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03-30-2008, 01:30 AM
Editor Michael Mazur caught up with Peter Aerts right after the seminar Fedor held in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Three time K-1 World Grand Prix and Muay Thai World Champion shared his thoughts about his future plans, injury healing process, possibility of another fight under MMA rules, Melvin Manhoef and beer

Michael Mazur: Mister Aerts how are you doing?
Peter Aerts: Iím doing fine, thanks for asking.

Michael: Why do you think striking sport is so popular here in the Netherlands?
Peter Aerts: Striking? Because itís been here already for quite a long time. While MMA is relatively new here, pretty much every weekend we have a regular K-1-like Gala here. So we are used to it. But in few years MMA will be popular as well I believe.

Michael: But does stand-up fighting grow here? Does it have any more prospects?
Peter Aerts: Well, itís on the same level. We fought in K-1 a long time ago.

Michael: How popular are you in the Netherlands? Do people recognize you asking for an autograph or a photo with you?
Peter Aerts: Iím getting much more popular now as television (SBS) broadcasts K-1 shows. K-1 itself is getting more popular here.

Michael: Do you watch MMA on regular basis? Any special promotions?
Peter Aerts: Noo, not too much. Before there was Pride and I liked watching it. You know Iíve been many times in Japan. But you donít see too much MMA on TV in the Netherlands. Itís a shame I think.

Michael: Do you believe it will change in the future?
Peter Aerts: I think it will. Right now the media is too rough. For them itís too brutal because they donít know. For them itís like real fighting with no rules.

Michael: Do you have a favorite movie?
Peter Aerts: I like Al Pacino, Robert de NiroÖ

Michael: Mafia action?
Peter Aerts: Yeah, GodfatherÖI donít have much time for it though.

Michael: Do you plan to star in a movie? Have you got any offers?
Peter Aerts: I got 2 offers but I didnít accept it. Iím too busy fighting now.

Michael: So maybe few years laterÖ.
Peter Aerts: Yeah, if itís a good offer, for me fighting is the most important. So it has to be a good financial offer or something significant to get my attention.

Michael: Youíve been to Saint Petersburg on April, 14 last yearÖWhat memories have you carris out of there?
Peter Aerts: Yeah, that was nice. Sitting close to Putin, you know. Itís a big thing. Heís one of the biggest guys in the world. I liked the environment there. And then the party on the boat of Vadim (Finkelstein). I definitely enjoyed being there.

Michael: OK. What are your plans for this year? What do you intend to reach in K-1?
Peter Aerts: First of all I need to get rid of the knee injury.

Michael: And how is it going?
Peter Aerts: Well, I had an operation on the knee last December so now Iím recovering. In April I have my first fight since the injury. Weíll see how itíll go. I plan to fight 2-3 years more in K-1, thatís for sure.

Michael: But do you train full out now?
Peter Aerts: Boxing is no problem at all at the moment. But kicking I train only with reliable sparring partners who know what they do.

Michael: You try to watch that kneeÖ
Peter Aerts: Exactly. Normally itís not a problem but now I have to avoid any kind of complication.

Michael: Do you have your own academy here?
Peter Aerts: I train with my own team (Team Aerts) in Beverwijk. I intend to open my own school sometime in the future though.

Michael: Do you have feud with anyone in the sport?
Peter Aerts: No. For me itís sport. Inside the ring heís my enemy. But outside I have no enemies. For me itís a job, doing business.

Michael: There was a rumor of you fighting in an up-start Japanese organization under MMA ruesÖ
Peter Aerts: Not that I know. Actually the more important for me is K-1 and then MMA.

Michael: But you wouldnít refuse to come back to MMA since you have already had 2 fightsÖ
Peter Aerts: Yeah, I made a mistake back then fighting against a Judo guy and I jumped on him. Not too much experience in that field.

Michael: You got caught in submissionÖ
Peter Aerts: Yes. But when I keep the fight standing itís no problem at all. They canít touch me. Itís another experience. Now I know the fight doesnít have to go to the ground.

Michael: Your next fight is against Melvin Manhoef. How do you feel coming into this one? How will the fight go?
Peter Aerts: Heís small guy, much smaller than me but still heís very explosive. I believe under my rules Iím better than him. But you never know..Heís a strong puncher. You have to watch him. But I think I can beat him.

Michael: Is there any animosity between you and him?
Peter Aerts: No, I like this guy. Heís a nice guy. I have nothing against him.

Michael: So maybe afterwards you go drink beer together?
Peter Aerts: (laughs) Yeah, no problem. But I donít think he drinks. I do though.

Michael: Bedankt voor uw interview. Good luck in your next fight!
Peter Aerts: Alsjeblieft! Youíre welcome.

Source - M-1 Mixfight Exclusive Interview with Peter Aerts (http://www.m1mixfight.com/info/interviews/2008/3/14/exclusive-for-m1-mixfight-Peter-Aerts/)

I know, I am just banging em out today.

I wonder if Aerts watches the UFC at all, since he says he rarely watches MMA.

03-30-2008, 01:01 PM
Yeah i doubt he watches much, Peter is actually out of this fight with Manhoef due to injury, Bonjasky will fight him instead.

03-30-2008, 07:19 PM
Yeah i doubt he watches much, Peter is actually out of this fight with Manhoef due to injury, Bonjasky will fight him instead.

Oh, really? I didn't read that he was out, when did it happen?

03-30-2008, 08:13 PM
Bout a week ago I'd say.