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10-03-2007, 10:10 PM
I dont know if this was posted already cause im a noob but this fight really pissed me off cause i dont know what fight the judges was watching only one judge scored it 27-30 Hamill so i guess hes the only one paying attention

Total Strikes Thrown: Hamill 164 Bisping 181

Total Strikes Landed: Hamill 64 Bisping 42

Pct: Hamill 39% Bisping 23%

Arm Strikes: Hamill 52/143 Bisping 28/157

Leg Strikes: Hamill 1/1 Bisping 13/16

Ground Strikes: Hamill 11/20 Bisping 1/8

Takedowns/Sub. Att: Hamill 6/0 Bisping 0/0

Inside the Numbers: Hamill landed 34 of 86 standing arm strikes in round one to 12 of 67 for Bisping. Hamill had a 28-21 edge in total strikes landed in rounds two and three. Hamill threw 57 standing arm strikes in rounds two and three combined. Bisping threw 90 standing arm strikes in rounds two and three. Hamill recorded six takedowns in three rounds.

I'd really like to see people try to defend the decision with these numbers out. Keep in mind Bisping was backing up the entire fight, and that he was dropped by Hamill. Agression, "Octagon Control" and all that stuff should have gone to Hamill as well.


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.LOL man that just sums it up right there

10-04-2007, 01:32 AM
Sounds like Bizzy should've won

10-04-2007, 03:28 AM
I was f***ing steamed when I heard the decision a week & a 1/2 ago & I was just about over it now since there's probably gonna B a rematch,but after seeing these stats from the fight ,I'm f***ing overheated again.What a bunch a bull****!!!!!! The 2 judges that scored it 4 Bisping should B fired or @ least suspended & then fined $$$$$ some outrageous amount!!!!WTF!!:angrrry: