View Full Version : Jose vs Walker maybe on track...

The Sensational One
02-12-2010, 11:21 AM
I remember a lil while ago a topic that Jose wants to fight walker but don't remember this being posted, so if it is i apologize.

Oh No: Jose Canseco Went to the Gracie Academy Today - Bloody Elbow (http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/2/12/1307243/oh-no-jose-canseco-went-to-the)
"One of today's interesting tweets came from Nate Diaz, talking about a former Baseball player:

Jose canseco stopped by today.

Jose Canseco (0-1), in hopes of convincing Strikeforce that he is 'legit' now, made well of his promise and came to the Gracie Academy today.

He's still trying to get a fight against former football star Herschel Walker (1-0), and although there is a chance that this would change a few of the fans' outlook on him, it will take more than 'stopping by' and taking a few photos to convince me. Sadly, if Canseco's latest tweet is any indication, Strikeforce might already be considering it:

@mike_keck & I are on our way to meet with cesar gracie, nick diaz and the strikeforce reps. Time to get to work....."

This is terrible.

Pasha K
02-12-2010, 06:42 PM
Awful, so in that case if I go to a serious gym for the first time it means that I am a legit fighter and I am ready to compete in SF?

He is a little clown, if Coker has some dignity, he wont make this match happen.
BTW I dont think that many mnay people would watch this, Canseco is not a great superstar, so there is no sense in doing this.

Maybe for the next NYE as a freakshow in Japan this match would be interesting, but not now. Canseco is an idiot, he is not legit at all, all he wants is some money. He doesnt care about winning or losing, all he wants is money. I hope that if one day he fights again then he finishes really really hurt and decides to never fight again, because "fighters" like him are a disgrace for MMA.

02-12-2010, 07:37 PM
People in this country won't want to watch it at first....until ESPN and everyother network get ahold of it. Then everyone will tune in for a freak show, and people who have never seen MMA before will watch a complete misrepresentation of MMA that sets the sport back a few years.