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Matt Boone
06-01-2006, 09:28 PM
Ring magazine top 10 (updated 5/29)

2. HASIM RAHMAN 41-5-2 (33)
3. JAMES TONEY 69-4-3 (43)
5. LAMON BREWSTER 33-3 (29)
6. JOHN RUIZ 41-6-1 (28)
7. CHRIS BYRD 39-3-1 (20)
8. CALVIN BROCK 28-0 (22)
9. SAMUEL PETER 26-1 (22)
10. NICOLAY VALUEV 43-0 (31)

We'll say for the sake of argument that we all agree Klitschko is the best at Heavyweight right now.

My question to you guys, who is the best up and comer in boxing? And by that I don't mean new guy like just Brock, Peter, or the Russian's. Who under Klitschko is the best fighter at Heavyweight, and/or (depending on if you think it's the same person or not) who do you think has the best chance of beating him right now?

And finally, in case it's also a different set of fighters, what is the best fight that can be made in the Heavyweight division right now?

Luis Cruz
06-01-2006, 10:50 PM
I still believe Samuel Peter can own the division with relative ease. His problems are, he needs to work on his cardio to be able to go 12 rounds strong. He needs to work on his defense and not be so offensive when he's getting atacked or when he gets caught. And the BIG thing he needed was a new trainer, which he has done. He didn't drop his old people he just got some other help to join them in Jesse Reid who is a world renounce trainer. With Jesse i'm sure his defense will improve dramtically and his cardio so my prediction remains as it was last year, Peter will reign supreme on this division. Klitschko got lucky surviving their first encounter after being dropped a few times but if they meet again it will be a whole different ballgame and a new Peter. brock is too small to beat some of these guys even though he beat McCline. He was almost ko'd in that fight. Brewster can remain consistant enough to be on top. Rahman doesn't have the all around skill, Toney is getting too old, and the rest don't need explaination i don't think.

06-01-2006, 10:59 PM
i still think brewster is the guy who is the king of the division in a couple years. after he recovers from that freak eye injury. i like peter to and i hope he continues to improve aswell because those two guys are the most exciting guys in the division right now at least. the good thing about when those two guys fight is that no matter who their up against in the hw division they can end it with one punch.

Matt Boone
06-01-2006, 11:14 PM
I've never understood all the Brewster comotion. He was getting his butt pulverized by Klitschko and was one of the guys who was able to beat a tired and out of it Klitschko. Beating Golota doesn't mean much either, epsecially the Golota post-2000, I guess the fashion in which he did it was impressive, but still outside of that stuff what has he even done?

I was originally expecting a lot from Brock but the McCline fight and whatever his last fight was with the huge KO, prior to it he looked horrible and he wasn't fighting someone all that good. So I'm pretty much off the Brock bandwagon and am just waiting for someone to expose him.

Rahman I believe has all the skills needed. I just explained my opinions on Brewster/Brock, I agree the age and size stuff for Toney, Byrd is too small to beat the top guys in the division anymore. Ruiz needs no explanation. I haven't seen any of the Russian guys yet cept Klitschko obviously.

I'll have to go with Rahman or Peter as well. I'm not completely convinced on Peter but that's just that doubt people have ever since the days of bulldozers dieing down once they can't overwhelm people anymore. Foreman, Tyson, Tua, whoever you want to use as the example. It's unfair I know, but that's just the impression I get about Peter.

06-07-2006, 12:14 AM
I think Serguei Lyakhovich has most potential. Talent-wise he has showed good beard and power, decent speed and he has some boxing skill as well.

Other arguments would be that he has excelent trainer that has brought him up, not joined with after succes like in most cases. He has hearth and wits about him(taking knee vs Brewster was very game) and he's motivated - he came to US with borrowed $100 and managed to make it this far. He's also married so hopefully his wify won't let him waste his talent by parting to much, hehe :D

All in all I see him only geting better with time, in 3-4 fights he might be ready to take on Wlad.

As for best fights I would love to see these:

Wlad/Rahman/Serguei vs each other
Tua vs Peter
I love watching Toney but I doubt we'll see him in decent shape again, he's just to fat to be active enough now :-/

Matt Boone
06-07-2006, 01:02 AM
See yah I haven't seen that guy or Valuev fight yet so I can't comment about them.

I hope someone turns out to be the real deal. Klitschko seems to be, but shit there's always that doubt about him. Hopefully someone comes along better than him, a more clear cut best in the division.

06-10-2006, 07:14 PM
I saw sergei on showtime and he will be the real deal. I think if samuel peter gets his shit straight he will be the next to unify the belts. There are too many match up problems for everyone else. right now Klitschko is the man to beat but he is one lefty where he can't see the punch coming from being dethroned. I think he easily beats rahman, toney and brewster if they fight again. He seems to be in much better shape this go around. I don't see himtaking another fight with peter unless it is forced on him.