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M Stabs People
03-16-2010, 04:09 PM
Good morning,

I thought i'd post this just in case there were any other comcast subscribers out there like myself that got worried about this. Since none of the articles i've found about this clearly state whether or not comcast is going to keep the VS network i decided to call comcast and find out and they are keeping the VS network. I know that comcast is a parent company of VS and it only made sense that they kept it, but they don't exactly have the smartest people working at comcast and my experience with them is that there is no bottom to the well of stupidity that is comcast cable lol. I really like this decision though, i read somewhere else that approximately 14 million MMA fans got screwed over in September 2009 when Direct Tv dropped the VS Network (so it doesn't sound like they've got the most intelligent people working there either lol), but now those fans will be able to watch again so congrats to Direct Tv subscribers!

Have a great day!