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Matt Boone
06-04-2006, 08:18 AM
The following are quick match results from the K-1 Grand Prix in Seoul:

Super Fights:
-Hong Man Choi def. Semmy Schilt via Decision (2-1).
-Ray Sefo def. Ruslan Karaev via Knockout at 1:42 of Round 1.
-Peter Aerts def. Hiraku Hori via Knockout at 1:23 of Round 2.

Reserve Fights:
-Myeon-Ju Lee def. Kai Li via Knockout at 2:45 of Round 2.
-RIKIJYO def. Yong Soo Park via Knockout at 2:27 of Round 1.

Tournament Fights:
-Yosuke Fujimoto def. Dong Wook Kim via Decision (3-0). (Quarter Final)
-Mourad Bouzidi def. Mehdi Mirdavoudi via Decision (3-0). (Quarter Final)
-Tsuyoshi Nakasako def. Kaoklai Kaennorsing via Decision (3-0). (Quarter Final)
-Min Soo Kim def. Kyoung Suk Kim via Decision (3-0). (Quarter Final)
-Yosuke Fujimoto def. Tsuyoshi Nakasako via Decision (2-0). (Semi Final)
-Min Soo Kim def. Mourad Bouzidi via Decision (3-0). (Semi Final)
-Yosuke Fujimoto def. Min Soo Kim via Knockout at 0:23 of Round 2. (Final)

06-04-2006, 08:24 AM
hong basically dominated shilt which was a suprise but choi showed he has some skills and shilt is fucked with the new rules.

sefo KOed the shit out of Karaev again with a right hook

other then that the show was nothing to be excited about the gp was nothing. if fujimoto wins the fighters cant be very good. the only bad thing was kaoklai losing in the first round. he really need to turn it around if hes gonna stay in with the big boys of k1. this was set up for either kaoklai or fuji and koaklai lost so it was all fujis. they would love to have koaklai in the total elimination so will see but both shilt and choi will be in it and will see if they set them up with a rematch. shilt really has no hope with the new rules but will see.

LA Suxs
06-04-2006, 08:57 AM
i havent followed K1 much, wats this new rules that screwed Schilt?

06-04-2006, 09:03 AM
basically if you know mma rules no muay thai clintch. i forget the exacts but you can not hold behind the head and knee more then once per fight or you are deducted a point or something along those lines. it used to be you could at least get one knee per clintch but now you cant even do that. they say its to keep the fights moving but it has really hurt schilt. the made the rule right after he won the gp.

LA Suxs
06-04-2006, 09:26 AM
that sucks, its part of the muay thai striking. i get maybe if theyre being inactive, but how you put it it almost sounds like this is their way of preventing Schilt from winning again

06-04-2006, 09:32 AM
the new rules hurt a lot of fighters and i havent heard many people happy about it. the exact rules are; the fighters can clinch but once one knee is thrown the fighters are seperated. so basically it hurts all the tall fighers and the fighters skilled on their feet. schilt is hurt the most because he relies on the knee strike more then anyone but i really dont know why k-1 made this rule except maybe the japanese fighter wanted it.

LA Suxs
06-04-2006, 09:39 AM
yeah it sounds like an odd rule. i mean its not really much stalling done from there usually, and itd be a lot easier just seperating them if stalling. theres no need for eliminating the whole technique

06-04-2006, 09:43 AM
you pretty much got it. they could just as easily seperate for stalling then make this rule and it takes away a vital part of the last 2 k1 champ. schilt and remy. so really the thing that is most bafflng is that none of the real k1 fans or purist understand the rule. its pretty much bullshit according to most people.

Matt Boone
06-04-2006, 11:34 PM
Yeah some people jokingly refer to the new rules as the anti-Schilt rule as it seems the rule was put in place almost specifically to sort of "level the playing fields" as Schilt was very effective with that technique prior to them changing the rules on it.

06-06-2006, 09:14 PM
Didnt it used to be once per round and now its changed to once per fight?

06-06-2006, 09:17 PM
im pretty sure but what it used to be was that you could clinch and throw knees but once you stopped they were broken up to limit holding. now you get 1 knee per clinch and if its not thrown right away they are broken up. also i dont think you are allowed to hold behind the head and knee.

Matt Boone
06-06-2006, 09:17 PM
It's a stupid fucking rule however it's allowed. It's stand up fighting with knees, elbows, and kicks. Leave them the fuck alone and let them fight.

06-06-2006, 09:22 PM
thats the main point. thats why the k1 max is what to watch right now. those guys are much more exciting then the bigger k1 fighters and much more skilled aswell.

Matt Boone
06-07-2006, 05:16 AM
I've never seen a K-1 MAX show. Reccomend a few for me, I'll download them off a torrent site and check them out.

06-07-2006, 05:30 AM
look up K1 Max Super Fights 2006, its shows the max superfights from the begining of 2006 and its in english because it was on eurosport so thats good.

and then the K1 max final elimination on April 5. it has all their top fighters.

06-09-2006, 09:37 PM
you watch those MAX shows yet boone?

06-30-2006, 08:45 AM
last post was a long time ago, sorry. but the rule you were talking about was in effect when semmy won the WGP in 2005. I have the dvd. He got warned many times for holding for more than one strike but they seemed very giving on the rule. Maybe you mean they are eforcing it fully now? It is terrible though because that is the advantage of muay thai and me being a practitioner of muay thai it is very disappointing to see such a rule. I personally find the clinch exciting. the real thing is that that is semmy's game. he is tall and it is easy to bring up knees. He won they WGP with a knee in the clinch. To take his weapon away is rediculous. K1 is amazing, almost better than mma, but it is less of a sport now.:sadsmile1: :sadsmile1:

06-30-2006, 08:48 AM
look up K1 Max Super Fights 2006, its shows the max superfights from the begining of 2006 and its in english because it was on eurosport so thats good.

and then the K1 max final elimination on April 5. it has all their top fighters.
help me out man. search where? on the internet in general? I would love to see some K1. I buy the dvds every once in a while but they are 50-60 bucks a pop, in japanese, and region 2, so I don't have too many. K1 rules!

07-01-2006, 12:47 AM
im pretty sure the rule that was in effect when semmy won the gp was the fact that you are not allowed to pull down on the opponents head when kneeing. i dont have that show anymore but from what i recal thats the reason he was getting warned. the new rule was put into effect after the gp and is different the the rules they already had in place.

also Thai pm your email ill get you some k1 shows.