View Full Version : Davis Tua will win a belt !

11-04-2006, 11:40 PM
Tua is back and will win a heavyweight belt in 2007! I know this wouldn't be real impressive giving the current title holders but Tua has the one thing that can beat a stand straight up russian. POWER

11-05-2006, 12:05 AM
But that Russian has a jab. And Tua has been fighting cans for how long now? Who was the last legit fighter he beat? A shot half dead Michael Moorer from 2002?

Luis Cruz
11-05-2006, 12:45 AM
Yea i think he can be A champ but not THE champ. Wlad is too big for him and he'd do to him what he did to Peter because Tua is past his prime and too small i think he's the same size as Mike but heavier and not as muscular (i'd pick a prime Tua over Wlad). I think he has a good shot against any of the other champs though. I'd like to see a Tua/Peter fight actually, that would be sick and a ko is almost inevitable. Tua would get hit harder than he ever has before and i think he'd lose now but it'd be fun to watch. I would take Toney over Tua also because Toney is like a Chris Byrd but with a better chin and Byrd outboxed him and beat him. He hasn't looked great since his return but if he keeps winning they'll give him a shot just cause of his name and past. I can see them lining up a rematch with Maskaev since he ko'd him a while back if Maskaev still has the title. They can justify his losses also since he got beat by a former champ in Byrd, Lennox, and the should be king of heavies Ike. I won't be surprised one bit if you're right in saying 07.