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08-30-2007, 08:03 PM
I like to do whole body circuit training workouts. I feel I get the greatest benefit for my time. At my kickboxing/grappling class we always start the day with a half hour of circuit training. For example last night it was..

1)Snatch squats (do a snatch, then squat when it is at the top part)
2)body weight squats/squat jumps
4)Crunches or whatever stomach workout you wanted to do
5)I dont no the name of this but it was... Start standing, bend down so your hadns touch the ground. Walk your hands down until you are in the pushup position do two pushups walk back up. Repeat

Each area for one minutes. Do the circuit 3 times. We have been doign this for three weeks now but its always slightly different. Soemtimes we do box jumps, sometimes we to squat thrusts...

Now, I would like to put somethign similar into my regular work but I dont really no where to start. I don't want it to be as cardio based. Basically I want a total body workout in a single session. Does anyone know any good total body workouts? Circuit training? I would be okay with seperating it into two differnt workouts as well.


08-30-2007, 09:43 PM
Check out some of these links for some good ciruits, also I would keep strength and circuits atleast somewhat seperate. For example do your main strength training then a circuit or do them on different days. For example Ross Enamaits II book goes like this (it's 4 days on 1 off):
*Circuit (technically a challenge but same concept)
*HIIT (Sprints)
*Strength Training (Alternate weekly from Max effort to dynamic effort)
*GPP to work lactic acid back out
*Rest day

But try some of these circuits: