View Full Version : March UFC Supershow? (Just Opinion)

10-12-2007, 08:00 AM
The way things are shaping up (Fedor not signing, Couture retiring again, LW title situation) and depending on how the UFC handles these issues, it could actually work out in the UFC's favor. Now with the HW and LW titles vacant, one could presume that there is going to be some sort of mini tourney to decide champions for each division. The HW title eliminators are pretty well set up with Kongo/Nog and Sylvia/Vera. The winners of those two contests would be ready to fight by March. The LW would be a bit tougher but with several fights planned in Nov/Dec, you could use those as the title eliminators, which would set up the title fight in March.

Also, if I remember correctly, the current LHW champ Rampage Jackson is planning on taking time off and would not be fighting until at the earliest March. With the recent shakeup in the LHW division after the Jardine and Griffin upsets, a match could be set up for the end of the year with the winner getting a shot in March.

That would mean for the first time ever that three of the UFC titles would be on the line on the same card, two of the divisions arguably the deepest in the UFC. And if that wasn't enough, Tito has said he would like to fight in early 08. Like him or not, he is still a huge draw and throwing his name on a mega card like this would be great as well.

And if you want to get really crazy, with the MW title being defended this month and typically defended every 4-5 UFC PPVs, you could make an argument that this title fight could take place in March. That would be an unprecedented 4 title fights on one card.