View Full Version : Rick Ankiel

08-10-2007, 06:36 PM
Alot of you guys could probably give 2 shits about this but to me it's kinda amazing. This guy was the top rated pitching prospect in baseball 8 years ago, then he lost it, he couldn't hit the strike zone and at one point threw nine wild pitches in a game.

Fast forward 8 years later he's playing center field in AAA and has 32 homeruns on the season. He gets called up because Scott Spezio is having drug addiction problems and in his first game as an outfielder hits a 3 run blast.

Just to make the transition from pitcher to position player is difficult, but this guy is doing it at the highest level. This is a pretty neat comeback story at a time when there is so much negative going on in all the major sporting leagues.