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08-07-2008, 03:07 PM
LINK:Bia And Branca Feres Are Into Synchronized Swimming, Synchronized Spooning | Machochip | Puro Sports (http://machochip.com/2008/08/bia-and-branca-feres-are-into.php)

Bia And Branca Feres Are Into Synchronized Swimming, Synchronized Spooning

Meet Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres. They were recently on the cover of VIP magazine and have been making a splash in the “really hot athletes we should watch at this year’s Olympics” category since blogs caught a whiff of them. There’s relatively little else about these two except that they may or may not be 19. They could very well be 20, but we’re content with knowing that they’re over 18. As far as synchronized swimming goes, it’s a bit of a shame they have to be underwater the entire time they’re competing. Why couldn’t they do field hockey, beach volleyball or track and field? No worries. They have a surplus of modeling photos for your viewing. Check out pictures and a lovely video after the jump.

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WOW! I want to swim with them or atleast hold there bikini's There pics are in the link.

08-08-2008, 09:09 PM
I'll take Jennie Finch from USA Softball. Yeah girl, gimme some high heat!