View Full Version : Barrera vs Juarez...Anyone else watching this?

Luis Cruz
09-17-2006, 05:31 AM
Well so far this card has been as good as i expected. I picked all underdogs to win tonight and they all have lost but not dominated.

First Paez Jr. got a gift decision in his 4 round fight which clearly should've been a draw.


1- Clearly a Campos round 10-9
2- Clearly a Paez round with knockdown 10-8
3- Clearly a Paez round 10-9
4- Clearly a Campos round with knockdown 10-8

Should've been 37-37. One judge had it that other two had it 38-36 for Paez, clearly for his name. I really hate boxing judges.

Second fight Barrios got handled by Guzman who came up in weight but Barrios went out like the warrior he is. Barrios lost a split decision but it should've been unanimous for Guzman. Barrios came on late in the fight but it was too late. I picked Barrios to win because i thought he'd be too strong especially being that he couldn't and didn't make weight. But Guzman shocked me, i knew he could box like one of the best in the world but i never thought he'd be THAT strong, he impressed the hell out of me.

Third fight Israel Vasquez was getting schooled by Jhonny Gonzales for about the first 6 rounds getting dropped twice in the process. Then he came back and caught Gonzales and rocked and dropped him. Then Gonzales came back the next round and outboxed him. Then in the 10th Gonzales got caught again and dropped, he stayed down for the 8 count and got up looking ok. He was getting hit hard and busted up but largely winning the fight even outboxing Vasquez in the 10th until he got caught. After he got up his corner was already waving the towel to end a fight in which he had 1 minute left in the round and two until he could've took a decision and the title. It was his NEW trainer Suarez who he just hired for this fight that did it even though Gonzales' dad was telling him not to stop it. Complete bullshit. I had Gonzales in that fight just because i thought he'd outbox the slugger in Vasquez. It was a great fight though. It reminded me of Margarito vs Cintron for the first 6 rounds with Gonzales playing Margarito.

So, so far the guys i picked either got robbed or put up a hell of an effort so they weren't really bad picks. Now Barrera and Juarez is on and i actually got money on Juarez to win this one but i got nervous after seeing Barrera at the weighins and looking in the shape he was when he was 22 and he's 32. And so far through two rounds Barrera is outboxing him just like the first fight, hopefully Juarez picks it up and comes back earlier than he did in the first fight. I put a lot of hope in that Barrera has been looking older as of late in his fights and seems to have slowed down a bit and slows down towards the later rounds while Juarez is still young and very hungry, so we'll see. I'm very nervous right now because it's not looking good for Juarez. Oh also, Barrera's gloves look like they're taped illegal for more power. He has tape almost all the way to the knuckles of the gloves which cause more power and the commissions didn't say anything? Does Oscar have some people in his pocket? Hmmmm....

Luis Cruz
09-17-2006, 06:40 AM
Well there's goes my dough! Although the commentators were pissing me off more than usual tonight. They were praising EVERYTHING Barrera did even when he was CLEARLY running they called it ring generalship. He did have it but they were off cue when they mentioned it. And Harold with his 118-110 scorecard got quite a chuckle out of me. I had it 116-112 for Barrera. Their cheerleading was really on tonight and it was very frustrating because they were louder than usual also almost like they were told "Hey make sure you guys really sell Barrera tonight so everyone at home thinks he is completely dominating." After round 6 i believe it was, Barrera's corner told him he needed to throw more and he responded with some shit like "i'm winning on points i'm ok." That right there told me he was there to just get a win anyway he could, the Barrera i know and respect is a warrior and fights to the final bell no matter what's currently happening plus he wouldn't talk shit AFTER the fight is over like he did tonight after the final bell rang. I lost respect for him tonight but he's still a great fighter. He should be up to face Pac next if Pac gets by Morales again this next fight. They fired every excuse in the book after this fight as to why Barrera lost to Pac from personal problems to him having the worst week of his life right before that fight. We'll see in the rematch i guess. I'm hoping Erik beats Pac but if it does happen i don't know who i'll root for because i don't care for either fighter right now. Juan Manuel Marquez to me is the man right now, his draw with Pac was a great example of how a real champ handles adversity. He needs to fight these four guys and show the world who the real man is. (Morales, Barrera, Pac, and Juarez)

09-18-2006, 05:43 AM
Hey Luis remember the name of Joan Guzman... He'll shock a lot of people... GO LITTLE TYSON! ARRIBA LA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA!

Luis Cruz
09-18-2006, 11:00 AM
Hey Luis remember the name of Joan Guzman... He'll shock a lot of people... GO LITTLE TYSON! ARRIBA LA REPUBLICA DOMINICANA!

I've known Guzman. The only thing that shocked me about him was how he came up in weight and looked extremely strong and stronger than a guy that couldn't make the weight. He started to die out at the end though just a little. Everyone knows he's a great boxer/slugger already. He could make for some great matchups in that weight.