View Full Version : My First Attempt At An NFL 32 Team Power Rankings

09-16-2008, 05:31 PM
One of my favorite things every week are the unveiling of the NFL Power Rankings. I read them at 3 different sites and have always wanted to come up with my own. So here's my first attempt.

1. Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers has been nearly perfect all season and is making Packers fan say Brett who.)

2. Dallas Cowboys (Their offense is as explosive as ever and are looking like the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC, unless Green Bay has something to say about it.)

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (With Tom Brady out, I think the Steelers are going to punch everyone else in the mouth en route to representing the AFC in February.)

4. New York Giants (They look better this year than they did last year when they won the Super Bowl.)

5. Carolina Panthers (The Panthers are an on year-off year kind of team. So far this season, this looks like their on year.)

6. San Diego Chargers (This is probably the best 0-2 team ever in football. They are a last second TD against Carolina, and a screw job in Denver away from being 2-0 and still, in my mind, the favorite to win the AFC West. Remember, they started 1-3 last year but sucked in those 4 games.)

7. New England Patriots (They will be a solid team all year long but without Brady, won't make it past the wild card round once they start playing teams that can challenge them.)

8. Denver Broncos (They may be 2-0 but they played Oakland and got the righteous end of a screw job at home. They'll be a playoff contender for sure and will give every team they play fits.)

9. Baltimore Ravens (Their defense is back and Flacco looks good so far. With them getting an early bye week, it's still a little early to tell but that defense looked great in week 1.)

10. Buffalo Bills (With Tom Brady out, and Buffalo's D playing like it has, I pick Buffalo to win the AFC East. I like the Jets alot with Favre but Buffalo is the kind of smash mouth team in this division to hurt the likes of Miami, New England, and NY.)

11. Indianapolis Colts (Don't let the slow start food you. Manning didn't participate in anything during the offseason so as his knee gets healthier, he gets better. If that knee holds up, Indy will be 12-4 and deep in the playoffs again this year, especially being that Jacksonville has stunk it up the first 2 weeks.)

12. Philadelphia Eagles (Philly has shown that they are going to be contenders all season long. That offense is back but a questionable secondary could keep them from achieving all of their goals. Could someone tell Brian Dawkins that he can't cover TO.)

13. Washington Redskins (Boy did they look bad against NY in week 1 but look what they did to New Orleans. I can still see that pass down the middle of the field to Santana Moss running through my head. Will the 'Skins be consistent all season long? If so, watch Washington knock some wild-card hopefuls out of the race. I don't think they make it in though because of NY, Dallas, and Philly all in that division. They could go 9-7 or 10-6 and still finish last in the division.)

14. Tennesse Titans (They're going to need more offense once the level of competition heats up. Right now their D will keep them in games but they're going to need more than the 120 yards from VY in week 1 and 140 from Collins in week 2 to compete with the upper tier AFC teams.)

15. Arizona Cardinals (The Cardinals will make their first playoff appearance in how many years this year on their way to winning the NFC West. Kurt Warner will sign a contract extension, possibly make the Pro Bowl and Leinart will be sent packing in the offseason as Whisenhunt finds and grooms a future successor to Warner 2-3 years down the road.)

16. New Orleans Saints (They have all the makings of a carbon copy of the 2007 Saints. Up and down and everywhere in between.)

17. Tampa Bay Bucaneers (Jon Gruden's lack of commitment at QB will lead this team to a mediocre season and disappointment come playoff time. Right now they could beat anybody or nobody at the same time depending on which team shows up to play. Hey Chucky, there's a reason Griese couldn't beat out Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton and you bench Garcia for him. Do you remember that Garcia was nearly perfect for Philly and you the past 2 years.)

18. New York Jets (Favre will take this team to a pretty decent season but he needs protection. It's hard for him to be Favre while laying on his back with a 300 pound D-Lineman laying on him.)

19. Minnesota Vikings (Same old Vikings. Their running game and defense are near the best in the league but Tavaris Jackson may be the worst starting QB in the league right now.)

20. Chicago Bears (After an injury plagued 2007, the Bears defense looks to be back in top form but Kyle Orton will never be more than a game manager. Green Bay will run away with their division.)

21. Cleveland Browns (All that fire power on offense and nothing so far in 2 games. Cleveland will get better but will never meet the aspirations they had in the offseason of winning the division.)

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (The Jags were alot of people's picks to topple New England and get to the Superbowl but did anyone see Jack Del Rio's press conference at the end of the Bills game. He was hot. Their D will punch people in the mouth but with their center and both guards down with injuries, their rushing game can't get off the ground)

23. Oakland Raiders (Since the Raiders went to the Super Bowl, they've had the worst record in the NFL in the years since. They've went through 4 coaches since then. Al Davis has lost his mind and the team can't get stability. There is light. Their D looked better this week and running for 300+ yards with 2 backs that have never played at the NFL level cures a lot of ills. Their schedule doesn't look good so it's testing time.)

24. Atlanta Falcons (They looked great week 1 and terrible week 2. Which Falcons will show up week to week? IMO, it's rebuilding time and they will show it all year long. The dirty birds will be competitive but a 6-10 season looms.)

25. San Francisco 49ers (Like the Raiders, the 49ers shaky ownership will keep them from being a contender year in and year out. Until their front office gets stability, they will not scare anyone.)

26. Seattle Seahawks (Matt Hasselbeck is downplaying how much his back is bothering him but when his entire receiving corps is depleted due to injury, the Seahawks will struggle all year long and we'll see the Cardinals win a division the Seahawks have owned the past several years.

27. Detroit Lions (The "Rebuilding since the 50's Lions" deseperately need a house cleaning. They have a great group of talent and some decent coaches but their front office are morons on every level. They need to clean house starting with Matt Millen.

28. Houston Texans (I had high hopes for the Texans this year but they were trashed by the Steelers in week 1. I'm anxious to see how they come back from it.)

29. Miami Dolphins (Give the Dolphins a year or two under Parcells and Sporano and this team will be a force to deal with. For this year, they will be better than last year but not a serious contender.)

30. Cincinnati Bengals (Like Detroit, this team needs a serious housecleaning from top to bottom. There is utter chaos in Bengal country and this team is a joke this year. Carson Palmer has the worse QB Rating in the league, the same league that has QBs like JT O'Sullivan, Tavaris Jackson, and Kyle Orton. Someone hit the panic button in Cincinatti.)

31. St. Louis Rams (Here are your 2009 Los Angeles Rams on their way to securing another top 3 draft pick.)

32. Kansas City Chiefs (The Chiefs should bundle up Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson for some good draft picks, and let them go somewhere that they can try to win some games. This team is a trainwreck and will probably have that number 1 pick lined up by season's end.)