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09-10-2007, 08:32 PM
Charles Gym MMA Training Article

MMA Strength: Using the Posterior Chain to Build Explosive Strength (http://charlesgym.blogspot.com/2007/09/mma-strength-using-posterior-chain-to.html)

"There's an adage that says, "A strong man is strong on the back of his body." This is very relevant and true for MMA fighters. You must develop super-strong muscles that run from the base of your skull down to your Achilles tendons. Some of the most important muscles in this range are your hip extensors and back extensors. These muscles, along with a handful of others, collectively form the posterior chain (PC).

Why is the PC important for MMA fighters? Because the PC assists explosive movements involved in locomotion. If you've ever seen a guy shoot forward to drive his shoulder into his opponent's abdomen for a takedown, that's the PC at work.

Furthermore, a strong PC will help you lift and throw a fighter, and it'll help you resist being pulled down to the ground. There are many effective exercises that improve the strength of your PC.

... To read the rest, follow the link below. Included is a video with proper deadlift technique.


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