View Full Version : Shane Carwin is a tougher matchup for Frank Mir than Brock Lesnar

01-21-2010, 12:17 AM
I did watch Mirís fight when I got back and when someone puts on as much weight as Frank Mir did, I expected it to look unnatural and unhealthy, but I thought he looked great at 265. He really filled that weight properly and heís a really smart guy. Heís not doing anything stupid. Heís working the muscle on and heís got good people around him that he trusts and I thought he looked fantastic with the weight. I donít think it looked like it was holding him down. His frame could handle that amount of weight and that power is going to make a big difference for him. I thought he looked fantastic. Heís been saying that his hands were as good as Cheick Kongoís and it certainly looked that way and Iím glad he got the win.

Iíve always believed that Frank Mir was one of the best candidates to beating Brock Lesnar and now, with the extra muscle and strength and obviously he would try to avoid some of the bad positions he got into, but should Brock put him in a bad position, I think he will have the strength to adjust and shift out of it. Itís a much fairer grappling match at this point. There are so many big guys in that weight class now that the only real contender I see thatís undersized is Cain Velasquez. I do believe that the size will affect Cain. I know a lot of people think heís going to be able to handle it, but I think guys like Shane Carwin, Frank Mir at 265 and Brock Lesnar would give Cain a lot of trouble based on his size. Heís in a tough spot. I do think that Shane, stylistically, is a tougher matchup for Frank Mir than Brock Lesnar. Stylistically, Frank Mir is made to beat a guy like Brock Lesnar. Iím not saying he can beat him every time, but stylistically on paper, that match makes a lot of sense.

On paper, I think Shane Carwin is a bigger threat for Frankís style. He can bang with him and he could knockout Frank. And then, on the ground, I donít think Shane is as good as Brock, but I think Shane would be able to take Frank down and we would see what his top game looks like and how good he is at defending Frankís submissions. Because I do believe that on the ground, Frank could submit most heavyweights, if not all. Shane will be an interesting matchup. I think Frank is a more technical striker and Shane is a more powerful striker, so I think that kind of evens out. We will see if Frank could do more damage with technique or if Shane could do more damage with power. I think Shane has the advantage in takedowns and from the guard, it would be a big question to see who would be willing to impose their will. I donít see Frank taking down Shane, but I do see Shane taking Frank down if he wants to. If he takes down Frank, is he in more trouble or is Frank in more trouble? I would give guard to Frank and generally, I think guard is a bad place to be, but I gotta give it to Frank. I think Frank will be able to get a submission there because he is a dangerous guy to put on his back

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