View Full Version : Toney vs Klitschko?

Luis Cruz
05-30-2006, 01:30 AM
Don't know if any of you guys read this but they are working on signing James Toney vs Wladimir Klitschko for November 11th. If that falls through, Klitschko might take on Calvin Brock. I'm thinking the Toney fight will happen. If that's the case i think Wlad will be too big and his jab will be too much for Toney to deal with at this point. Rahman controlled him well when he used a jab and you're talking about a longer and more powerful jab from Wlad plus that big right hand behind it. Toney isn't all that mobile anymore and usually just stands there and takes a lot of shots. This would be a BIG problem in this fight and if he did that i could see Wlad stopping the man that's never been stopped. If not i don't think Toney will pressure Wlad enough to tire him which is the only way i see him winning this fight. So i would still pick Wlad by unanimous decision even if he couldn't finish Toney. If it's Brock, i see Wlad taking him out about the same time he took Byrd out. Brock is too small and would get manhandled imo.

Matt Boone
05-30-2006, 03:05 AM
With the ease in which Klitschko handled Byrd, who has a similar curled up and defensive driven elusive style I think a fight with Toney would be somewhat similar. I don't know if he'd KO Toney, but he'd likely win without much trouble (if any). I'd still love to see it though, to further establish Klistchko as the man. The Heavyweight division in boxing is almost as bad as the Heavyweight division in the UFC :-/

05-30-2006, 04:03 AM
wow Toney still boxes?

as for the Byrd comment, Byrd was too small to beat Klitschko

Byrd is 6'0 with a 74 inch reach vs Klitch who is 6'6 with an 81 inch reach... Klitch wins that every time as he proved by beating Byrd twice but if you ask me Byrd was the better champion, who showed more heart then him at the HW division in the new millenium? no one IMO. Byrd is a boxer, a boxer who was too small to beat Klitch.

so in that case Klitch does KO Toney, why? cuz Toney is at a worst reach advantage.. 5'9! 76 inch reach.. Klitch will dominate him

now im not tryna say that the fighter with the higher reach will win the fight all the time cuz Klitch lost to guys with less reach then him, im just considering that Toney is 37 years old and isnt gonna be able to beat a still fresh Klitch especially when hes gonna struggle to land punches, then cardio its gonna take its toll and Klitch will get the KO.

Matt Boone
05-30-2006, 04:38 AM
Yeah but it's hard to knock out Toney, I don't see Klitschko doing it. But yeah your size and style breakdown is what I was talking about with the Byrd comparison.

05-30-2006, 05:36 AM
toney is much more elusive then byrd was in the last fight with wlad and he doesnt get KOed so i think the fight will go the distance just like all toneys fights at hw. if toney gets in shape like we always say he is to skilled for anyone in the hw division and we all know wlads conditioning is suspect. if toney comes in like he should then he outboxes wlad and wins a decision with wlad winning the first few rounds with the jab but then tiring out. if toney doesnt come in in shape wlad stands on the outside and wins the fight with the jab.