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07-28-2008, 03:48 AM
Bigger the challenge- bigger the response. That’s how the pint sized and media darling of Thailand looks at life. He now wants a crack at K-1 max, seeing countryman Buakauw Por-Pramuk losing a handle on his once dominant layer. What’s more he has a ledger to square with Andy Souwer’ name on it!

Sato, grooming to be and a potential Masato- Japan’s pin up boy and super star 70 Kg fighter in K1 Max, completely and utterly demolished Buakauw with a clinical KO which took the roof off at Budokan. Buakauw who has himself to blame with a very sloppy performance, trying to swing hard with a low guard-- paid the price with one embarrassing stoppage. The once “invincible” Thai has hit a some what, mini-slump. Thailand’s pride in the Japanese and Dutch dominated league is now on the line. Buakauw is too classy to be in a hell for too long, it is only time again before he regains the once invincible aura.

So show me a tragedy, I will point at a hero. The “Hero” to be precise. Yodseanklai Fairtex is jumping out of his skin to have a crack at K1 max and revealed his deepest desire to restore Thailand’s pride and a sense of ultra excitement back into kick boxing.

“I have always wanted to fight K1 and the fighters in Max are very good. I want to test myself and win against them. I heard about Buakauw’s loss and was sad. It’s great to see a fellow Thai do well, and he is too classy to be down for long—he will back and fighting better. Also, I think it’s my turn. My experience and skills are now better. So I hope K1 give me a chance and I will show what I can do. I always try to my best and win. It will be an honour to be in a league with Buakauw, I have so much respect for him and it will be exciting for fans to see”

Further adding, “It is also good to have him (Buakauw) and be able to fight him in K1 Max, because he is one the great fighters. He has won so many titles and with good fighters. It is good”.

His list of impressive performances is growing by the day. Just recently turning jeweller extraordinaire, cutting up “Diamond” Malaipet with exquisite elbow technique to make an absolute mess and mockery of a main event which was no-where close. The most important title and clincher of hearts was “Contender Asia”, where he soundly beat Australian super star John Wayne Parr (JWP). Don’t forget a dynamite three rounds combined (two fights), to win KO world series four-man in Auckland and a brutal KO in Sweden to defend his WBC world title.

Unless K1 and FEG are deaf, blind and mute they will continue to ignore Yod’s an opportunity to be in Max. Given that there are relative “passengers” and “pedestrians” on the circuit, who are at best marginal—if not questionable at this level, it begs the question “why not?” He is very marketable: Muay Thai’s nicest guy and true media darling. He went totally out of his way to turn up for an interview in Auckland, skipping a crucial warm up run prior to his fights. All because he wanted “to keep his word” to roguemag.com. We can respect such gentlemanly qualities in a game where trash talking and late to interviews is rife. Make no mistake, K-1 Max have some awesome fighters, adding Yod to this cast will only make them invincible as a vehicle of professional entertainment.

As a roll model to any one and a true ambassador of fight sport, why Yod is not on FEG’s roster is hard to comprehend. Maybe he is too nice a guy. Think about it—he talks respectfully of people and his pre-fight talks are as if he is your (opponents) best friend. Only to get in the ring and beat the cr*p out of you. Then he will pay homage and thanks for fighting him, making you a friend for life.

Yod is also the perfect son, who handed winnings from “Contender Asia” to his mother, and a her dream house to be on its way. What more can you as fans ask for in a fighter, almost a complete pugilist and human being.

Japanese crowds and especially the European crowds will warm to Yod and his presence as they know of his capabilities. Renowned for his Maradona like, looping kick, imagine the Souwer-Buakauw- Yodseanklai triumvirate!

If Yod is K1 Max’s next addition and major signing, he will bring a genuine sense of skill and credibility to a cast which can do with an injection of enthusiasm. Presently there are quite a few gold fish, cruising in the tank. Yod will be like putting a Barracuda in it, making everyone take notice and keep them honest. What’s the old cliché? Send a cat amongst the pigeons, except in his case: the friendliest cat you can imagine— and when its fight time, it’s all on.

“I want Andy (Souwer) and then Buakauw fight, it will be great and my true honour, I promise you”- concluded a smiling Yod. A gentleman and a hero as always…

Source - Rogue Magazine - Yod wants a piece of K1 Max cake (http://www.roguemag.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=360&Itemid=89)

Really great read. I would like to see him fight both guys. Fairtex would be a good addition to Max.

07-28-2008, 04:23 AM
sounds good. MAX needs to expand it's roster.

07-28-2008, 04:31 AM
There are a bunch of new fights if Fairtex got a crack at the Max Tournaments/Roster. Whether or not K-1 will give him one is yet to be seen, but I hope they sign him up. Just to mix things up a bit.

I wonder what Buakaw's response to this would/will be...