View Full Version : Barry Bonds 756 Ball to be branded with asterisk!!!

Noise Chopped
09-20-2007, 06:05 AM
...Or shot into motherfucking space! Or sent to Cooperstown unharmed, hoo hoo! This...Is fucking hilarious. And great, and sheer genius. Marc Ecko, the clothing guy, bought the ball for a cool 750+ grand. He would have spent that much on marketing for his clothes ANYWAY, so why not do it in spectacular fashion? By allowing people, the public, to vote on what he should do with the 756th home run ball by Barry.

I never cared much either way. What I DO hate is how all those old farts pretend their era of baseball was so clean. Like sports will, "Never be like it use to." Uh...Yea. The good ol' days when minorities weren't allowed to play, and the mafia had a hand in gambling. But anyway, THIS move by Ecko is awesome. I wish we could oust Presidents and politicians in this same way.


I voted for shooting that shit into outer space. Just because it's sounds like such a historic thing to do...NASA getting involved and shit, hahah.