View Full Version : Weighin Pics For HBO/Showtime Fights Tonight + My Predictions.

Luis Cruz
12-02-2006, 05:19 PM
Here are the weighin results from fightnews.com. Cotto looks tremedous, he was starting to look a bit crackish trying to make 140lb and Arum said he wouldn't eat for like 4 days just to make that weight. I was a little concerned but i think he's going to be even more dangerous at this weight. Maybe his suspect chin had a little to do with his body being dehydrated and him being weak from starving himself. Or he could just have a suspect chin. lol Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Also Ike came in at 157lbs which i kind of figured he'd come in light being that he isn't a MW but a blownup Jr. Middleweight. I hope he can pull off the upset. I think he should be able to give Winky a pretty good fight.


Cotto via TKO round 6
Margarito via TKO round 4
Winky via unanimus decision (but i don't see him shutting Ike out and Ike making this a relatively close fight)
Lacy via KO round 3
Bautista via KO round 8

*They had the belts for these two listed backwords so i put the right belts in the right spots here*
Miguel Cotto 146 vs Carlos Quintana 147
(WBA welterweight title)

Antonio Margarito 147 vs Joshua Clottey 147
(WBO welterweight title)

Winky Wright 159.2 vs Ike Quartey 157

Jeff Lacy 166.5 vs Vitali Tsypko 167

Also on undercard of Winky/Quartey

Rey Bautista 122 vs Giovanni Andrade 121.5

12-02-2006, 05:21 PM
cant wait for the winky fight

Luis Cruz
12-02-2006, 05:35 PM
cant wait for the winky fight

Really?? I can't stand him. lol He's extremely boring to me. The only reason i want to see him fight is to possibly watch him lose. The Lacy fight should be ok. I'm looking forward to the Showtime card with Cotto and Margarito much more.

12-02-2006, 09:11 PM
Really?? I can't stand him. lol He's extremely boring to me. The only reason i want to see him fight is to possibly watch him lose. The Lacy fight should be ok. I'm looking forward to the Showtime card with Cotto and Margarito much more.
I like Winky ha ha always have for some reason, I enjoyed the Mosley fight too :confusedsmilie:

Luis Cruz
12-02-2006, 09:40 PM
I like Winky ha ha always have for some reason, I enjoyed the Mosley fight too :confusedsmilie:

I can't stand Winky, he's a whiner. I had him losing the Taylor fight. He also gloats too much about nothing. He thinks he's the cream of the crop because of his long ass arms and being able to cover his entire body. He's overrated imo and i enjoyed Sam Soliman smackinbg him around right through his defense. I also hate the fact that he showboats in the middle of fights, maybe he should try boxing to be entertaining. I just can't stand him, i think it's mainly the hype he gets that i don't think he deserves. I've never liked him, ever! lol

The Mosely fights were pretty good, i'll give you that but i credit Mosely for that, he's a warrior and comes to fight each and every time. He almost pulled that shit out the 2nd time.

12-02-2006, 09:46 PM
Mosley is one of my favs too.. Mosley is a def. a class act, and good boxer I hate when people say hes washed up =/

Punk Ass
12-03-2006, 01:18 AM
I think Ike is going to get killed and retire again. He's coming off a very long lay off, he lost to Fernando Vargas when they were both prime and I dont think he has gotten any better. I think he's going to get beat bad to a decision and he'll be lucky to even make it to the end of the fight. I certainly hope he does win though.

Reason being, Winky's reach is way to long and Ike cant get past his defense to even hit him. Ike has a basic style with a good jab but his reach is not long enough to be effective against Winky. To beat Winky, you have to either be really, really, skilled, like a BHop or J Taylor or wild and unorthodox like Sam Solimon.

You'll see what I'm talking about tonight.

BTW what do you guys think of Andre Ward?

Luis Cruz
12-03-2006, 05:15 AM
Well guess the way he looked is also how he felt, Cotto was tremedous. He got tired of chasing him so he let Quintana build up some confidence and took some good shots (and wasn't fazed which answers the chin question) and when he got him where he wanted he destroyed him with his signature body shots. Killer liver shot that he couldn't recover from. Cotto is going to be sick at 147lbs and when he fights Urkel in March, it's going to be a long rough night for Urkel. He don't have the power to keep Cotto away so he's in trouble. Now Arum is thinking of putting his golden boys Cotto and Margarito against each other after Cotto dismantles Urkel. That would be real good, but after watching Cotto at 147 and if he does the same and looks the same in March, i'm not sure Margarito will beat him. Time will tell, there's still other options out there for both so he might change his mind and save it for later.

Punk Ass
12-03-2006, 05:51 AM
The Winky fight went basically the way I thought.

Luis Cruz
12-03-2006, 12:47 PM
I haven't finished watching this fight or Margarito's yet, it's still on my tivo. I was already pushing it coming home from working 16 hours and then getting just 2 hours of sleep to be back again at 6 in the morning. I watched the Lacy fight (commented on this thread i think and the Lacy thread) and the Cotto fight. I've read about the other two and from what they said Winky, although won most of the rounds, didn't blow Ike away. Most of the rounds were really close and Ike was actually hitting him. I also read the 2 knockdowns were bs and you can see them on the replay. If these are in fact accurate statements then i'd say my predicition was right on the money... "Winky via unanimus decision (but i don't see him shutting Ike out and Ike making this a relatively close fight)" I'll know for sure when i go home and watch it tonight.

I gave Lacy the benefit of the doubt in my predicition and figured he could stop this guy. That was a close ass fight abd i think the scores he got could have been reversed and it would've been ok. The scores they had with Lacy winning, the draw, and if it would've been the opposite i thought were all acceptable. While he squeaked a decision, i picked the 3rd round for a ko and i believe it was the second he blasted this guy, oh well his days as a beast are over. No one will fear him anymore if they can box.

I really thought Margarito would get this guy outta there relatively early. I figured him to come out fast (not his usual slow start) to make a statement. I haven't finished the fight yet but from the early rounds i seen he started slow as usual, gotta see if he picked it up later on or if his performance was halfassed. Can't blame the guy, i'd be getting a little annoyed too if no one wanted to fight me. ALTHOUGH if he really wants to prove something, Cotto has a fight in March with Urkel, why don't Margarito take a fight with the very dangerous Paul Williams?

I picked Bautista in 8, he did it in half the time, so that was a good one.

And of course Cotto. I picked the 6th round it would end and sure as shit Quintana didn't answer the bell for the 6th round. Cotto just killed him in that last round, completely overwhelmed him. You could see Cotto's confidence build as the fight went on and that's one thing you don't want to give. Cotto took some great shots in that fight and was never hurt so that's a real good sign. One thing i did want to comment on is Quintana's pathetic corner. After the 5th round ended he went back shaking his head no and telling his corner he was done. His trainer was insisting he goes out for one more round, i mean INSISTING. You could see he had absolutely nothing left and all the steam from his punches were gone while his face got battered and that liver shot he took just killed him and he never recovered. My question is, what the fuck is wrong with that jerkoff Bonilla telling him to go fight one more round. He had no chance of koing Cotto since his power was gone and he was already really hurt, that's piss poor judgement for a trainer and his ass should be fired. He should've told Quintana he was done not the other way around. His #1 goal should be to protect his fighter and he was ready to risk his health and well being probably just because he was undefeated going in and it was for the WBA title. Fuck that, he's done for you let it go and come back to fight another day, don't risk a life just because it's his first big fight, that's ignorant and he's a complete asshole. Thank goodness the doctors asked him if he wanted to continue and didn't listen to his trainer who was trying to talk over him telling them to let it go one more round, Quintana got to tell them himself he didn't want anymore. Anyways big kudos to Cotto for fighter of the night between both cards.

Lastly, you mentioned Andre Ward, he's a good boxer, has a ways to go yet but he definately has the potential to be a force at 168 down the road but not anytime soon. The person people need to watch for is Andre Berto who fights next Saturday on the undercard (hopefully they show it) of the Taylor/Ouma fight. This kid could fight at 147 or 154. He's still very new too but i caught one of his very first professional fights and i can't remember the last time i seen a fighter that new impress me that much. This kid is a very complete fighter. He has amazing boxing skills, greta power, and very slick defensively. In time, whatever weight he stays at is where he'll own titles. Aside from Mosely i think 154 is pretty wide open right now for the taking. He's not ready yet but when he is, look out. He's fought lesser competition of course but you can still see how tremendously skilled he is and that's now, imagine when he peaks?! Mark my words, this is a superstar in the making, you heard it here. If they show it Saturday, watch it!

I'll give MY thoughts on Margarito and Winky after i watch their entire fights.

Luis Cruz
12-03-2006, 10:13 PM
Just watched the Winky fight. Ike didn't do all that bad and it went exactly how i called it. The two knockdowns were complete bullshit! The first one their feet CLEARLY got tangled, the second one his glove NEVER touched the canvas. The first one caused him to lose a round he actually won, so that sucks. He still would've lost but still that bullshit shouldn't happen, fucking hand picked ref.

Oh and that guy in the front row yelling the ENTIRE fight, saying some shit like "FIGHT FIGHT FIIIIIIIIGHT" was the most annoying shit EVER in boxing, he should have been kicked out. If i was there next to him front row or anywhere around there (expensive ass tix) i would've been kicked out cause i would've dropped him long before that fight ended. I have no idea why he wasn't told to shutup or at least quiet down. Yea people can scream and yell but that was above and beyond obnoxious to do that the whole fucking time! Anyone who watched the fight knows what i'm talking about.

Luis Cruz
12-04-2006, 04:58 PM
You know i just thought about it and had the knockdowns not been counted in the Winky fight, like they shouldn't have, he would've definately at least won the 2nd which means the scores would've been 116-112 on two cards and 116-111 on the other.

My prediction- "Winky via unanimus decision (but i don't see him shutting Ike out and Ike making this a relatively close fight)"

That's pretty damn accurate, i should've went for a score. lol

Just watched the Margarito fight and see that Clotty hurt his hand but he was also starting to slow down and Margarito was picking up the pace before that so i don't think it would've changed the outcome. Margarito's layoff, over a year and a half he only fought that half a round in his last fight where he ko'd the guy, had a big factor in this fight, he better stay busy and get another tune up before taking on Paul Williams but i don't think he will. He might have a tough night because Williams only has a couple inches on him (Margarito is a tall WW also) but his reach is crazy and that might make a huge difference although he hasn't fought anyone near the caliber fighter of Margarito and actually aside from a very washed up Mitchell hasn't fought any decent competition. This should be a very good fight.