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01-05-2008, 01:22 AM
This may be a waste of time, because hockey doesn't get a lot of love in here at the best of times, and I would imagine there is probably much less interest in the World Juniors.....but oh well, here goes anyways.......

Canada beat the U.S today 4-1, for the right to play in their 7th consecutive gold medal game, and a chance to win their 4th gold medal in a row. The last time anyone was able to win 4 straight gold medals, was Canada, when they won 5 straight from '93-'97.
This will also be the 10th consecutive year that Team Canada walks away with a medal......this record is untouched by any team.

So anyways....The WJHC are a huge deal here in Canada....go Canada, and kick Sweden's ass tomorrow!!!!

01-06-2008, 02:05 AM
As a Canadian I gotta say... fuck yea! I love the Juniors it's my favorite hockey to watch excluding the olympics ( yes that includes the Cup Playoffs). I'm just pissed that because of my work schedule and lack of cable I got to see a whopping total of 3 minutes of it. Oh and just to update this topic Canada did infact take the gold.

01-06-2008, 04:29 AM
Great game...Canada was on their heels for most of the third...but came back nicely in O/T!!!!
4 straight gold medals for Canada.........wooohoooo!!!!!!!