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Im new at this site and Im a huge Penn youll notice that and this is why.
Bj coming from my Homeland Hawaii is what got me into MMA He has always been big in Hawaii you do anything big in Hawaii everybody knows we knew about him before UFC. His UFC 32 debuet against Din Thomas was a big event in Hawaii you dont see anybody represent his state like Penn. His walkout song is by a Hawaiian music ledgen my cousin Israel Kamakawiwo'oli and I saw him fight Gomi at Rumble on the Rock 4. So ofcourse thats why I am a huge Penn fan watch the highlight videos above its AWESOME!!


Down below is Bj representing His and my homeland I get the biggest pre fight chills when I see him enter the octagon you guys no what im talking about when you see you favorite fighter enter the octogon its a awesome felling and what makes MMA so exciting.


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lol jk, welcome to the board. If you ahve any questions check the FAQ/Rules announcement or message one of us.

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bj is awsome man he fights anyone at anytime at any waight.he might end up being the best mma fighter of all time

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You can't fuck with the "Prodigy"!When he wants to win he's unstoppable!Just watch him destroy Renzo and Rodrigo Gracie at MW,the man is a rubberband and I predict he'll hold the LW & WW titles simultaniously real soon!

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welcome to the boards

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There are no highlights of Fedor in here...............

j/k, welcome

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Holy shit, Uno looks mashed in your sig, Kea.