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09-19-2007, 04:25 AM
Ithought this was interresting
Wanderlei Silva got in touch with the Wand (Wanderleiīs brand name) office in Curitiba and gave an exclusive interview to the site. He talks about his routine, what he is doing in the USA, his new team and about friendship. Wanderlei says: ďShogum is a good guy; I donít want to spoil my friendship with him or anyone elseĒ

I never trained with this guy (Forrest Griffin) and what has been said about it is but a lieĒ. And he apologizes to fans and friends for not being able to give them more attention.

Site: What is your routine like in the US?
Wanderlei: At this initial stage Iím training the physical aspect above all. On Friday (Sept. 14) Iím heading to Las Vegas where Iíll be going to train the technical aspects and get more into the fight itself. Besides, Iím spending more time with my family, especially with my son. Iíd been in a rush before and didnít have much time to be with them and that was one of the reasons why I came to the US. I believe my move was for better because Iíve been training a lot, Iíve been more focused on the trainings. Iím beginning to train even harder from next week on aiming at the victory that is what I want the most at this moment. It is a very important fight and I want to experience winning again.

Site: What is the formation of your team like?
Wanderlei: As to boxe Iím relying on the assistance of Professor Ulisses Pereira. I have already worked with him before in other opportunities and Iíve learned to appreciate his style, heís a good coach. Iíve already talked to him and heís arriving here within the next 10 days. During the time I have available for training heíll be able to improve my boxe technique. As to jiu jitsu Iíve also contacted a big name to help me with ground training but Iím not releasing his name as yet. I need confirmation. Just wait for this on the coming days. Theyíre going to be two good acquisitions for the team.

Site: Any bet for the Shogumīs fight at UFC 76?
Wanderlei: Itís going to be a very good fight. Shogum is my friend; he said he was upset with me but Iíve already talked to him. I called him and explained that I had not trained with the guy heís fighting with, it wasnít true. I saw the guy (Forrest Griffin, Shogumīs opponent on Sept 22) at the gym but I didnít train with him and would never do so Ė neither with him nor with anyone at Chute Boxe. I have warm feelings for all. I called and talked to him (Shogum), he understood it perfectly. Heís a good guy; I donít want to spoil my friendship either with him or with anyone else. In what it depends on me our friendship will always prevail.

Site: A message to your fans in Brazil
Wanderlei: Iím making a channel available for communication with my fans because here I canít even manage to watch TV, I can only see the videos on You Tube, and I find the videos sent by the guys so interesting. Really cool! The guys willing to make direct contact with me will be able to send a message and interact through the blog within the site. Iíll be answering as much as possible. Now Iíve got internet at home and this will allow for an easier interactivity. For all of those cheering for me, know that I need your support more than ever. Iíve been receiving a lot of warm manifestations. Americans seem to enjoy my work, my style. Iíve got a lot of fans here. I miss my folks in Brazil a lot Ė the events, the attention of the guys, I love my country. I hope to be back soon to see everyone again. I wish to send a special kiss to my dad, my mom, my brother, my sister-in-law, everyone, the Wand Fight Co. team working hard for us selling the brand name all over the world. Iíd like to tell them that they are very competent and that they are doing an excellent job. May God allow me to bring joy to everyone. Iím working hard and giving my best. A big hug to everyone.

09-19-2007, 04:32 AM
Cool. nice post

09-19-2007, 04:32 AM
I assume Wanderlei will train with Forrest after UFC 76.

09-19-2007, 05:09 AM
Sounds like the beef w/ Shogun is squashed.

09-19-2007, 06:34 AM
I assume Wanderlei will train with Forrest after UFC 76.

that is what i was thinkin, forrest would be a great training partner for want alone with all those other guys, but wait until he fights shogun, and then train with him.