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04-21-2011, 04:05 AM
Ground N Pound 1 - Saint John - May 21 | Top MMA News at topmmanews.com (http://topmmanews.com/2011/03/21/ground-n-pound-1-saint-john-may-21/)

Date: May 21, 2011
Location: Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John, New Brunswick
Tickets: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Amateur MMA Card
Norm Robichaud vs Andrew Bishop
Corey Littler vs Evan Barrett
Kenny Doucette vs Jeff Brake
Jeff Griffiths vs Allan Cardinal
Tony Peter-Paul vs Kyle Desrosiers
David MacLeod vs Tyler Reid
Gary Brown vs Jeremy Coburn

Lil amateur show coming to my city, in probabley our second biggest arena. As far as I can tell its basically under the unified rules, with a few differences. Theres no hammerfist on the ground(I have no idea why), and no "rounded elbows" to the head, lol WETF that means.

The main event between Robichaud and Bishop is being billed as "Sussex vs Moncton" lol.

I actually know Garys lil brother pretty good, and the dude is a beast in person. A lot of these guys are from NB/Maritimes.

Anyone on here from the area? Thirty bucks for floor seats, I'll be goin. Shit I'll spend more then that on beer before the first fights over.

Ticket info: Ground N' Pound Entertainment - Events (http://www.groundnpound.ca/events.html)