View Full Version : Dominick Cruz Isn't Saying Brian Bowles Was a Punk, But He Would Have Kept Fighting

03-12-2010, 12:35 AM

The newest episode of ESPN's "MMA Live" wasted no time in exploring the question that's on everybody's minds, 'Is Brian Bowles a total pussy for giving up his title because of a broken hand at WEC 47?' Okay, maybe they didn't put it exactly like that, but hey, I guess something about wearing a suit makes you feel like you can't say the word pussy directly into a camera. Rashad Evans says he wouldn't have thrown in the towel and relinquished his belt over some measly broken bones, while Pat Miletich plays it a little closer to the vest, opting to keep his mind on his money and his money on his mind. That's when the new champ, Dominick Cruz, shows up to give his two cents:

"To me, if I break my hand, if I break my foot, I'm fighting until I...you have to push a button on me or put me to sleep to get me to stop. I ain't going to stop for nothin'."

Cruz goes on to reveal that his foot was initially thought to be broken, but isn't, and he's also currently sporting a cast for what may or may not turn out to be a fractured wrist. In other words, he's not calling Bowles a pussy, he's just saying that it's not something he would have done, on account of he is not a total pussy. Tough, but fair.

*Follow the link for the video. The video is the whole episode of MMA Live, it's about 40 minutes long. But they talk about Bowles vs Cruz at the very beginning.

03-12-2010, 12:39 AM
....so they mention nothing of the fact it was a DOCTOR'S STOPPAGE ?.....Do we really need another thread rehashing this bullshit again ?

03-12-2010, 07:20 AM
Cruz has let all the hype get to his head, I liked him for a while but he has gotten stale quick. He indirectly called BB a puss who was already bothered by the hand and requesting time off, but steped up like a true company man and fought anyways like a champ. I hope Jorgenson or Benavidez kicks his ass, but sadly I dont think they will.

03-12-2010, 02:49 PM
This needs a link within the next three hours, or it's getting noobjacked.