

Lauzon= Future of the light wt Div.

Gray= Be the Next Koscheck. Future of the Light wt Div also.

06-23-2007, 11:10 AM
Lauzon is DEF the future of LW divison