View Full Version : Baroni resolute, vows to come back strong

01-22-2010, 08:45 PM
Phil Baroni has had a tough time since returning to the UFC in 2009, losing his comeback bout via decision to TUF winner Amir Sadollah.

Despite this setback, a resolute Baroni still believes he can make an impact in the Octagon and prove the doubters wrong.

"Sometimes fans, writers and promoters forget, MMA is about the power of human spirit more than it's about wins and losses," he posted on his official Twitter account, later insinuating he wasn't happy with his current situation by adding, "I need somebody to believe in me. Someone to want me to win. Somebody to fight for. A push. I think I know where I might end up."

Despite this uncertainty, and his prior assertions that he is reevaluating where he is at in his career, a resolute Baroni stated that he still has what it takes.

"I was at my peak at 27. Torn pec and 2 knee surgeries. I'm not what I was but I can still fight. I like to fight. Feel bad for who I fight next," he mused.

Just moments later, it appeared that Baroni had found his impenetrable confidence:

"I'll prove them wrong. No fighter has ever come back. Ever. I'll prove them wrong," 'The New York Bad Ass' posted, defiantly.

Whilst Baroni has long been one of the most entertaining and outspoken characters, his career hasn't been with turmoil and up and downs. Sporting a 13-12 record, the numbers mask the talent and ability Baroni has shown in sporadic bursts. It would be great to see such an influential fighter back to his best and ready to tussle with strong opponents in MMA's ultimate testing ground; the Octagon.

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