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09-14-2007, 07:15 PM
Chiefs former holdout, RB Larry Johnson seems to still be mad at the orginiaztion. There is a report, w/ audio, that Johnson has come out with a rap song that allegedly includes such lyrics such as He[Priest Holmes?] is embarrassing himself, and "Fuck Carl Peterson..."(the GM that gave him his big new contract). I'm not sure when this was supposedly recorded, but I'm pretty sure all this went down this morning. L.J. is denying it is him rapping, even though it sounds like his voice, and he has a history w/ the group.

Here is a transcript:

Credit - Deadspin.com

"Can I come back? Can I come back? And if ya'll don't pay my money I ain't never comin' back. So fuck dat. They say should I be scared cuz Pri-Ho (presumably Priest Holmes) coming back, he embarrassing himself. So I'm a say it, I'm a leave it like that. Cuz I'm the n____ runnin this mutherfucker here.

Fuck Carl Peterson, the GM is running it. They see me. They want to treat me like I'm running it. I wouldn't give a fuck if I'm not coming back. I'd rather play for another team because I'd rather be a running back."
I don't have sound on my computer at work, but I think this is the audio:

Credit - Myspace.com (audio)

Also - 100percentinjuryrate.blogspot.com

This is better than when Dick Vermeil told L.J. to take his diapers off.
Always good shit involving Larry Johnson.